55 thoughts on “Comments Are Open, Speak Your Mind

  1. So many things are happening it’s like Sulu has engaged warp speed. We just keep going faster and faster, but not getting anywhere. It’s like my ratchet just decided to disengage and now it goes both ways and no bolt gets loosened.


  2. Wow, I’m typing the first comment? holy shit, there’s so much to discuss, I don’t know where to start.


    If the current events stay on course, and the election is decided in favor of Pres Trump, which it most likely will be, then all bets are off for the near future, which for my view, is all of 2021, because those who are pushing this will not stop.


        • I have some .45-70 380 grain mono metal dangerous game rounds for my Guide Gun that supposedly start at 2075 fps (probably in a longer barrel) and are built for deep penetration and limited expansion. I wonder what those would do. Just an idle thought.


      • Symbols are really important things. Without symbols which represent us good folks and our codes and history, we are nothing but savages without a country. Basically a geographic concentration of lost tribes and isolated groups of feral humans with no more legacy and symbols of wretched existance no better than every third world shithole banana republic run my the latest dictator or manderin with enough firepower to kill off all rivals and use the surving dirt people as personal serfs, no more future or past than surving the next calamity or harvest, living hand to mouth with the sword of genocide hanging over our weaponless selves.

        The capitol, im saying the really important and symbolic buildings. built in the Classic Greco and Roman style, with their exquisite archetecture intended to represent the culmination of 2000 years of Christian Western thought ideas politics and culture/history dignifying the great 5000 year leap into good government for good folks, ordered liberty and The Bulwark against tyrants, needs a minor facelift.

        Something that is unmistakable representing our dirt people manifest legacy and the dignity our our Liberty. Something really statk and terrible in its cautionary history.
        Something we can all relate to that no matter ones stance or politics is irrefutable, something all would be tyrants and usurpers can recognize and be forewarned of the ultimate penality of betraying the trust and will of The People.

        What these structures around The US Capitol require entering the Age of MAGA and The God Emperor is a fuckload of bullet holes, not as to desecrate the intended homage to formation of The Repuplic, but to accentuate and signify in stone, preserved for all future generations, the need for vigilence, the ultimate righful use of Our Rifles and Our Will as The Governed, bullet holes which are a record for eternity that you dont mess with The Sneke, and that this record of Rightful Liberty be created by our Righteous Wrath, employing Our most cherished instrument of Freedom, Our BFYTW, Our Primal Natural Born Grass Roots God given Right to serve Sic Semper Tyrannis and all other tyranny what they so richly deserve, and to signify a new age, reconstitute Our Republic as created and intended, and put the teeth back into the timeless greatest instrument of BFYTW ever devised, The Declaration of Independence where Our Will and our Consent rightfully belong.

        It be a target rich environment thats for sure. Time to tear down the nests of the Cabal, maybe a fleet of Kill Dozers in the spirit of its creator, better yet to intomb the rats and traitors infesting these sanctums of tyranny and treason. Salt the eart where they once stood. The monstrocity in Langely and the J Edgar Hoover building would be a great place to start. No lack of suitable edifices of corruption and greed and treason. Kill a lot of birds with a few stones.

        But lots of Freedom Seed dents in limestone and granite would leave the mark of resistance to tyranny and how fertile and legitimate testimony to our natural freedom and liberty for a thousnd years.
        Number one would be the front steps of The Capitol building, the central nest of the swamp, up which all, and im saying every human no exception, who enter must walk past thousands of bullet impact craters, every minute for the rest of Our Republics history.
        This is vigilence of another kind, written in stone, a warning to all who would presume to usurp Our Sovereign self determination and Franchise.

        Sometimes you just got to do shit like this. There will always be usurpers and tyrants.
        Recorded history gets ignored the revisionists and humanist get ahold of it and rape and sodomize the truth of us who be free.
        Boolit holes are forever. They cant be subverted undermined or misrepresented.
        They are really stark unforgettable artifacts of time and space to see with ones eyes.
        Timeless records. Archived in broad daylight all can see plain and simple. A most satisfactory symbol of the dirt people and Our total resistance to tyranny.

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    • Always good to be forwarned, its being forarmed. we all been gulled a little bit by the media regarding the implantation in our psyche about power of law enforcement.

