Whaddya Think?

Since we all know thw Democrats stole the election things are getting pretty serious.

The proof is out there and it’s coming to light. I think one way or another, Trump is going to stay in office.

It’s that other way I am concerned about.

That and the fact that the media, being eyeball deep in this attempted coup, has reinforced over and over again, that Biden is going to be the new President.

So that when it does finally come down to the proof being incontrovertible,, The Left is literally going to go apeshit.

The comments are open folks.

61 thoughts on “Whaddya Think?

  1. Yes, the left are going to go even more batshit crazy than they have been to date. I think the media and the funders will pull out ALL stops to get the blm/antifa/idiot brigades fired up and in the streets, burning and looting.

    Best make sure you have what ya need to hunker down and protect yourself, your family and your home/business.

    Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourself.


  2. “The Left is literally going to go apeshit.”

    And I’ll note that in the aftermath of Biden’s apparent “victory”, there were precisely zero riots from Trump supporters.

    When marxists lose, there’s blood & fire in the streets.


  3. If they want to try The Great Chimpout on a range hot in both directions, who am I to tell them not to stand on the X?

    We know what happened a month ago.

    If they don’t get it sorted out within another 51 days, it’s going to be time to thin the herd.

    Their circus.
    Their monkeys.

    All I’m responsible for, at that point, is making sure I have a good backstop downrange, to minimize innocent casualties.

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  4. Nope, it’s over. As much as I want it to be Trump, the pussy GOP, the enemy media, and the unhinged violent lying Left will put back in the corrupt status quo. And don’t count on the courts; they’re just as partisan and chickenshit as the rest of them.

    And all the rest of you armchair warriors will never have the inhumanity to pull the trigger on a fellow citizen without being shot at first.


      • Just had a Chikin and Noodles MRE today… max yummy! The new fudge brownie was a bit of the heavy side… prolly act like a bag of instant-mix concrete in my colon… hope I don’t blow out my ‘o’ ring integrity later…


        • I was in the Lean Green Fighting Machine when MRIs just first came out, let me tell ya, some plugged the old rectum up so bad, you were lucky an “O” ring survived. You could go days before you defecated… you know what that is like.


  5. Spare a thought for us in geuligistan. We watch developments with great interest. It will be shit squared, whatever the outcome. Good thing our faith is….a divine eternal gift. Stay the course, you may make a life less shitty.


  6. I am far less than optimistic about the outcome of the election than I was
    just two weeks ago. I find it hard to understand why the Chamber Of
    Commerce, Wall Street, banks, and major corporations remain the major
    source of campaign donations for the Democrats. It is not about campaign
    donations, it is all about bribes and kickbacks. Why do these entities keep
    supporting the party that at least claim to be pro-business back a party that
    supports the destruction of commerce?

    The answer is they don’t. Ayn Rand called lobbyists The Pull Peddlers.
    If you can afford to hire a small army of lobbyists it is easy to get corrupt
    politicians to pass a bill that gives your company an edge against your
    competition. They pulled this shit with Commodore Vanderbilt in the
    early 20th Century. Nearly bankrupt, he sought venture capitalists
    and saved his country. About 40 Democrat Congressmen and Senators
    went short on Vanderbilt stock and were forced to retire from Congress
    when they were financially ruined.

    I never read Atlas Shrugged but I understood the theme and rather than
    read a 900-page book, I waited until the story came out in a three DVD
    miniseries. She saw these things coming back in the late fifties. She
    went to a railroad company for research. She was informed that all of
    the insane regulations she came up with already existed in government-
    subsidized railroads.

    The Chniky-Flu reveals the true intentions of the Democrat party; the
    destruction of the middle-classes, and the obliteration of small businesses
    that employ sixty percent of the American working class. Last night, I
    watched all of Atlas Shrugged from beginning to end. If Alzheimer’s Joe
    is sworn in on Jan. 20, It is time to hop a ride on the Taggart International


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        • I agree, drjim, part 3 sucked alligator farts. But, if ya read the book and I have about two thirds of the way through it started to suck too… Ayn Rand was on massive dosages of illegal street pharmacopoeia by that time…


          • I to had to put the book down long ago. I got to dry for me and I love reading books. The series was okay. Books are always better than the movies.


