13 thoughts on “FREEDOM!!!

  1. There’s report out there somewhere that five farms in China have culled their entire flocks of ducks and chickens due to an outbreak of H5N8 flu.


  2. Having visited many a place in China, I concluded long ago that they have bred the white duck to the point where the wings have lost power of flight much like domesticated chickens. They run everywhere and are pretty damn fast.

    The ponds are all over the place, every village or town has a large duck farm and ponds.

    And the ponds where these flocks swim are basically liquid duck shit. Kind of made me leery of eating them from that point forward unless in Hong Kong (pre destruction/takeover).

    As am aside, IMHO the UK should have negotiated to lease the place for another 100 years but they screwed the pooch and their own subjects..


    • The Chinese would NEVER have capitulated to another hundred year lease. Proof is all of the new “control laws” the Chicoms have put in place in the last two decades. You think the citizens of Hong Kong and Taiwan are holding freedom demonstrations for no reason?


  3. Oddly reminiscent of the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin when the bats fly out at sundown. Widely known as the “bat bridge” it was re-named for Ann Richards in 2006 which is damn appropriate in my opinion, considering she was a dried up old bat herself.


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