Trump tells GSA that Biden transition can begin

I’m still not counting Trump out.

The General Services Administration has informed President-elect Joe Biden and his team that the Trump administration is ready to begin the transition process.

GSA Administrator Emily Murphy sent a letter to Biden on Monday saying that Biden would have access to federal resources and services to facilitate a presidential transition, according to a copy obtained by The Hill.

Trump in two tweets wrote that he had asked Murphy to begin the transition, though he did not concede his loss to Biden and said he would keep fighting.

29 thoughts on “Trump tells GSA that Biden transition can begin

        • yeah there is certainly that, along with as is the God Emperors grace and virtue, he released the transition to take the heat off the Lady running the transition apparatus because she was facing an enourmous quantity of extortion, threats and doxxing against herself and children.

          I think there’s a far larger perspective to consider here.
          Personally my perspective has transformed from the trees to the forest. That, what is the larger scope, what are the penultimate causes behind these attempts to destroy America and by association us good folks whi are part and parcel of America.

          I have this unshakable gut sense the current events perpetrated against our franchise, essentially our overwhelming vote for the time honored traditions which are what really constitute what The Republic is and the pillars of our culture, involves a time sensitive driven need for the Cabal to go full retard, throw caution to the wind and take the before now the ultimate steps of overthrowing our system of governments at all levels. I suspect looking from an overall viewpoint, its first premature, they arent fully prepared to take these last penultimate actions of an election coup, ( everything the Cabal has done to undermine and subvert legitimate form of 245 years of will of the governed, these last four years, is all about fomenting one style of coup after another ).

          But I keep realizing glimpses of something much larger in scope in the scheme of events which goes something like this; the record of the 20th century with a phase line on both ends of the history of the 20th century, is an unmitigated bloody genocidal history of supremely homicidal wars for political purposes, that the century of the large nation states is an unmitigated disaster of meddling and social engineering in every facet of the spheres of the dirt peoples lives.
          But what is wrong under the hood, what is driving the Cabal is the institutional order of The State, the large predominate States, like what the so called deep state and its Euro globo=pedo faction, has created and operated most of the twentieth century is in the last dying stages. what we are seeing right now is a consequence of that failing institutional order, the last ditch attempts to salvage its economic and political power. It is desperation to remain relevent, at the least to salvage an illusion of legitimacy in doing so retain its hedgemony over the little people, the dirt people and our economic motive power to create wealth, because the bottom line in all this is always follow the money and you find out whats under the hood.

          The State, is trying to survive.
          Survive what? Right?
          Survive an awakening in consciousness of the dirt people where we are awakening to the evil and its handmaidens that is the Cabal.
          The proof of this insight is so obvious its hiding in plain sight.
          Everything we are seeing has one ultimate objective underlying its false front, the disenfrachiement, the primal natural will of Freemen and our preeminate soveriegnty where our consent and our withdrawal of our consent is the most powerful thing, weapon if you will, against these tyrants and their tyrannies. under everything it boils down to inhibiting, subverting, undermining, and ultimately destroying this God given natural rule of natural law we as the governed are and always king of the fucking mountain. Heres the thing, its about power, their power against our power, as in the dialectic all there is is power, things like freedom, liberty, self determination, the political and economic power of the Cabal and its henchmen, its all power, it is a conflict between the power of the Cabal and the dirt people. Us Deplorable’s hold and are the crux of legitimate power and the Cabal holds an illusion of legitimate power. As WS Lind points out, 4the Generation War is Warr of Legitimacy, so if my logic and grasp of history is even a tiniest bit accurate they are waging a war for supremecy over our primal natural Unalienable existance as born free humans, a war which has entered a stage they are not able to cope with in the time remaining to pull off their world dominating level dictatorship.
          Time is always a factor for the Cabal, more so now as it has reached the late stages of its march thru the institutions of freedom and ordered liberty, basically what constitutes the actionable parts of The Republic and its ideas. In otherwords the closer the Cabal gets to its ultimate goal the more intense the friction of 4th Generation war of legitimacy becomes, its almost an equation of diminishing return like a grind stone, the smaller it becomes as it wears down the lesser it grinds the tools and the more the grind stone waers away, till its this tiny wheel that hardly does any work.
          Part and parcel in this scenerio is the last ditch efforts no matter the costs is a hail mary pass to win this legitimacy war. Consequentially us dirt people become ever more effective in our natural all but unconscious resistance and defiance of the Cabal and its tyranny, simply and beautifully by withdrawing our consent in our thoughts minds and hearts.
          The Cabal can not force our coerce free people into consenting to them andvtheir agenda, because Consent is this very unique thing, certainly a part of us no less than our hearts and minds, because the foundational truth of us dirt people, that no matter the power to hurt the Cabal possesses, or its use of threat and use of violence to cause us To Obey their illusion of power over us in the form of writ of attainders, its use of arbitrary “laws”, our Consent is something which can only be given, not taken. Even threat of and actual use of death for us who refuse to consent, we still win, because even right up to the instant of being killed for our audacity and spirit, they have not made us consent to them and their ways.