      This war they wage against us is LIC, Low Intensity Conflict. If they dont jump some full retard shark, like use nukes for a false flag op purpose, read 911, or infect us with some really vile plauge, there’s not enough of them. Without a complicit media organ their actions are tiny in relative terms, its the optics they forge out of whole cloth, they use it to poitisize everything so it appears in an illusion of things far larger than in reality.
      This is very important in their strategy. Because theres not enough of them.
      Dont mean LIC is not very violent and extreme for thevpoor soulscwho end up being the victimscof LIC, its the overall reality that matters, and thats there aint enough of them.
      There so much aint enough of them, they had to take them out of jails and prisons, and give them immunity thru comped cops and courts, basicaly do everything but hold thier peckers when they piss.
      Solztseneitsen said an interesting thing about there aint enough of them, he said if they had met every agentvand secret policeman at the door when they came for everyone who was to be shiped to the Gulags, in two weeks, there aint going to be enough of them.

      I think its a mind job, they make political prisoners out of carefully chosen targets and make the most out of it thats feasible, in order to set into our minds way down in the obscure folds of the gray matter they are this all knowing all seeing all powerful entity that never sleeps is always watching. No doubt the all watching and all seeing part is a whole different kettle of fish from those days back in the old USSR.
      The point he was making was they where to afraid, the weaponization of fear is a mighty effective instrument of control and hindsight was telling him they had the power, the dirt people had more power than the tyranny and tyrants. If, if they only became legion and refused to say die. That the whole institutional order was predicated on this very truth remaing hidden from its use as a weapon against them.

      Its a really really really great thing, the really great thing, is theres millions of us armed to the fucking teeth her in the good ol USofA.
      Hey, that LIC they wage on us is totally dependent on Cabals money, its the blood that keeps it alive.
      How many of the black bloc actors are going to fight for free, self armed self equipped self munitioned, and self motivated for a cause to believe in so much you choose to die fighting for it.

      How many that constitute the cadre the rank and file of the deep state, jug ears muh tesistance, will fight like that for the cause of an organized crime syndicate that no longer supports you physically never mind philosophically?
      What, is the fluid gender snowflake army or the freeshit army or the victim class, are they going to stop burning down their cities and march across flyover nation and burn us out? How about the talking pie-holes of the yellow media, lord knows theres no lack of warm bodies there, they going to leave their virtual studios and do nothing jobs and grab a Kalishnokov and gas bombs and hit those white racist nazi suburban enclaves they been spewing diarea of the mouth about?

      How many of muh resistance have ever been in a place at night with no street lights, no cell phone signal, no starfucks for 100 miles, never mind people who hunt meat for their freezers, running thru the woods in pitch dark who now their area like they know their wives, shooting their sorry asses.

      Sure there’s all sorts of gunned up mall ninjas in every alphabit agency outfitted with the bestbour tax money can buy, but Ill bet dollars to donuts better then half of them never intend to fight us domestic terrorists, all the weaponry and gear and training, its so they can get kitted out for freebies so when bugout time comes they are gone like the wind. Half maybe will stick it out untill their buddy gets his squash vaporized by a 308 150 grain deer load. Then theres local law, seems the blue run shitholes the State police are essentially a criminal gang, get to jump out of choppers and bust people growing a weed for their personal use, oh yeah, shaking in our boots, those smurfs are looking out for their gang numero uno.

      Just who is going to fight us?
      Its not a faceasious question, its serious as a heart attack. But its a question aint it?

      There aint enough of them, peoples afraid because their whole lives the law been portrayed as this mighty power thats ultimately undeafeatable. Its why they call TV Programming tv programming. What made for tv cop show fiction drama doesnt fail to catch “the bad guy”?

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      • I figure there is enough firepower in a one mile circle around me to take out the entire police force in this area alone.
        A full one quarter of that area is unpopulated due to power line easements.
        That one mile circle is a tiny fraction of the total population around here.
        You gotta know every LEO around here is as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
        There is even a National Guard post about a mile and a quarter from me. I can’t see them doing anything special either.
        No troop carriers the last time I looked.


        • I came up with a new theory. It involves the old saying about the
          4 boxes. I believe there is a 5th box. During the October Revolution
          in Russia, the Czars troops turned their rifles around when they
          were ordered to open fire on demonstrators. Even in Communist
          China, the demonstrators in Tiananmen Square held up the PLA
          for days before the crackdown. In a shit hits the fan situation, the
          police, and the military will not be a threat to us. If everything else
          fails, it will be up to the armed citizen militia!

          Our Founding Fathers were not stupid men, they saw tyranny
          first hand!

