A Hell Of A Shot!

Our very own Rightwingterrorist went hunting with a buddy and managed to shoot two pigs with one round of Buckshot!

He knows what’s good too,


He somehow managed to find the time to do that in between working his ass off and having to do vehicle repairs too.

Almost makes me glad I don’t have that kind of energy anymore.


18 thoughts on “A Hell Of A Shot!

  1. Since people are going to want to know lemme ramble on about the hunt.
    I live in NE TX, there’s some who comment here who live pretty damn close to me so they should relate.
    I shot a doe opening day, but since then there really hasn’t been too much showing up during hunting hours, at least according to my cameras. There could be more or less, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. What has shown up wasn’t legal and the legal ones show up around 4am or so. Hogs, on the other hand were showing up around dark and then again around 2am.
    Told the wife that I was going to go out and kill some hogs in the evening. She told her friend who then in turn told her husband that I was going out. He’s a pretty cool dude, about ya’lls age, and a machinist. He contacted me and asked if he could come along. Meatspace, baby. Of course I said yes. Mind you, I hunt. A fucking lot. Every chance I get. To also include fishing; running trot lines, all of it. Run trap lines also. The dude, not so much but he want’s to and is willing to learn. Also, our politics align.
    So, he shows up with his new .308 with his ATN night vision scope that I’ve helped him get his groupings in to about 3″ @ 100yrds. Minute of deer or people, I tell him. Where I live you’re not getting much further of a shot beyond that anyhow. Me, I’ve got a Benelli Nova shotgun running 3″ 00 buck. The shots that we’re going to be taking are in the dark and at the most 30 yards. Don’t need no damn night vision. This was about 5 days ago and the moon was 1/3 full. Enough for what I’m doing.
    So we head out at about 8 pm.
    For every quiet step I take he takes 10 loud ones and I can hear a whole sound of hogs take off at about my tree stand where I was planning on hunting. Not that it would have mattered, still had to climb into it. I tell him not to worry, no foul. They’ll be back. They always will. Hell, had a different bunch coming back around 2 anyhow.
    Time to take a nap.
    Getting elbowed in the ribs. “hey, there’s a coon there.” “hey, there’s two coons there.” up to about 4. Yeah, no shit. They’re on my camera’s every night. Big fat motherfuckers. I’ll use them in trade or dinner if I have to. I know where they are.
    Hearing a bunch of rustling in the woods. I tell him hey man, they’re coming, get ready.
    It’s dark out and about a third of a moon, but you can see the blobs of the coons and the blobs of the hogs are bigger. Plus they make noise, like grunting noise. You know they’re there.
    Getting elbows into the ribs “hey, there’s a hog out there.”
    Stay calm.
    “hey, there’s two.”
    “hey, there’s four.”
    Stand by.
    “hey there’s five.”
    Good. Now pick one on the outside. I’m shooting center mass with buckshot. On the count of three take your shot and I’ll follow through.

    BOOM, Squeal, squeal, squeal!!!!
    Flashlight on, one is trying it’s damndest to take off on it’s two front legs, dragging it’s back two.
    Shoot the damn thing!
    I’m climbing out of the stand, “here, hold my gun.”
    Get on the ground and take the el cheapo Heritage .22, run about 30 yards and shoot that hog trying to run away in the head. Notice that picture of it’s missing front hoof? It was
    running on a stump. That must have happened when it was young.
    Anyhow, between those two hogs, one was a sow and the other a boar, I got about 45lbs of sausage. That took a whole day to process.
    Big fun.

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    • Aw, damn.
      Missed the point where my buddy didn’t shoot after the count of 3.
      He was shooting a bolt action and didn’t have the action all the way down.
      I asked if he shot, and he said yes.
      Then he said that he thought he shot.
      Yet he didn’t.
      He malfunctioned by not making sure that he could shoot, and then not even knowing that he didn’t.
      I think he was too jacked up to know what he was doing, even though it was only hogs (to me).
      Funny thing is, and I’m not a people shooter (yet), but I hunt a lot.
      My adrenaline hit comes after the shot, not before.
      Maybe Big Country can shed some insight on this.

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      • It’s meat, so yes it can be smoked.
        When I do I mostly use Pecan because I’ve got 2 big ones in the back yard.
        I heat quite a bit with wood during the winter, I’ve got land so I cut, haul, and split my own, and since I’m a bit of a wood snob I’ll also use the ends and pieces of Oak and Hickory. Those are mostly used for grilling though. I try to avoid using charcoal. Have you seen the prices for a bag of charcoal?


    • As a public service I helped my neighbor clean 25 or so hogs this summer.
      In spare time.
      Lots of them end up in the “bone yard.”
      Buzzards and coyotes (shoot those motherfucks too) gotta eat.

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  2. Lot of wild hogs here in South Carolina too. They breed faster than rats. This is a mama sow with 14 pigs and when we cut her open she had 12 more that would have hatched soon.

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  3. Nice !!! Too bad we don’t have wild hogs here in NJ as far as I know, at least not near me. Commies – we have plenty of them, mostly in Trenton. I don’t hunt, but I suppose it is never to late to learn a new skill.


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