Got Food?

Remember this phrase, “Modern Day Breadlines”

Elisa Martinez: 2-4 Hour Lines Outside Supermarkets Due to New Mexico Gov’s Lockdown

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) has put immense pressure on businesses with her “abrupt” lockdown order – forcing “nonessential” businesses to close and creating what has been dubbed “modern breadlines” —  with people waiting 2-4 hours to enter essential retailers, former GOP Senate candidate Elisa Martinez explained during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday.

Martinez, a former U.S. Senate candidate and Trump campaign surrogate, said that there has been a lot of downward pressure on the economy and people of New Mexico due to “ridiculous mandates” pushed by the governor, imposing some of the “strictest lockdowns” in the country. Martinez discussed the governor’s “abrupt” November 13 announcement, which put residents under another lockdown, closing businesses deemed nonessential.

The lockdown, which went into effect November 16, created a “huge rush to all of the stores,” which Martinez said was “very counterintuitive if the idea is to stop the in-person contact.”

The governor ultimately capped capacity in retail stores to 75 people, regardless of size.

“So now we’re experiencing 2-4 hour lines outside in the cold — some areas of the state it’s snowing, raining,” she said.

“I had an elderly woman contact me. She was waiting in line for two hours to get their meds — to get their, you know, essential medicine. So it’s making a public health emergency worse in my opinion for the people of New Mexico, especially leading up to Thanksgiving,” she said:

Elisa Martinez@elisa1121·

Across the state, the elderly & sick are in these lines. Don’t be so naive to think that government & @GovMLG is interested in your health & well being. Or “science” for that matter. If that were the case this wouldn’t be happening..



This was the scene before Thanksgiving, anyone think it’s gotten better since then?

Looks to me like they want you unemployed and dependent on them for the basic necessities.

From what I hear, our Moron of a Governor clamped down yet again here recently, him and that Commie Bitch over in Oregon both. You will never, ever, convince me that they are not working together behind the scenes.

I say from what I hear because I pretty much don’t give a fuck what that asshole has to say anymore and the Wifely Unit had to tell me about it.

She has resorted to ordering groceries on line and then driving up to the store, popping the trunk and having them load it all into the car.

She always went shopping once a week and this whole scenario has put a serious crimp in her style. She has been forced to buy two weeks worth of groceries at a time since April and she ain’t liking it one bit. She has no clue how to put it all away so a bunch of it just sits on the kitchen table until she needs it. I made the suggestion that I could probably find space to put it in and walked with a limp for two days for my trouble so I just let her be.

Even buying two weeks worth of groceries at at time, we basically ran out of stuff for lunch and dinner a day or two early.

It’s not that there isn’t anything to eat around here, it’s that all THE EASY stuff to eat got used up.

She is big on buying stuff that all she has to do is heat up.

This has caused me no end of frustration over the years but I have learned the hard way to keep my mouth shut in order to keep the peace around here.

I have tried to put stuff away out in the garage but it wound up getting froze when my little heater took a shit and that ruined all the canned goods.

Round and round we went over that. She finally tells me that storing Freeze Dried stuff would be OK with her.

I can tell you right now that she has never eaten Freeze Dried food for a week straight because if she had, she would know better.

This puts me in a place I don’t want to be.

I bought that little freezer and heard for three months that it was a waste of money and that we didn’t need it. Amazingly enough, she now fills that thing clear up every two weeks.

Funny how that worked out eh?

So seeing this bullshit going on down in New Mexico has gotten me nervous again.

I can just see that Rat Bastard Jay Inslee making plans as I type.

If I hear he plans on pulling that shit here then I will go balls out with my own counter measures.

I don’t give a fuck who don’t like it either.

25 thoughts on “Got Food?

  1. The way the New Mexico governor is pushing it, I bet she will be the first governor shot… I wish I could find a place to place a bet at good odds… newsome, brown and insley, coumos (pl) will be shortly after the first. Like they say, after teh first, the rest are free…

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  2. What I liked to know is why aren’t the state legislators stepping up to the plate and putting a stop to their governor’s BS? They have to be in lockstep, or scared… They shouldn’t, together they have more power then a mere governor and can put a stop to this crap.

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  3. I created a fucking monster. My near lifelong developmentally disabled buddy
    has become a conservative warrior, but he doesn’t understand how government
    works. There is no force of law behind an unconstitutional edict. Lockdowns,
    mask mandates, curfews, and the like must be a product of legislation, not
    some decree yanked out of the asses of governors and mayors. Every time
    one of these assholes issues a mandate, he tells me we cannot walk to the
    local store without a mask or must adhere to a curfew, I try to explain it to him
    but he does not understand the three branches of government.