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        • indeed. no fucking doubt about it either. High 5.
          its one thing to have the unrestricted political power of these petty political operatives parachuted in to control the dirt people behind you. the implied threat of force and violence if you even think of refusing to comply is that one thing.
          the other thing is when good folks get the ass on and say fuck you, and resist with organic 4th Generation warfare style tactics.
          this is an act which breaks the spell of the illusion of the state having ultimate power to hurt. when you take everything from a Freeman you create a weapon you cant stop. your usurped power has no teeth. and your proxies or sycophants now have to fight people who dont back down, who dont give a fuck what you are and how you got to be what you are, only that the only good tyrant and its ilk is dead tyrants and their ilk. its Warr.

          hey, what was it Mike Vannebeogh said about where tyrants go wrong, something about killing people who dont comply, and those who no longer are afraid of being killed by tyrants?
          Its a pretty darn good succinct riff.

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        • Clear Ballot “controls” King County, Seattle in 2020 Election

          King County, Washington

          1.4 Million registered voters

          ‘”ClearVote meets the needs of our growing county and will enable us to process elections with greater efficiency. We’re ready for the future.”

          Before switching to Clear Ballot, King County needed to manually duplicate 25% of ballots due to scanner inefficiencies; common marks found on vote-by-mail ballots including coffee stains, excessive folds or tears could not be scanned with King’s prior solution.

          When King first used ClearVote in August 2017, the duplication rate dropped to 5%. In November 2017, King lowered that rate to 1% improving efficiencies dramatically. Now ballot prep, which includes opening envelopes and prepping ballots for scanning has reduced from 90 minutes per box to 35 minutes per box (each box includes 250 ballots).


          WA State Secretary of State voting software/hardware used in 2020 election by county


          Customer States and Counties: Interesting all fuckery states



    • Amen. idiot, green plan dreamer, spender of funds this state doesn’t have, lockdown dickhead, waste of skin, mouth breathing, mask requiring, economy killing, small business killer, enabler of massive unemployment fraud, destroyed of jobs, Boeing included, total progressive commie fuckstick. Yes, that’s how I really feel.


  3. There is an article over at WRSA about General Mattis and his connection to the ChiComs. It reminds me of the time a couple of years ago when I went to a lecture by Retired General Wesley Clark (who ran for President in 2004) and I came away thinking “That guy is an agent for the Chinese”. I am not entirely unfamiliar with matters of Asian Intel and security risks. The ChiComs have compromised nearly everyone but Trump and that is why they hate him. We are in a lot of trouble here. If Trump prevails we’ll be looking at a shooting war with China that will likely light off in Taiwan. If Biden prevails we’ll just surrender and we’ll have a real complicated CW2 scenario with a potential for foreign intervention. I hope I am wrong.

    It would be well to remember that Napoleon III wanted to intervene in the US Civil War on the side of the Confederacy with what he called his American Intervention to keep the US weak and divided. That’s what the French Army was doing at the Battle of Puebla on Cinco de Mayo 1862 when they suffered a surprise defeat at the hands of Ignacio Zaragoza and the Mexican Army.

    My point being that internal strife sends a signal of weakness to potential external enemies.


    • Yeah, Mattis was supposed to be a good thing. Someone the men respected and a known fighter. For him to roll over and turn into basically another fucking traitor was surprising as shit.

      Makes me wonder how far the rot from the Clinton-Bush-Obama cleansings has spread into our military.


      • Mattis in a way unique sold out big time. A former Marine Commandant. Thats got to rankle the tribe of semper fi.
        Took the Cabals silver. Now the rat skumm is hawking whole cloth and koolaid.
        Be interesting to see what he has been promised for being such a chicom funded willing lapdog.

        How the fuck could a Marine Comandant sell out to the enemy? I mean a fucker like Mattis just didnt have an epiphany one day out of thevfucking blue and go enemy of the republic and worse The Corps.
        He had to be like a Manchurian candidate. Was he in the Korean war or some similar circumstances where he was turned?

        Or is he one of the Trump hate deranged, those specific martinets among the pedo=elites whose true colors and aliegence show up when the dirt people get upity and audacity pique their peak arrogance for not being good little peons who forget their place in the hierarchy of the oligarchies institutional order?

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        • With Bush, Clinton, Bush and 0bammy, we had 28 years of Deep State traitors in the White House. That’s Mattis’s whole career, near enough. Odds are good that he was a traitor from the beginning, and promoted for that reason.

