BREAKING NEWS, Trump Has Pardoned General Mike Flynn

He was the very first one The Deep State via the outgoing Obama administration went after with bogus charges to shut him up and shut him out of Trump’s administration.

This guy knows where the bodies are buried, has been under a gag order for years, has had a judge refuse to drop the charges even though the U.S. Attorney General recommended it and is now free to start putting the ass on the dirty motherfuckers who did him wrong.

Make no mistake, this is big.

BREAKING: Trump pardons former national security adviser Mike Flynn

Attorney General William Barr earlier this year asked a federal court to allow the Justice Department to drop the case.

resident Trump on Wednesday pardoned his former national security adviser Michael Flynn, bringing to end a tumultuous four-year criminal case that felled the three-star general before prosecutors reversed course and declared they had improperly pursued his case. 

Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general, had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about talking with a Russian diplomat during the 2016 Trump administration transition period.

Attorney General William Barr earlier this year asked a federal court in Washington, D.C., to allow the Justice Department to drop the case. However, the matter has since been tied up in legal proceedings. 

Trump informed the general and his lawyer Sidney Powell of the decision Wednesday afternoon, ahead of the Thanksgiving Day. 

19 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS, Trump Has Pardoned General Mike Flynn

  1. About Time! Now, unleash him P Trump and let him kick ass and take names and uncover those skeletons. Make him Attorney General! Pissed off and vengeful is the way to go now

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      • Rumor Snowden gets pardoned, nothing like a little Trump BFYTW master troll, and Trump is a man who never forgets a promise, Julian Assange, and thevremaing ranchers muh resistance is still holding and dieseling as political prisoners. That be a serious cherry on top and a choice mindfuck for the Cabal.

        Give Flynn the CIA, perfect man for cleaning out that nest of peeping=pervert=pedos then turning off the lights. Since Flynn is .mil, it be a shorter path to using UMJC against those rats and you can squeeze the fuck out of the cocksuckers like you cant in civilian constitutional jurisprudence. Waterboard the whole fucking lot of them just on principle.
        After all between all of us we know who has been running regime change op’s against President Trump, along with the red diaper baby traitors in The State (of commie collusion & corruption) Department. They are all collectively practically foriegn enemies using domestic cover. Drifted so far from being Americans they constitute a foriegn regime, and they ceryainly do not deserve America.
        They are itchin’ for a banana republic so much, give them the kind of justice that fits their crimes and treason, Guantinamo Bay. A nice long vacation at the crowbar hotel with a beautiful view of Castro’s cows outside the wire, with an all expences covered trip to Gallowsville and complimentary commemorational 13 knot neckties.
        US military justice doesnt accept stays of execution or appeals.
        Its only fitting, like the phsychopath vag in a Mao pants-suit said on 11-8-16 when finding out her Dominion “election insurace premium” didnt provide her the thrown of power, screamed “We are all gonna hang”.

        Let her rot in a 6 x 12, next door with their musloud allies, say ten years, before she walks the green mile, a good ripe time, she can think about us Basket of Deplorables having great happy lives free from her and her virous of hate and tyranny.

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        • No, no, not the green mile for her. Keep her in that cell for the rest of her natural days, locked up with Willie as a cell mate, and the survivor gets to live out the rest of their natural days with the corpse of the first one that goes. That’s justice.


    • Still would have 60+ days to do ‘something’ where Duh-ham and Wray have been farming zeroes. If, by the grace of the Almighty, DJT does pull this out, it needs to be a D-5 tornado thru the DNC and DS. Reap what they sowed….

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  2. Guess i see it differently.

    It gets 100% worse, muuuuuuch, for anybody and everybody…
    That had anything, to do with Trump and didn’t Publicly shit on him and reject him.
    And now…is too late.

    And I believe…
    we are about to experience, Literaly…The 3rd Term of Comrade Obama and his Duma.
    On Steroids.
    Crazy huh.


  3. Between this and the acting secretary of defense taking control of socom, fellas I think our president is getting ready to take down the deep state. He’s knows what will happen if he allows the fraud election to stand. I don’t think he’s going anywhere. It won’t be pretty and there will be blood but , he’s done playing with the commies.

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  4. Maybe we get to see who is on those 2400 sealed secret federal indictments?

    What a Thanksgiving gift Trump has given all of of us, theres a tin of positive developments and progress today. Guliani out did himself in the hearing in PA and the rest of the crew brought the house down in the PA legislature. When it was read outload how in just one single dump of 65,000 fraudulent votes, Trump only got 3,200 votes the rest to pedo=joe and kamel=toe, the standing room only crowd gasped then busted a gut laughing.
    The most powerful weapon ever devised right there, withdrawal of consent by comical disgust for the clown show. Honkler be proud.

    You smell that?
    Its the smell of BFYTW Bitchez.

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