25 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Tell Me That You Would Be Surprised At This Point

  1. Rhetorical question but WhatTF is a ‘bruh’. Seems memes are getting chock full of ebonics anymore. They use you so they don’t have to figure out whether to type your or you’re. Put me down for one no vote 🙂


    • Actually it is not an ebonics colloquialism, it is a Polynesian term of affection between males and the surfer dudes picked up on it and they to use it


    • Thank you. Same negative vote here on the ebonics in memes. Also, enough already with the non-Black people trying to talk like ghetto Negros to be “tough” or “cool”. Assholes.

      As to “Bruh”, I didn’t know that, so thanks, Cederq. That said, being neither a Polynesian nor a surfer, I have no desire to pretend I’m either.

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  2. Can I borrow one of those star destroyers for a day or two? One of their specialties was orbital bombardment of surface targets with heavy laser fire. I am certain no-one here could think of any potential targets……….


  3. From my time in the military during the “cold war” and living on a prime target, I always said that if the sirens went off and we were about to be nuked, I was going to go up to the roof to watch.

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  4. This year has been fucked up for sure. 2020 was the year Soylent Green
    took place. I wonder what futuristic dystopia we will face in 2021 if Slow
    Joe wins. As bad as things were in Mad Max, they at least had cars and
    gasoline. If President Alzheimer’s implements AOCs Green New Deal,
    we won’t even have reliable electricity!


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