          So what Im saying here is an awakening of withdrawal of our consent is as Trump says is Yuuuuge! Even if its discreet and hardly acknowledged verbily, our Consent is a shared Paradigm, a sea change in thinking, it is preference cascade. And nothing gets more grass roots, open source insugent defiance and resistance to tyranny than that.
          The cherry on top of this BFYTW sunday is we are people who are armed to the fucking teeth. The implications are self evident. Furthermore The Rifle is the center of our dirt people culture and history of our franchise as our will is the only legitimate power in our lives and our republican form of governance. We Are Not A Democracy.
          We collectively constitute whats legitimate and what is illegitimate, because it is only Our Will that determines what is so.

          This awakening or a really great name for it, The Zeitgeist, is reached a state that is undermining and tearing down the institutional order of globo=pedo. This election coupe is a desperate attempt to nullify the zeitgeist, stop the Pradigm in-thinking and withdrawal of our consent before what the Cabal and its sycophants think, is too late.
          It was too late by Nixon’s presidency. Too late when Ronny Raygun was elected by our will and power, and it is way to fucking late when we chose our Cabal murder weapon, The God Emperor Trump.
          Why can I claim such things are the truth of us dirt people? Because we did these things, chose these various Cabal murder weapons. See the Cabal made a monstrous strategic miscalculation when it order the execution of JFK. A reprehensible act which has never lost a gram of deep abiding suspision it was an inside job by the so called deep state to stop runaway prosperity and happiness, something so powerful that if it was not stopped at that stage it could never be stopped and 200 plus years of Fabian agenda to take over America by destroying it from the top down-inside out would be thrown in the tyrants dumpster of history.

          What these ruthless insects cant grok is that motive power can not be destroyed by an assasination, that audacity of us dirt people can not be nullified by rigging elections. The Tea Party wasnt undermined and destroyed, that incredible motive power of consent and will simply went to where it has always been, to its grass roots origins, and rise up again as the Deplorable’s, Hillary human trafficker was right about we the Deplorable’s, her criminal and predator political instincts screamed danger danger! The God Emperor is god emperor because us dirt people chose him to be si, its our motive power and our consent that made it so, and its our power as Free Choice Humans the Cabal has lost all power to manipulate and socially engineer, and we all did it naturally, on a collective scale no tyrant and his power can imagine nevermind hold. This is the purview of us dirt people, We, are always and the only ones who have and do effect positive change on Gods mortal coil.
          Look around, really scan the horizon 360 degrees, squint your eyes and scan, are there any others? I surely see nothing but a big fat fucking zero in that catagory. Its us and only up to us to change shit to gold, turn this cake made of shit with buttercream frosting the Cabal is serving up into the finest devils foid fudge cake you could have.

          The Cabal is scared shitless of us and our power, and having armed ourselves to the fucking teeth has them petrified of us and what we can do to them and their precious, their new world order.

          Best of all we have’nt had to waste any boolits on there sorry fucking asses. Yet.
          Personally Im jonesing to use my stockpile of freedom seeds on the fuckers, no netter target exists, no finer a satisfying repast than to ventalate these arrogant vile assholes, aint none in the annals of our two thousand year history and culture got whats owed them coming.

          Make shooting tyrants andctraitors great again.
          Because in America Fuck You is always achoice, because… BFYTW.

          Because there is no one else.