    Churches, restaurants, and small businesses are taking it in the ass, and many
    will not survive. People are being arrested and fined for this bullshit. If it
    happens to me, I will say show me the warrant and the name the legislation
    or FUCK OFF and I will not pay a fucking dime if I am hit with one!

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    • Trust me, I feel the same way , so I did some digging.
      All of these cocksuckers are flouting this authority under an Emergency Powers bill that was passed long ago by a previous legislature that is law now. Each state has their own version.
      It usually gives them “extraordinary powers” 30 days at a whack to act in a manner to ensure the safety of the population at large. If you will recall, Comrade Brown over in Oregon got spanked in the courts when she neglected to renew her request fro the emergency power act after 30 days and was sued by a Christian group over in Eastern Oregon for it.


      • There is something else about this shit that pisses me off. These
        COVID Nazis are destroying the economies of their states and
        cities, causing high unemployment rates. This is just the beginning
        of the damage they are doing. They are now praying at the altar
        of Marx, that a Biden administration will bail them out for their
        own fiscal responsibilities. It gets worse! Their party, which
        will die without Wall Street, and corporate donors are going to
        shit their pants when the stock markets tank, unemployment
        rises, and interest and inflation rates soar.

        Cheap labor is not cheap! There are only so many unskilled
        laborers we can import. Moving manufacturing plants to China
        and Mexico will only get you so far and it comes with a very
        high price. The ultimate goal of Marxism is to concentrate
        political power at the top and to decimate the working and
        middle-classes. Cambodia was the only communist country
        that got it right. Kill everyone with an education and you
        are left with illiterate peasant farmers. They are far easier
        to control!

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    • RWT, we all here are old men and as we have gained experience, knowledge and just our cantankerous dispositions will have to prevail, we have to show the younger men there is another way. We saw our freedoms slowly ebb away while we were being good solid citizens, working, paying our bills, raising our children and were aware of the creep, but we had responsibilities and at first they were cumbersome, but easy enough to ignore, not so anymore, they are making their play. It is going to be bloody, we all know it down in the darkest splinters of our mind, in our ancient DNA. I am of tired of that boot on my neck, paying dane geld for the pleasure of owning some thing and then paying rent to drive it on roads we paid for, paying rent on our abodes we pay for, insure for and maintain for, tired of paying dane geld on our wages, then paying a sales tax on that money to buy food, clothes, prescriptions, little things. Most of these taxes, have you seen where they go and how they are accounted, if they are audited and then displayed? I haven’t. Now we have potentates, perfumed princesses and princes locking us down and muzzling us? A Fuck You is coming, we are the fuckers to do it.

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  5. You are not paranoid, all these effing D state governors and mayors ARE coordinating their actions for maximum discomfort of the population. On purpose as they think it makes orange man look bad. Don’t give a rats ass about the population. Keep adding fire to a sealed pressure cooker and we all know what results.

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  6. What the fuc is wrong with people in this country, have everyone of them become spineless dick licking sheep slaves. Never get out of line, can’t cross the line, obey obey obey at all costs cause you might fuckin offend someone no one with an IQ above bacteria gives a shit about…… Grow a fucking spine America you daisy assed wankers. Tell these assfucks to pound it where the sun don’t shine and open your businesses and go about living your lives.
    Take precautions if warranted, quit letting situations control your lives, people die all the time, this virus bullshit is no different than anything that hasn’t happened throughout the world before. Quit being a bunch of fucking cupcake daisies retreating to your safe spaces to hug your teddy bear. You’ve outgrown that at least 20 damn years ago, many many many years longer for most of us…
    You do realize do you not, that these assclowns ONLY have Control over you if you LET them control you……….. They work FOR YOU, you do not exist merely to support their whims and pleasures…. It’s really easy, just say FUCK OFF….the people that founded this Republic did the same to that goat fucker king George 244 years ago, what for you may ask. Learn your history, its for the EXACT same bullshit the so called “elites” are pulling today, from lockdowns to mask wearing to the entire election fraud……. Our Declaration of Independence was a period correct way of saying in a socially acceptable manner to FUCK STRAIGHT OFF YOU WANKER JACKASS……
    There, now I feel bettah…. Thanks Phil!

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    • Damn, I feel better too! Yeah FUCK OFF and die a horrible, pain wracked death whilst we rip off your finger nails, poke holes in you and spit in your mouth and call it spring water… leftists, you have no idea the anger in us redneck Saxons…


  7. “Hell hath no fury like a women scorned” – till you piss of a redneck Saxon with nothing else to loose and been pissed on and told it’s rain one to many times…….


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