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  4. Appreciate you Phil! Thank you for providing us a great platform. Takes the intestinal fortitude you only get from a life of bustin’ ur fuckin’ knuckles under the worst conditions.
    Hope you and your loved ones are well well loved and dont go into a turkey coma.

    I think it was a Yuuge day for the good guys, it signifies the beginning of the end of the fucking pedo=elites, and, i hope in their minds they are looking right down the barrel of the rifle of the firing squad.

    They will double down and try thier typical bullshit buts its a lost cause after today. Still a ways to go nailing the fuckers proper, but just the idea somebody could be arrested and charged is an incredible event in itself.
    Ill bet when the arrests begin their whole organized crime organization and its shell institutions begins to collapse in a rolling cascade of total fail.
    Instant auto-delegitimization. Very dimilar the old Russian Soviet and its Nomenklatura, in hours it totally shit the bed. The globo=pedos arent a lot different in their style of one world order corruption organization, its only much larger than the Soviet, along with orders of magnitude more hienous and depraved. It might crash even harder.

    Say this to everyone. I was born in 1958. But between the time I was born and the day in Kindergarten when it was announced they kill JFK, the rest of my life has been lived under the shadow of these fucks and what they have done.
    I see first hand the riots in the 60’s, the stupidity of the anti war idiots of Vietnam, the shame and disgust of what the swamp did to those great folks in South Vietnam when even their ammo supply was stopped, the Vietnam boat lift, the “gas crunch” in the 70’s and what that did to us economically, the peanut farmer commie and his malaise, the personal character assasination of Nixon and the unbridled hate for Ronny Raygun same as for Trump, the late 70’s and early eightys you couldnt buy a job and living off $1.38 an hour minimum wage, at least a penny was good for something when you counted them, I could list shit until Christmas, but the point is thru my entire life now that im beginning to see how we been fucked with and fucked over, aside from a lifestime of payback I want to give and give hard, the prospect it is on the cusp of being destroyed, its still not sinking in all the way.
    Ill say this too, no more. even if by some crazy almost impossible miscalculation or rotten luck Mr Trump and Q fail, im done being a victim of these cocksuckers.
    Ive given this a good think for since the late 90’s, about how one man can do something, the peaceful choices i think ive done my part, never gave up even when the FBI and my government threw me under the bus when I was doing due dilligence as a citizen investigative journalist and an all around strident firebrand refusenik, theres a point in a mans life when he decides enough of this fucking crap, if MAGA is to fall back on my dirt person shoulders, our, shoulders, this is very important, its always been our duty and tesponsiblity to be vigilent, no excuses, not now and forever, ive figured out what comes next.
    Understand by me saying this unplugged, its my provenance, my proof of my bonifieds, im gonna start with the lowest hanging fruit, and work my way up till im dead or theres no targets remaining.
    Im not bitchin’ its been a good life wouldnt trade it for nothin’ mistakes warts and all, i might not have many years left in this old body, but im going out with my face towards the enemy in a pilevof hot brass and leave this mortal coil knowing I never bent my knee and with BFYTW on my lips.

    Its when you give it a good think the only way for a Freeman to go, fighting to the last.

    The Cabal surely is a collection of evil nobody has ever sen the likes of, in scale and scope. But you know who is the worst enemy of freedom and liberty?
    The ones who make the Cabal possible?
    The low hanging fruit is who.
    They are what you cal, Insedious. Like little Gollum’s, sneaking around in the fringes of the shadows, they are corrupt persons, corrupt in the heart, their evil is like thousands of pin pricks sticking liberty and properity and happiness, sticking it to death.
    Time to roll em’ up. Believe you me, want to see the dynamics in this country change? Think about what im saying here. Im not the only one giving it a good think either. Theres many subsets of The Legion.
    Saying hypothetically of course.
    The rules of Plausible Deniability are like tracers they work both ways.
    BFYTW is a fuckin’ cold vengeful bitch.

    Looks like Sidney Powell, God bless and protect her please, has presented the mother of all court cases. She promised The Kraken, no doubt she delivers it. From reactions of the enemy after recieving their copy of her case she is filing, the two oval office posers havent been see or heard from all day and the servent ranks of useful dupes are shitting their red diapers over whats in the filing.
    Whats that telling us…? Is that a fat lady warming up the ol vocal cords out there off in the distance?

    For some odd reason I cant get the vision of rats scurrying down ancor chains and ships burning in Boston Harbor, and crates of tea leaves floating around on the water out of my head, like a stuck record, keeps repeating.

