15 thoughts on “Any More Questions?

  1. When do compliance officers look like dorks? I do know, gamma male with passive-aggressive personalities… Give them a little power then us alpha and sigma males stuff them into lockers.


  2. COVID Compliance Officer?!?!?!?! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….it’s too ridiculous for words.

    The commies are pushing like they’ve NEVER pushed before. Pushback is going to be of Biblical proportions!!


  3. These people know the truth. The reason these cocksuckers are violating
    their own edicts is that they know masks, lockdowns, social distancing
    etc. do not work. The governors of five states were intentionally forcing
    nursing homes to accept COVID 19 positive patients. Fredo Cuomo’s
    retarded brother alone was responsible for the deaths of more than
    40,000 senior citizens in New York. If you add the deaths involving
    false diagnosis, the death rate would be less than half the current total.

    If you go back to the early 20th century, the concept of eugenics, a model
    that Adolf Hitler endorsed. The party of slavery, abortion, late-term, and
    post-term abortion, etc. are the Democrats. The modern Democrat party
    is made up of neo-Malthusians and neo-Luddites. Back in the 1990s,
    Patty Murray (C) for cunt the still a serving Senator from Washington
    stated that the elderly had an obligation to make way for the younger
    generations. Sorry bitch, we are not ancient Eskimos and we do not
    set our elderly citizens adrift on ice floes!

    An accurate assessment of death cults would include the Thugee,
    Islam, and the Democrat party. The reason the Democrats never
    condemn Islam is that they share the same totalitarian political
    worldview, a totalitarian police state. I almost want the left to
    win this war. If they win, the fembots, queers, lesbians, generic
    leftists will be second in the line to the death camps they helped
    to create!

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    • “Sorry bitch, we are not ancient Eskimos and we do not
      set our elderly citizens adrift on ice floes!” Yes, with out jackets, mittens and head coverings, when they become a burden, they are polar bear snacks. You have to look at the environment to understand that, if you weren’t a productive member of a household/family. It was the same for malformed and disabled babies and if you got severely hurt and could not contribute, you became bear shit…


  4. This is what needs to happen to quislings like this asshat: he should be followed home and given the same treatment as the police chief in Fight Club ( the “don’t fuck with us” speech). If the idiot goes back to his snitch job again… well then he gets what’s coming to him.

    Same goes for OSHA inspectors fining businesses for opening, and Karen’s who can’t mind their own business.

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    • A ‘Karen’ should not be presumed to be a lady, they willingly gave up that right, so are deserving of the sort of response you’d give to any other arsehole who chooses to interfere in your life.

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    • Speaking of asshats… Eastfield Mall, Springfield, MA has free COVID testing. Up to a FIVE Hour wait! Yeah, this State, without cheating, voted for the sniffer. Our RINO Governor wants to lockdown again because the number of cases are rising…

      The good news: no one, not a single person, has died of the flu this year! Wow! Thanks for curing that deadly disease, China!


  5. Watched Casablanca last night. The similarities to today are frightening. The Covidiots are now fining businesses that hosted Culp rallies. Nothing to see here, just “rounding up the usual suspects”.
    Side note: Going to Wirecutter from Phil’s sidebar Goes to April posts. That’s strange.


  6. Yeah, I have a question. How long will it be before asswipes like that guy get the shit kicked out of them whenever and wherever they show their servile, un-American attitudes?

    Methinks that regular beatdowns of commies (and their tyrant and tyrant-lite associates) in public
    ought to become a regular happening in these united States of America.



  7. …on another note, NYFC is sending the Taxi and Limousine Service POLICE, to enforce lockdown orders on bars and restaurants. What city has a POLICE Force whose job is to check TAXI and LIMOUSINE licenses? Can you say No Show Job?


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