I Am Really Missing This Guy Right Now

Dude was a hero of mine when I was still a child.

“Some people see things that are and ask, Why? Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? Some people have to go to work and don’t have time for all that.”

Ain’t nobody ever going to fill the hole he left.

18 thoughts on “I Am Really Missing This Guy Right Now

  1. What a fertile mind. The world isn’t the same now.
    “Ever had one of those days when you turn around and an axe hits you square in the head?”
    “I’m so horny, the crack of dawn better stay away from me”
    I think the man was the Frank Zappa of comedy.

    Might want to take a gander at this you guys:

    Looks like The God Emperor is signaling its time for Ragnorak.
    Time to cut this Gordian knot and, scrub the deep state “with bleach and a firehouse”

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      • Well shit, was thinking about your music preferences for some odd reason, and Frank Zappa pops up, and how sharp they guy was, and thats why you admire Carlin, mind like a trap, brilliance, not very different than Zappa, and us old farts are all contemporaries, and your savvy like those two.
        Kind of came unbidden. Serendipity?
        But yeah, its brilliant because those two shined like few others of our time, mostly because they are truly honest Joes who understood what it is to be a common man. And never took it for granted. Honored it like a badge of humble courage.
        Look at the both of them, between them they probably fit into the cracks of their performances more good shit about liberty and freedom than the rest of entertainments whole population combined.
        Some would say they both had a cult following. I’d contend ot was honest heart felt admiration, and they both knew how to make you take a step back and laugh at shit about ourselves.
        Who doesn’t like a dog doo snow-cone or yellow snow?

        God, they where they a fuckin stitch. Would listen to Zappa till I fell asleep, we would walk around telling Carlin one liners. Was Groucho Marx as good at the one liners as George?
        Zappa had no equal, total outlier, but a mind like a steel trap. Named his daughter Moonbeam, and made it classy.


  2. George Carlin was awesome and was pushing the anti-establishment against governmental interference a long time before it was mainstream. How he viewed everyday events and used it as a part of his comedy routine was great. I still have a few of his 33 vinyl comedy albums but haven’t heard them in over 30 years. He used visuals well but the words are enough.


  3. So far ahead of his time. Referenced him yesterday to a friend about voting doesn’t matter that I believed it but did not have the heart to not apply my God given right. That has now been solved as you have heard me say I will never vote again until the revolution is over.

    Kennison so no more as well.


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