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          • I also think that the Deep State is panicked for time. No other reason for the blatant attempt to steal the vote.
            This is where they shit the bed though.
            Even with half the country blindly accepting the phony results and clamoring for everyone else to just accept them, there are more than enough of us who watched it in real time, saw exactly what they were doing and will never accept it.
            That would be us Dirt People.
            The Military also watched it in real time.
            This has yet to play out but either way I see blood.
            If they try to ram this usurper down our throats then this country and the rule of law is dead and buried. Then it’s Game On.
            I will refuse to be a law abiding citizen at that point because I will refuse to be a citizen of an illegitimate government.
            The Left is going to feel exactly the same way f Justice prevails. They are going to feel as though the election was stolen from them because they are low information
            zealots who live by Feelz instead of logic and facts.
            One way or another, half of this country is going to be fighting mad.
            In the mean time, the Cabal has over played their hand in a big way. The biggest way possible.
            The rest of the world is also watching and they see this attempt at election stealing too.
            To them, America is the last strong hold.
            As it should be to us also. There is nowhere else to go. This is it. Fight or die a slave to the Cabal at this point.
            I can’t speak for anyone else but I know in my heart there is a reason God put me here in this timeline and kept me alive despite my best efforts to kill myself throughout the 80’s.
            I wouldn’t want to disappoint him now.


            • You got a great way of stating truth and other good shit Phil.
              See it just like you say, all of what your saying Phil. Every bit.

              Young man recently asked me if Trump will win, said yes. He wanted to know why i thought so, like some cheese fell off my cracker. I laughed when he gave that gimlet hairy eyeball, it was that classic your an old dude, and a Yank.
              told him you got to have faith man, that good folks prevail when they perservere, said thats how this country was created and built son, and why everyone wants to tera it down and destroy it. because it was created to keep this crap going on from happening, exactly this fucking bullshit, dont you get it?
              the kid had the wtf look, asked him just why would 70 million people vote for DJT when the media and the political elites almost to everyone of them wants to destroy him, how could a guy who 70 million of our people we all know still vote for the guy? told him thats a question im asking you not a statement of facts.
              the boy looked confused. then asked what do you thinks going to happen?
              Son, its already happening, dont you get it? You could see the light go on in his brain i shit you not. he says, you know whats going to happen dont you, told him in no certain terms exactly way it goes down nobody knows, but ill tell you this, killin’ time is coming, lot of bad actors been gunning for it, mostly they need people like you and i to grab our rifles and start killin’ folks out of anger and fear, and thats their weapon, creating that kind of fear and anger where we go at eachother, because those bad people are experts at getting others to rip each-others throats out, and use such tribulation to their depraved advantage. Also told the boy they have greatly misjudged good folks like us and are in a pickle, times running out, and they have to make a whole bunch of things all at once happen, and killin’ time is a big one. At this point it dont matter long as peoples are killin’ each-other. stopped right there to gauge the young mans reaction, he didnt disapoint, he asked: like blm and antifa?
              Bingo Dude! Know you get it.
              He was thinking, you could see the gears turning and shit connecting in his head.
              asked him, Serious shit huh? To think this great place we live in right here all around you and me there’s fuckers running things in power and control who are so evil so deranged they are promising us they are coming for us because it is guys like us who they know we wont bend a knee to them and will give them the rule 308 good luck sign. come up on this ridge and either take your grandma away or kill her, shoot you and my ass dead in that ditch right there, all because we just want to be left alone, and mind our own business, just like your folks and clan have for a couple centuries in these mountains. so let me ask you a serious question, what do you think gonna happen, what will you do if shit gets that serious?
              The kid must been thinking straight because he didnt hesitate: “Shoot the everyone comes up here, like you told me, killin’ time is coming”.

              Q said it was going to happen, The Great Awakening that is. People are getting on the same wavelength. It brings people together because they share the same cause and concerns and then that creates a collective desire to effect good kind of change, Q said where one goes we all go, he is right about that, thats that Legion thing, something unifies folks, not like blm or antifa or the NPC hive collective, thats no unity in cause, its attraction to something that permits them to let their inner phsycopath out and jump on and go for a wide fuckin open hand gallop because they get it there’s a mob there who will protect them because if they all stick together being vile and auto-degenerates they get away with no responsibility for their actions, safety of the mob, safety of the herd instincts.

