How’s That Federal Reserve Thing Working Out For Ya?

Let’s see, just off the top of my head, these are numbers I’m just pulling out of my ass with no research, based on what I saw the last time I looked.

A new house, hell ANY house, around here is going for over four hundred thousand dollars.

A new, Plain Jane truck, as if they still made such a thing, is way over forty thousand.

You can easily spend a HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS on a new truck if you are that stupid.

Rent around here is $1600 minimum, even studio apartments are running $12-$1300 a month. I have seen places advertised around here asking for $4,000 a month. For RENT!

A plastic tub of coffee was $9 last time I bought some, so I’m guessing three dollars a pound.

The very cheapest bacon I could find the last time I looked was $5 a pound.

What the hell does a stamp cost these days, fifty cents?

Milk is still cheap enough because it’s subsidized. A couple bucks a gallon.

Gas was $2.79 a gallon the other day around here.

I refuse to go to a movie theater anymore but it was ridiculous the last time I did go.

So yeah, The Federal Reserve is run by a bunch of crooked sonsabitches who don’t know economics from pig slop.

As I recall, Trump finally took over the Fed last year so the Cabal doesn’t have control of it anymore.

He should abolish the damn thing outright.

It has bupkiss to do with our government in the first place and was put in place by crooked banksters as part of their nefarious plan to enslave us all.

30 thoughts on “How’s That Federal Reserve Thing Working Out For Ya?

  1. Dang! I couldn’t afford to live there. Hard enough here in SC. The average home runs around $150k, gas is $1.68/gal., rent on an average home runs around $850/mo. Coffee, bacon and stamps, and new trucks run about the same price you mentioned here. Sales tax is 7%. That’s what going off the gold standard and raising minimum wages gets you. Raising the minimum wage 5% causes prices on everything to go up 10% and income taxes to go up 5% and a larger percentages of your wages go to the government. Nixon had a good idea when he froze prices but that didn’t last long. Couple that with a certain percentage of our culture who won’t work that we have to support that makes the problem worse. When I was a young man we didn’t have government subsidized housing and food stamps and I don’t recall ever seeing anyone homeless or starving to death. Back then we knew we had to work if we were going to have a place to live and food to eat.


  2. Yup. I am all in favor of going back to a gold standard, or if you wish, add other rare and valuable metals to the reserve. Dump the whole federal reserve banking system and link the amount of dollars in circulation directly to the GDP as a fixed ratio governed by the actual reserve value (this has to be set as there is probably not enough gold mined to back our existing GDP).

    Oh, and none of this works unless politicians cannot spend a dime more than actual real taxes are taken in, which means getting rid of the income tax completely by removing the 16th amendment and establishing a fixed 10% sales tax on all goods and services at point of ultimate consumption, no exemptions, no carve outs – zilch. And no ability to change that percentage ever. You want more tax money? Grow the GDP..

    Lastly, in time of declared war, only bonds can be issued to be held by US citizens, none of this borrowing from the Chicoms or any other nation.


  3. Please name a country Not in debt. Whom do they owe? Looks as impossible as sitting down to play poker with six at the table and when it’s over, everyone is in debt.


    • Interestingly enough Libya was in good shape BEFORE Killary and her Klown show wrecked the country… the real reason we destroyed Khaddaffi was he was about to introduce a gold-backed-and-based Dinar. He told the World Bank to FOAD and they came for his ass hard.


    • Zactly and when this thing blows lookout. Probably part of the great reset I keep hearing about. Andrew genocide Jackson killed the first central bank God bless him and the bastards created another one in 1913 on Jekyl island.


      • And while the government schools hold us hostage for Twelve Years, they never teach single class on the federal reserve, how a dollar comes into existence, or the fact that every fiat system eventually collapses.
        They SAY they are educating the children to prepare them for a successful life. BULLSHIT.. They are training the kids to either help subvert America or at least not get in the way.
        If I was a power hungry creep trying to decide when to make my move, looking at the number of willing mask wearing sheeple would encourage me to go for it.


  4. “As I recall, Trump finally took over the Fed last year so the Cabal doesn’t have control of it anymore.”

    Think about Joe and the Ho having control of the Fed.

    Some have speculated that fiddling with the Fed (or threatening to) was what got JFK iced.


  5. A 1964, 90% silver dime is worth $1.65 today, with silver prices down from the run-up a few months ago. Put the other way, a dollar is worth 6 cents in 1964, “real money.” (6.12 cents).

    The problem is that after a hundred years of the Fed bungling the economy, people are used to getting raises and used to their house being worth more. That’s the “constant benign inflation” the Fed aims for, and never hits correctly. If a raise depended on being more valuable (having learned more skills or made more money for the company) union jobs with a guaranteed raise wouldn’t happen. Why should a house that’s five years old be worth more than when it was new? It most likely needs more maintenance, but people seem to think their house should be worth more in a few years when they sell it. How many people have you met that move up in houses every five years? With no inflation, the house will only be worth more if more people want to live in that neighborhood.

