22 thoughts on “Yes Please

  1. They have those down in the South a LOT! Small out of the way joints that serve the best damn ribs, chicken, Boston Butt, brisket, turkey legs, sausage that pic is making my mouth water! Man I miss that!

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  2. I remember seeing those places all along the Gulf Coast of Texas when I was a kid. Grandpa would pull into one, walk up and tell the old black man working the pit that he wanted 3 lbs sausage, 5 lbs ribs, and 5 lbs of brisket. Old boy would not even weigh it, just measuring buy a well practiced eye never once touching anything except with his tools….even wrapping. Grandpa never questioned him either. Best damned eating ever.


    • One of my former neighbors was an Orange County Transit
      Authority bus driver. One of her coworkers was a black woman
      who attended a church in South Central Los Angeles. Once
      a month, they held a barbeque fundraiser. I put in an order.
      HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Two pieces of chicken, a small rack
      of ribs, and a hotlink, with potato salad, beans, a small slice
      of cake, and bread. If food could cause an orgasm, this was
      it. I doubled my monthly standing order.

      I swear each styrofoam clamshell boxes weighed five pounds
      and two of these meals could feed me for four days. Good
      barbeque is hard to come by and the best comes from black-
      owned joints. JB was a 6’7″ black retired LAPD officer.
      He is long gone, but his family still runs his takeout joint.
      His beef short Ribs are better than Filet Mignon. You can
      get it with mild, medium, and spicy sauce. If you want the
      best corned beef sandwich, go to Langers Deli in West
      Los Angeles. If you want the best barbeque, go to JBs
      in Gardina.


    • You are correct. It is The Salt Lick. I ate there with a bunch of fellow Vast Right Wing Conspirators years ago. BYOB and great food. Almost threw out my back carrying in the 144-qt cooler full of adult beverages.

      If you ever decide to go there, just make sure that you have a full tank of fuel, because it is in the exact center of Nowhere, TX.


      • Ain’t so much nowhere anymore. The swamp that is Austin is slowly devouring Dripping Springs. Really sad. My stomping ground for many a year. Gave up and moved 150 miles west to real middle of nowhere


        • Sounds exactly like where I live in FL. Fucking Yankees have ruined just about the entire state. Sad to hear and see TX going down in flames, too.


  3. Phil, you’re cruel posting carnivores’ porn like this, I’m almost a vegan now, what with the retail price of meat these days. A few different docs have advised me to eat more meat, but they won’t write me a script to present to Medicare! Do ya think if I asked real nice, these folks would let me lick the cookplate clean after it cools?


  4. At moments looking at all that meats, its better than dreaming of sex with some hot little biscuit in a cheese cake poster.
    You can just smell and taste, savor the textures and juicy fat goodness of those smokey toothsome delicacies.
    Its as visceral as a hot woman’s desire for your meat…


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