9 thoughts on “Who Just Yelled BINGO?!

  1. I heard that FEMA are setting up in Bumfuck Alaska, and need ‘attendants’ to settle down the ANTIFA harpies rounded up in the purges of (formerly) useful idiots. Of course, they’re in the camp’s left-wing! So to save you from any procrastination Deathray, I put your name down already, and Cederq’s too as a gyno-medic. After your experience keeping Sasquatch girls settled, you shouldn’t be too troubled with Lefty hippos, they’re all just dumb animals.


    • Every collectivist political movement since the French Revolution
      had one thing in common. When they got done killing all the
      royals, nobles, political enemies, etc. They turned on their own!
      Once you run out of enemies, you need to create more of them.
      In Eric Hoffer’s book The True Believer, he stated that all of
      these movements used something he called “focusing agents.”
      Hitler used the Jews, the communists needed the capitalists,
      and 1984 needed Goldstein.


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