            • You, people around me are always saying you have a book in your nose all the time… I take it to doc appointments, eating out, doing laundry, everywhere. I agree about Rand’s book, dryer then popcorn farts, dull even, but I slogged thru. I tried to read Tolstoy’s War and Peace, after about 200 pages I took the book back to the library. I have never done that to a book.


  7. The media and the left are not going to recognize Trump as the President. Biden is already setting up an alternate government. Things are about to get really ugly.


    • The Enemedia and the Leftards *never* “recognized” Trump as President, and won’t no matter what. And this calm is typical of what happens just before the storm front hits…


    • Turdeau our idiot Prime Minister invited Biden and Heals up Harris to both come together and spend time in Canada. I assume that’s an invite to set up the “government in exile” up here.


  8. I don’t believe Trump can win via the courts….they gave been too corrupted by the left. He is going to have to go another route….one which will almost certainly lead to violence, probably martial law and likely civil war. If we don’t root out ther commies now and eradicate them America ceases to exist and true freedom throughout the world is over. Once the left consolidates it’s power and position they will NEVER allow anyone or anything to come between them and total control. As the saying goes “you can vote your way into socialism but you will have to shoot your way out”. Now is the time for patriots to identify targets, gather intel and prepare for the upcoming cessation of law and order.


  9. All the proof that is needed to Pakistan the Media trash has been out here for years.
    They have been asking for it. They treat americans like trash and expect us to believe there BS.
    They have earned, everything the receive.


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  10. Most likely everyone already knows by now, but AG barr decided to kiss the donkey today with his announcement there was no evidence of voter fraud that would change the results of the election.


    If the jury box fails, and the electoral college doesn’t certify in favor of Pres. Trump next week, everything we don’t want will happen. Best stock up on canned food, gents, time is running out.


  11. Soon. We will be having a civil war of sorts here in the good ol USA. It will be much needed after the year we all had. I for one would love to beat the holy dogshit out of some people with impunity. I doubt it will solve a damn thing though,
    Anyway, When we are fighting one another we as a nation are weak. And when you are weak (and the biggest bully on the planet) you get attacked by commies and or the globohomo.
    It was them who planned this whole thing long long ago right?
    Dude I need to be honest here, It needs to get bloody before anything will EVER get better. I’m just sick of waiting for it for the past 20 years as the country and the world sink further and further into degeneracy and evil.
    Once youve taken a few too many red pills there is just no going back. Ignorance is no longer bliss and what has been seen will never be un seen. That being said nothing short of the hand of god will ever clean the shit off of this place. Its deep.
    People are just the fucking worst.
    And Fuck Joe Biden


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  13. Dan Bongino had a great idea recently. He did not mention this, but the French
    Yellow Vest movement was supposedly over high gas prices but the underlying
    issue was the importation of Muslim fanatics in France. Bongino suggested
    civil disobedience against the COVID Nazis as a warm-up act. If Alzheimer’s
    Joe is our next president, this will embolden the radical left and they will
    double and triple down on this bullshit! The phony pandemic will be used as
    an excuse to trample on our civil rights (included the Second Amendment.)
    Keep it peaceful but come out in numbers that will cause the Donks to
    shit their pants.

    They are already in a panic over the election. The Republican party is now
    5 seats away from taking the House and if election security is imposed on the
    two Georgia Senate runoffs, we will have a two-seat majority. They focused
    like a LASER beam on Biden and forgot the down-ticket races. The Democrats
    bragged that they would gain seats in the House and control the Senate. This
    is a shallow victory. Of the three remaining RINOs in the Senate, Mittens
    and Lisa Madcowsky of Alaska are VERY vulnerable. The Prime Directive
    of politicians is reelection. Both are up for reelection in 2022 and if they vote
    to fuck the American people it will be a political death warrant!

    That leaves Susan Colons of Maine, the only wildcard. She was just reelected
    but as an establishment RINO, her first priority will be to maintain political
    power. She will be unlikely to vote for packing the Supreme Court. The
    left pulled the trigger on a communist revolution long before they had the
    numbers to win! Donald Trump was right, America will never be a
    socialist country.


  14. Let’s start it. Their cities will go dark and those trying to exit said cities may not make it far. Supply trucks will not be allowed in. A few bridges may have to go bye-bye.


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