12 thoughts on “How To Tell If Your Neighbor Is A Democrat

  1. I could see egorr doing this to polarize the snow charge, see he has the cart positively charge, the snow is negatively charged hoping to teleport to our rangy Aussie friend so he would know the pleasures of snow…


      • Yeah, but has John-o and Hunter had the pleasure of scraping 4-6 inches (or about 10-25 centimeters) of Partly Cloudy off of their driveways?


        • Mr egorr, I’m old enough to remember what inches are, but I’m wondering how you get 25 centimetres from 6 inches? Well, we know you’re not a young man anymore, so unless you’ve ordered some exotic chemical wonderdust over the ‘net, your missus won’t get that either!


          • I was spitballing, John-o. I really DO know that 1″=2.46cm, 1m = 39.37″, and 1 Kg= 2.2 lbs. I was too lazy to do the math in my head.

            Thanks for noticing… ;P


  2. As of yesterday, it is summer in north Queensland, daily temps of 22 – 32C or 72 – 90F, with light showers this week, and a UV Index of 13 (extreme). So it’s fairly standard, pretty girls almost get dressed to go out – then forget to. Me, I keep my eyes on the road ahead when driving! Still wondering what them car ‘heaters’ are, that are being discussed on Phil’s blog? Finally decide that it must be a secret code for carrying enough guns ‘n ammo for when the SHTF. Satisfied, I turn the a/c on while I drive to the bottle-o for some coldies!


  3. Okay egorr, dunno if you’re trolling me, but that “1 inch = 2.46cm”, well you know it is 25.4mm! Holy crap, that old SMLE of your’s must have stretched a bit by now, if you’re using that math when calculating powder weights for reloads! Have your cats got their full winter coat yet? Asking for Cederq.


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