A Quick Note Before I Am Felled By The Annual Thanksgiving Day Food Coma…

I would like to thank you all for stopping by and making this place one of the biggest achievements of my entire life.

I know that I have very much to be thankful for, God takes care of my narrow ass in spite of myself.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and pray that God will continue to bless our President and our country.

I firmly believe that we are about to be done turning the other cheek and there is an ass whipping of biblical proportions coming.

Have faith, cover your ass and take care of your friends and family.

45 thoughts on “A Quick Note Before I Am Felled By The Annual Thanksgiving Day Food Coma…

  1. May God smile upon y’all, may this Country give thanks to Him who raised this great Country and the wonderful Constitution, and may He fend off those who would subvert it.
    Happy Thanks Giving!
    May your days be merry and bright…

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  2. Many thanks Phil for all you do. Only place where I can just be pissed off like everybody else. Hope you an everyone visiting this joint have a great Thanksgiving,
    And remember: God is Great, Beer is Good, and holy fuc, are people stuuuuuuupid or what…

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    • Actually “and what…” The people arrayed against us as also
      much more likely to have mental issues. Have a great Thanks-
      giving guys:


  3. Phil, thank you for providing this site and taking the time to constantly update the content.
    To all you other guys, thanks for coming here and leaving some comments.
    Thanks for letting me leave mine. It is a place giving us a voice. When you don’t get to talk to anyone maybe for a couple days at a time, it means something. When you leave a message that someone relates to and responds to you feel a connection.
    I’m great full for that and for all of you.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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  4. So much to be thankful for, but especially my wife who talked me out of selling my PS90 w 3,000 rnds of V-Max to pay for a new engine. A Ruger 57 is heading my way I think. And a Cumins 12 valve to replace the 6.0 ohhhhhhh. We have been lucky enough to not have missed a day of work. And our kids are doing well.

    Long time reader. Keep up the great work. Makes me a bit homesick, lived in Kirkland,WA too long ago to think about it.

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  5. Hey happy thanksgiving Phil!! thanks for your writings and ravings!! I will be 62 on Monday> I feel we need to make sure our grand kids live in a republic not a shithole country the dems are trying to make it. We are all expendable.

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  6. All the best for you and your family Phil, a salute from the domain of queen Whitmer the last (and we can’t get rid of her soon enough). BTW, Chrismas is approaching, where is your wish list for Santa?


  7. Happy Thanksgiving! Part of your California is fan club and not the one who left the PayPal comment either. Wonder how many of us there are?


  8. Phil, I see that your Austrian buddy Unfuck is still alive after all. Finances being tight without work because of the COVID Nazis, he is considering setting up an export market of Romanian brides (with grades of: extra-virgin, virgin; near-virgin; then down to variously: Deathray, Cederq or Leonard levels). He says that orders for blondes and redheads take longer, as the hair dye has to set. I’m keen to help him, so I can score a discount. You already have one missus, so surely that’s enough, but maybe you can setup as an import office for your loyal readers?


    • The fact that the little creature actually got elected to be the mayor of a major metropolatin city convinces me that the majority of our fellow citizens shouldn’t even be allowed to get anywhere near a voting booth, or a mailbox.


  9. Must have already been comatose when you posted this. Phil it is for you and the many who post here and many others that generate entertaining commentary that I am thankful for. Your last sentence says it all. May God continue to bless you and yours and those I listed above. Thank you


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