8 thoughts on “Never Let Them Forget That They Wanted It This Way

  1. I think that the elites want civil war because the only way to institute the one-world government, and thereby have absolute power, is to make America fall. Civil war, and a failed economy are the quickest way to that end. The people demonstrating/rioting, spouting SJW dogma, shouting for free stuff and government “safety” are just useful idiots. The elites want them to start a civil war, they know they’ll lose and that millions of them will die. It serves their purpose and they all have to die once the war is over anyway (Stalin did the same to the revolutionaries that overthrew the Tsar). The trick is this: Can the patriots stay unified, beat the communists, beat the military and police that will side with the communists, beat the UN “peacekeepers” that will come, and hunt down the elites and their supporters before we run out of patriots and ammo?


  2. Watched your AC/DC and at the end clicked on one of the other videos it had listed there. Here it is 2 hours later and I’m getting back to your site. Strange how that works.


    • First it was, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”

      Then it was, “Follow the dirty, dark street”

      Now, it’s, “Follow the interesting link”

      What will the future hold??


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