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    • Sydney is going to unleash a new suit in Georgia sometime tonight or tomorrow that has the Demonrats shitting rings around themselves. What no one seems to be keeping in mind is that all she has to do is prove intentional vote fraud and vote rigging in one fucking state and the entire election is poisoned, giving the Trumpster an automatic win.
      The fact that all of these contested states are all tied together with this Dominion voting system just guarantees that.


      • i think ir correct because reading her Georgia complaint it looks to my pure novis eyes they have concentrated specifically on that as u point out. they are focusing on the most credible evidence showing how enough votes where fraudulently, and maybe more crucial criminally, put into the vote count to overcome Trumps lead, targeting enough vote fraud so that no matter what gets thrown our or is reason for auditing the election doesnt leave enough faux biden votes that he still wins.
        Like you say its a template for filing in any state that employed dominon and other vote fraud, onlybrequiring soecific tweeks to particulars in each individual state.

        this guy Anon-Con posted his usual savvy canny insights, last few days he’s posted some doozies.


        This is Trumps latest EO. I think they brought their A Game.


        This is amazing shit we are witnessing. By January the world will be unrecognizable to what it is right this minute.

        “Fundamentaly Transform America”?

        Like never in your fucking worst nightmare assholes.

        BFYTW is why.

        ps u can see how they are seriously wee wee’d up about Trump’s having a pen and a phone. Shadow pedo=joe POTUS is ranting from his bully pulpit like a deranged corrupt union boss, but mostly i think he’s trying to out scream the echos in the collectivists echo chamber.

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        • “Those that scream the loudest”…
          I have been highly entertained by watching those who have come out of the woodwork wanting to join his ill fated coup attempt.
          I am positive that Trump and his crew have a list much like Santa and that Naughty one is getting pretty long.


  5. I have been giving some thought to the worst-case scenario (a Biden win.)
    He is already picking cabinet members and so far all have been Ubangi
    deep state swamp rats. John “Lurch” Kerry is going to be his climate
    Czar so look forward to crushing regulations on the energy sector. One
    of the other picks is a guy connected to Hunter Biden and Burisma. He
    also stated that he would legalize every illegal alien in America, which
    would turn America into an instant one-party state. Alzheimer’s Joe
    is so addled at this point that Ubangi’s minions will be controlling him.

    He is also promising crushing taxes on magazines. Even if you bought
    them years or decades ago, they will be taxed retroactively. How could
    they do that without conducting in-house searches? On the campaign
    trail, Slow Joe promised to make the fake Mexican Beano O’Rourke his
    “gun Czar.” The wet dream wish list of the radical left will be implemented
    in short order. OACs Green New Deal will be imposed on America and
    Biden has promised to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords.

    One of the reasons for the COVID lockdowns was to obliterate small
    businesses in America. They want to keep their wealthy friends in
    control of Wall Street and major corporations because that is where
    they get their campaign donations, bribes, and kickbacks. This means
    that the socialist model they are pursuing is the Nazi model where crony
    capitalism rules the day. The idea behind Marxism was never about
    raising the poor, it was to make everyone poor except the ruling oligarchy.
    Hitler rejected the Marxist approach and went straight to a totalitarian
    police state.

    The left is now promising to punish Republican voters and Trump supporters.
    These are not just the words of Twatter kooks, Cameltoe Harris made a very
    similar statement. One high-level Bernie Sanders staffer said that we should
    be sent to reeducation camps or gulags. We all know what this leads to.
    To paraphrase Dennis Miller, the modern Democrat party is infected with
    a virus that would make the Andromeda Strain look like a quitter. Keep your
    iron cleaned and lubricated, things are going to get very bad in the near future
    if Biden is our next president!

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    • Hang tough brother.
      I just had a long phone conversation with my parents.
      Pop was really down over the fraud election too. This is what I told the old man. Trump loves this country. I truly believe that. He’s not going out and be a footnote in history. I think he’s letting the process work itself out and if it does great. But I think he’s planning for that if it doesn’t. I gotta believe he’s not going to walk away knowing he/we were robbed. I just don’t see him allowing it to stand. It may mean that he has to use the military to put this down and as scary as that is, I will support that. The thought of the commie criminals being in charge is a bigger nightmare in my opinion. I don’t know, I could be wrong about everything but, I don’t see him quitting on us. Hang tough brother.


