10 thoughts on “Wanna See My Shocked Face?

  1. You and me and that makes 27 of us. I’m using the dominion vote counting system. You got a problem with that? You’re out of here no watching for fraudulent counting allowed….


  2. Just got my new driver’s license. Went for the standard vs enhanced. I won’t be able to even fly domestically after Oct 2021. I’m mortified /sarc.

    I wouldn’t travel out of the country again for free and if I never fly again it will be too soon. I pity those that have to fly for work. They took a great experience and totally FUBARed it.

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    • I like flying small planes/helos, but commercial? Hell no! I won’t get my junk, as small as it is touched, because sure as shit some asshole that doesn’t have MD/DO/PA/NPA after their name touches were my momma and last ex wife touched is gonna get a fist in his/her face. I also have no interest into going in a fed building or court house. If they want me bad enough they can drag my sorry ass in. I had to get an “enhanced” Real ID when in South Dakota and they almost examined every orifice I had…

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      • The enhanced DL in Ohio just needs three fairly simple pieces of documentation.
        I resist having to show ‘my papers’.
        I wonder what happens when Jose Jimenez shows up.. Oh, you’re illegal? Here ya go then.

        The TSA is as insulting to America as is the moslem vermin that brought it on. I’ve flown through very tight ‘security’ at Heathrow and they had nothing like what the TSA is. That was 1990, not sure what goes on there now.


        • To be fair, it was also three pieces of documentation For SD, but it still felt like getting a rectal exam by the likes of a lumberjack…


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