12 thoughts on “Ya Think?

  1. Having programmed a few HUDs and/or digital dashboards, there is such a thing as TMI when you have to scan too many readouts in a reasonable amount of time. Lately, the analog display makers have been incorporating LED background lighting that can be programmed to go to yellow or red after a certain threshold, which puts less of a load on scanning the instrument panel. Yes, I’ve done some research on ergonomics for instrument panel design, sort of a hobby of mine which came into usefulness when I programmed the dashboard for the Commuter Car (www.commutercars.com)…


    • Egorr: Have you ever looked at the training for instrument flying? There’s a good deal of learning to scan and coordinate what you see, constantly asking “Is this gauge correct, or is it starting to go tits up?” IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) flying is the ultimate video game–nothing out the windows but white nothing–a panel full of gauges and radios–there’s no reset button, and it WILL kill you for your mistakes.


      • I remember a trick racers used to do was to twist the gauges in the dash if necessary so that all the needles pointed straight up when the engine was running at race speeds so that you could tell with just a glance that something was wrong if a needle wasn’t pointed straight up.

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      • And the hardest part is to stop listening to and believing your inner ear and ass and believing and acting on what those instruments are telling you. Ask John-John how that works out.


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