6 thoughts on “Zoomie Lives!

  1. Oh, i finished off my first comment before I remembered this.

    I have a 1989 Taurus SHO, it has a sunroof. Before I developed my penny flinger, I used to toss out 3-4 pennies through the open sunroof, and the wind would blow back the pennies right into the front end/windshield of the idiot tailgating me. Only once did I get threatened, and simply showing my .357 gave the driver the hint they should give it up. It was a Beemer, BTW, and I’m sure it did a number on their windshield and paint job.

    You HAVE to be *close” to me to hit you! If you are more’n 15 feet away from me, I can’t reach you, no matter what I throw. The old 1/2*MGh, ya know.

    I’m seriously thinking of one that will launch 50 pennies all at once, just because. But I don’t get out much any more…


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