    I could go on, but the Fed conditioned people to their inflation so much that it’s part of life.


    • The Fed hasn’t Bungled anything. You see a Bug. They see a feature. America Borrows every dollar in circulation. This is what Jackson fought. It’s not our first central bank. Read the Creature from Jekyll Island or listen to G. Edward Griffin on YouTube.
      The same system is in every country of any count. You can get enough from some online reading to understand what
      Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
      Is about. Remember in the seventies and eighties when tin pot dictators were willingly
      Going into Exile?
      Because they had been forced to take imf and world bank loans, and they would be killed if they didn’t and killed if they paid it back, because they were forced to use their national resources and infrastructure as collateral.

      Biggest con game ever,,


      • I was going to recommend Creature from Jekyll Island. Glad you already have. Another great read is Amity Schlaes book The Greedy Hand. How FDR’s gummint invented the withholding tax to get uncle sugar’s paws into your wallet….permanently.


  6. I can’t find it now, of course…
    But I read an article a while back that showed that many goods are surprisingly stable in value… if you use an ounce of gold to buy them.

    It’s just that the dollar is devalued relative to gold that makes things seem like they cost more.


  7. Agree with the post. It’s amazing how many people don’t understand inflation.

    Anyway, 68 Camaro 2,500 new, decent one, 2000-ish Camaro 25,000 new cheap one. So it’s a Times 10 for cars, and about that for houses. I was making shit in the 1970’s (5.50/hr) and I’m one to tell someone if they don’t like minimum wage, get some skills and a bigger paycheck, but 7.25/hr is no where near Times 10 over 3.50 I think min was in those days. The corporate pricks are cleaning up. Still better than socialism though which the kids are about to find out.


  8. The great Northwest is a lot more expensive than the Atlanta area:

    New House: $300k for a 23oo square foot 4 bedroom house on 1/6 acre
    Income: Average $50K
    Rent: $1500
    New Car: $35K base full size work truck: $32K The truck I want $64,000
    Movie $9 Popcorn and 2 cokes: $25 unless you go to the movie tavern and you drop $100 for 2
    Gas: $1.82 Diesel $2.39

    The stamps are the same but the food stuff varies greatly do to shopping at high end grocery stores, Costco/Sams’s, or discount grocers. We have our Costco list, discount grocery list (dozen extra large eggs 89 cents and a gallon of milk for $1.89), and convenience grocery less than 2 miles away with $1.88 large eggs and milk @ $2.49. It is also an 11 mile drive one way to the discount grocery.


  9. $2.65 for Diesel in Northern Nevada. New houses start at $375,000 plus. Just paid $56,000 for a new Dodge Ram 2500…..and that was a smoking good deal!


  10. in my opinion, large inflation was the result of the Arab Oil Embargo. before the Oil Embargo, the cost of a barrel of oil was $2 to $3. now oil producing countries can not survive on $88 a barrel.


  11. Someone once pointed out that in the Ozzy and Harriet days (the 50s) the federal
    income tax burden on the middle class was 5 percent. Back then, stay-at-home
    moms were the norm. If some evil genius plotted to destroy the nuclear family,
    he could not do a better job than to increase taxes on the most productive class
    in America.

    My 15-year-old half-sister got her first job at KFC. She showed me her first
    paycheck stub. She asked me to explain all the deductions. I explained the
    need for the military and the police, roads, and infrastructure, and added her
    welfare family cousin with five children. Her response was WHAT? I was
    paying more in taxes in two hours in a single day than she did on her first
    week at work at her minimum wage job.

    This is the primary source of inflation in America. Every dime of public
    expenditures in America drive up the inflation rate.


  12. When I moved from South Dakota back to the PNW I looked at moving back to my old stomping grounds where I am from the Greater Portland area and could not believe the prices there! Even a studio apartment was $1000 to $1300 a month! I am on a limited income and could not afford those prices. Damn commie californians moving there drove up land, rental and consumer prices. I am now living close (Idaho) and even that is starting to be an expensive endeavor. I was hoping to buy a small parcel of land and have a small Park Model trailer placed which is legal in this area of Idaho. No can do, land prices have risen so I can’t make it work with what I have. Now, thinking of moving back to the South where land prices are more amenable, at least for now. Also Phil, O/T; I am back, I am bad and I am not black….


      • You mean metaphorically or empirically? Yes, I have developed a black, hard heart knowing for years with what will have to be done. I have no regrets or qualms about the sacrifices and horrific deeds that I may have to do. Like Jesus said and I paraphrase, ” I don’t not come with Peace, I come with a Sword.”


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