Back To Work, Finally

Two full weeks I have been laying around on my ass because The Kid was declared to have The Chinky Flu.

The only symtoms he ever had was that he said he couldn’t smell or taste anything for a few days.

No fever, no cough, nothing.

Nobody else in this household has exhibited one single symptom in the resulting two week quarantine.

I have been in contact with the HR lady at work off and on all week. Yesterday and today both were Paid Holidays but there was still people Double Dipping so the place was open today.

She got up early on her day off and called Corporate to get the Okay for me to come back tomorrow and then called me on the house phone to let me know this morning.

I think that is the first phone call I have ever answered on that damn thing that was actually for me since we moved in here four, almost five years ago now.

I sent a Text to my boss letting him know because I have been hearing they really want me to come back.

Nothing all day.

I finally called and left a message a half hour ago and he just texted me back and wants me to start at 7 in the morning. On a Saturday.

Whatever, I need to make some frikkin’ money. I should go back to straight Day Shift next Monday.

Already talked to the Wifely Unit about Christmas this year. Neither one of us is overly enthused about it so we agreed to go lean this year.

It’s not like we are broke and don’t have any money so nobody needs to think we are destitute. I just need to get back to work.

She sticks some of our tax return in the bank every year and she uses that to take care of everyone that needs taking care of Christmas wise.

I just give money to my kids and after that she is the only one I have to buy for.

It’s looking like I am going to get off easy this year and that works for me.

I told her flat out that I don’t want one thin dime being put on any fucking Credit Cards for Christmas. All of those fuckers are paid off except for the Les Schwab account and that’s because we had to use it to get the brakes done on her Dad’s rig when we got stranded over in the middle of Gresham a couple months ago.. They are making that payment.

So it’s back to the Salt Mines finally. This has been one seriously fucked up year and I am dead serious when I say next year has all the pieces in place already for it to be even worse.

Hunkering down and putting as much away as possible looks to be the Game Plan.

8 thoughts on “Back To Work, Finally

  1. Happy that the boy is doing good and none of the rest of you got any symptoms.
    Gotta feel good getting back to work too.
    Question for ya, after the great reset do you think those electronic digits sitting in the bank or the federal reserve notes will be worth anything? I’m thinking about getting mine out of the bank before the dicks just steal it when they collapse but trying to figure out if it’ll be worth anything anyway.

    Looking for some opinions on that from some of you smart folks.


  2. If they sent you home due to quarantine for chink flu, they are required to pay your wages up to 2 weeks IIRC it’s in that whole BS that got passed in the first part of the year. You should get paid for the last 2 weeks.


  3. Congrats Phil. I have not worked in over 5 years after loosing my job. No specialty skills to offer that a younger person can’t learn and being over 50 no one wants to hire you. I finally said fuck it hire that worthless help and I have enjoyed every effing day doing what ever the hell I want to. Thank God and my Dad’s example I was saving for 40 years. Just finished 600 feet of vinyl fence, beat the hell out of me. My two girls got the kung flu, same symptoms. Older one could not come home for Thanksgiving but she is near boyfriends family who got it also so she got to stuff some turkey.


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