A Professional Mechanic Tip To Remember

No names will be mentioned but this did really happen. Quite recently as a matter of fact.

No, it wasn’t me, either.

If you have one of those really cool rechargeable mini LED flashlights with the recharging part on the end opposite the lamp, and you are in a cramped spot and need a third hand to maneuver the light, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT place the lamp in your mouth to hold on while you use both hands to manipulate the wrench and ratchet.   The slightest trace of moisture from your mouth will apparently make the flashlight feel threatened and it will deploy a defense mechanism which apparently can utilize all 18VDC contained in a small Lithium Ion battery.

I can’t drink coffee or eat anything warm for another fucking day.

I also think I have a concussion.

I can still taste blood.

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I laughed so hard at this poor guy’s misfortune that I almost choked.

Hell I start giggling just thinking about it.

Because I know, but for the Grace of God, go I.

10 thoughts on “A Professional Mechanic Tip To Remember

  1. That is almost as funny as my son when he took the taser flashlight and zapped himself. He was sitting in a chair and jerked twice before he propelled himself to the floor. It took ten minutes before he realized where he was, Experience is the best teacher.


  2. Thankfully, I don’t have any of those, and am wondering why the dude wasn’t wearing a headlamp if he needed to work with both hands.

    But as you said, Phil, except for the grace of God.


  3. I don’t know about moisture, but Li-Ion is the only electromotive compound
    that is flammable. Starting with that worthless fuck peanut farmer president
    Jimmy Carter hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars were spent on some
    of the most idiotic alternative energy sources. Rather than build additional
    generating capacity, we got bird shredders, solar thermal, and solar PV
    power. The number of spontaneous fires with Tesla EVs is staggering. We
    nearly lost dozens of airliners and cargo planes because the government-
    mandated Li-Ion batteries for power backup.

    Li-Ion is relatively stable unless they are being charged or overused. Try
    to pump in too much power or strain them and they turn into blowtorches.
    All of this for a paltry 3-5 percent increase in battery power density. This is
    yeat another way the government fucks us!

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    • Should have been building Thorium Molten Salt (LFTRs) reactrors many moons ago and we wouldn’t be dealing with any of this bullshit now. Should be building them now, but that’s not how your hard core commie works.


  4. Well, I learned at 14 years old NOT to have the secondary leads of a transformer held in my mouth while I hooked up the primary leads to a bridge measurement device (don’t ask, it’s technical)! Knocked me about 5 feet backwards and I slurred my speech for another day. Felt like I took a sledgehammer to my head. I NEVER made that kind of a mistake again. I also never told my parents, either.

    Wellllllll……. there WAS that one time when I was 17 and replacing the 6BK4 shunt regulator tube in an old 1955 RCA color TV my brother and I had restored. I had the power off, of course, but the acorn cap to the shunt tube is connected directly to the aquadag, the coating on the inside of the CRT that bleeds off the negative charge from the electron beam that writes onto the phosphorous that produces the picture on the screen. 45 Kv!! It had probably bled down to less than 30Kv because the TV had been turned off for 5 minutes or so, but I had my hand inside the high-voltage cage that had the shunt regulator tube and the 1A2 HV “diode” tube. I screamed when the acorn cap hit my knuckle, and jerked my hand out of the HV cage so fast I abraded ALL the skin on the back of my arm and wrist for about 4 inches. I grabbed my wrist/arm with my other hand, and ran for the kitchen sink trying not to bleed on Mom’s carpet. It hurt like hell when the cold water hit my skin, Mom wrapped up my arm/wrist, and we changed bandages every day for two weeks. I got lucky, no scars and no infections – it probably cauterized the dermis and I got it “under cover” right away. I have similar stupid accidents but have managed to stay alive. God watches over Fools and Small Children, and I ain’t a small kid any more…


  5. Got one of those cheap headlamps at Harbor Freight. ( what happened to “I before E, except after C?”) I don’t work on cars anymore in my old age, but there’s the occasional amp or radio.


    • They work just fine, no light bulb to burn out, and are just plain handy when ya gotta use both hands. I just recently (last month) used one to run coax cable in my attic for a security system… just don’t drop ’em in the attic insulation!


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