1. Cederq, it doesn’t have to stay at three. If you were to do a drive-by one night, while those three furry murderers were out killing endangered native songbirds around egorr’s place, there could be two, one or none! That is provided you’d been practicing, just pretend that they’re little Antifas. Mind you, if there is an old man sitting on the porch, rugged-up against the cold and cradling his even older .303, you maybe better keep that Chevy rolling.


    • Nice try, John-o, but these are inside cats, and they’ve been declawed. And my SMLE can reach out to 1100 yards with reasonable accuracy, too. Added a scope just for grins.

      Ain’t no way I’d be sitting on the porch, either. Why do you think I installed thermal cameras around my dump, eh? And they are programmed to squeal when they see movement. Can’t be too careful! ;P


      • egorr, a lady I know keeps her 3 cats inside at night, during the day they are contained within a large free-run caged area. It’s no trouble for her, so why don’t others do as she and you manage to? All free cats deserve no better than any other wanton vandal, or Antifa scum. BTW, slip some Mk. VIIIZ rounds into your SMLE for extra range, you’ll soon tell if they are too warm.


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