      • Even if he has to leave the White House, I doubt he will retire
        to Florida and remain silent. He loves this country too much to
        see it destroyed by Marxist assholes. He will be a thorn in the sides
        of the Democrats. His movement will continue even if he has
        to start up a radio talk show and move to Parler and Rumble.
        It is not in his nature to quit without putting up a fight. Love her
        or hate her, Sarah Palin was the draw at McCain rallies. After
        he lost EVERY conservative and TEA Party candidate she
        endorsed in the next two election cycles won!

        He is not going to leave the political scene without doing something
        to fight these assholes.


    • How can you tax or confiscate something that doesn’t exist?
      Out of the hundreds of millions of guns out there, how many were bought before 1968?
      How many traded hands without any paperwork?
      How many billions of magazines are out there and not a single one has a serial number?
      Pipe dreams.
      Molon Labe motherfuckers.

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  6. All I have to say is that you blokes have more patience than I do. Also, it’s good that young Kyle isn’t rotting in gaol, guarding against a shiv paid for by the Lefties.


  7. Phil. Please put up a place to contribute money so you and wife and son can develop a redoubt. Your Californian followers will gladly contribute so we k ow there is a place in the sun y

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  8. Fuckitall.

    I’m going to cook turkey, candied yams, apple and pumpkin pies, cornbread dressing and just eat myself into a coma.

    Fuck this fallen world for one fucking day.

    My Godly communist ancestors (yeah, those puritan prigs were commies before commies were ‘cool’) would agree, one day to just step away from all the petty bullshit.


  9. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to all us dirt people and the fans here on these pages daily and especially to you Phil. Get that donate thing up. May God Bless all of you each and everyday. Remember he is in control, had to comprehend with all thats going on..

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  10. Como and Nuisance were bitch slapped by the USSJC late yesterday over their unconstitutional orders infringing on religious liberty. ‘Course Roberts sided with the minority progressive wing of the court. Who knew.

    Anyhow, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  11. The older I get; the more conservative I become. I for one will continue to believe in “American Ideals”. But right now, I’m getting very tired of all the blah, blah, blah from the suit and ties (Huckabee, Guiliani, Carlson). I’m also getting tired of all the faux patriotism from “Meal Team Six”; those guys that huff and puff about a shooting war…..fer Crists sake they can’t even waddle down to the corner of their block without getting winded.


  12. Well, I’m thankful for all my friends and acquaintances in meat space as well as cyber space. Y’all have a great Thanksgiving! I’m grilling steaks later on but am going to the club around 3 to celebrate with 200 or so folks that aren’t scared off by political edicts or their lackey enforcers. We did it on Independence Day as well. As long as we’re all outta there by 2300 we’ll be safe because the ‘Rona only appears after 2300 ya’ know…. LMAO


  13. Phil,Thanks for everything. I think we need a timber framer to build a set of gallows on a flatbed semi and start driving around congress and these rat bastard governors mansions as a little warning of whats coming. Once the screws start being applied the weasels will start scrambling for immunity,ratting out the true story. One can only hope. Allan


    • Thumbs up man!

      make public hangings great again. they should be public festivals. in no doubt you bring your children to watch. celebrations literally and figuratively of the idea of reprentative government and the inviolate sanctity of trust entrusted to those who swear to porotect our trust and interests and no other.
      this is building sustainablity and anti-fragile substance, grit and fortitude and the courage to look evil and its bloody truth straght in the eye with unbended knee and steadfast heart.
      Festivals of Justice and Rule of Law over corruption and rule of men.

      Nothing like the gunshot snap of neck-bones at the end of a sudden stop and a 13 not necktie to put a little perspective into our kids character.

      Go a long way to reversing the collectivists insidious damage the intelligentsia and their 5th column has sowed in our youth.

      Cough cough… “Build In Better”


  14. Just for shits & giggles, do this little exercise since you’ve got nothing bettah to do whilst digesting all that food you don’t need to eat.
    Think back to about 1776 and a few year leading up to it:
    Think about the events that lead up to the Declaration of Independence and the eventual implementation of of our present day Constitution:
    What were the politics and so called “rulers” attitudes like:
    What was the situation like with British regular and other (mercenary) troops living among the colonists, controlling and monitoring their every move, where they could go, who they could talk to groups being monitored.
    Read our Declaration of Independence
    Read our Constitution
    Learn both
    Pray to God for wisdom and guidance in Reclaiming our Republic
    God Bless all you!
    Long Live Our Republic

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