              But, you and I and shitloads of others, we are getting something else, that we hold incredible power in solidarity, power that doesnt trip our go full retard switch down in our almygadea, it causes good folks to be humbled by this power, this Grace of God really, faith springs forth and people in this plurality become manifest, that there for that grace of God I dare not go, but go we must if we are to not just fight but win, to effect the change we peacefully and frankly quite politely and kindly only asked for in protesting our government. Things guaranteed us by a grand contract, that if we honored the rules in the contract those representing us must also, its an agreement in kind used as the glue that holds our civilization together. From ripping its own guts out.
              The really important thing is regardless of what others do and do to us violating that contract, we choose to be prudent in our choices regarding that broke violated contract, in spite of that broken promise and oath, thats what really Makes America Great, everyone agreed to agree and stick to the agreement. It still makes it the best, and as you point out the only place, there is no place else to go, this is it, its the last stand, the line in the sand, and when this Legion we constitutes gets the ass on for our codes and contracts being violated there is nothing on Earth can stand us, we will grind the motherfuckers bones into dust, and yes, fertilize our good earth with their blood. Not salt, their blood.

              How do you tell a 18 year old kid whats in your old bones you know to be the gospel of liberty freedom and our culture, never mind natural born gift of unalienable rights?

              Only thing I can come up with is I hope that yoing man has faith in believing in something larger than himself, something better and right and good. Something worth fighting for.

              Theres a good chance he will, and millions are getting it, thats the Zeitgeist.
              It scares the Cabal to death and causes them to go to into overdrive to extreme lengths to stop the Zeitgeist before it can not be stopped, Because they are fuckin’ clowns running a clown car show and they really believe they are smarter than us, smarter than those old dead white guys who iwned slaves, who created a asswipe rag we call the Declaration of Independence.
              That old rag is new again whats once old is reborn, because time honored tradtions, its what the South sessceded for, to perserve Time. Honored. Tradition.
              Id say time honored tradtions and the codes part of them are the greatest threat to globo=pedo and the rest of them. Because good folks remain strong and have things like faith and prudence and use critical thinking to figure shit out rather than a brain full of total fucking bullshit fed them they cant see past to recognize the truth, our dont want to, choose not to.

              Lot of them are gooing to not live to regret those choices. Stupid you cant fix.
              Tough love
              Tough shit

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              • They should look up the word relentless and put it into the context of what is coming.
                The thing that I cackle about to myself is that some of these ass clowns think they can run and hide in places like New Zealand.
                Those fucking days are long gone.
                When the real hunt for these motherfuckers starts there will be no place they can run to that we can’t get to them one way or another unless they run into the loving arms of Xi in main land China. Even then they will live every day looking over their shoulder.
                The Chicoms may just decide that they can do without a few traitorous air wasters too.


                • Yes you cant hide and hole up someplace unless you go total meatspace in a rural shack with 59 acres of forest around you you control. Or is some broke down town ex industrial zone in a residential shack with black out shades going to the grocery store disguised as half a street person using only ones fives and tens to buy shit.
                  Prophetic Phil prophetic.
                  Talk about unintended consequences of unintended consequences.
                  After all they been selling the bullshit for decades “we are the world” and the earth as muh global village.
                  Actually NewZealand is a bad choice. its a NPC run global town where the top politicals arent much more in the political structure of say Nova Scotia or Valdez Alaska. Iagine they dint have all that much in the way of government security agencies, and the wide open vistas and exspances of NZ geographical landscape in a long range snipers wet dream, probably most of the coast is wide open for getting in undetected. To many its probably seems like its secure because of its general isolated location.
                  Always figured that whole flase flag computer game graphic “mosque” musloud killing spree was simply orchastrated to provide cover for the gun confescation scam they instantly ran and established. I mean they couldnt get much more obvious. Is it neccessary to say that was done because the Cabals made NZ one of their primary bugout locations, getting rid of all the civilian owned weapons is a prerequisite?

                  Another cogent point right there about Chicom rufuge. If shit gets hot enough where the fuckers need to run to the chinks chances are the jig is totally up and the Chicoms dont have any need or use of such once allies in their agenda of world dominion. And how fucking dumb do you have to be to understand the commie chinks dont have all that much once the globo=pedos are using them to launder billions and the west goes total no more cheap chinese junk imports without trade imbargo restrictions so we no longer have to suffer the crony/capitolist wealth and industrial base/tech/slave labor manufacturing transfer scam. The Norks will be in better economic situation.

                  No bout adoubt it. More than enough goid folks had enough. one way or another this war on is going to end and its us who end it.
                  Just for shits and giggles, imagine The God Emperor decides he is deputizing every able bodied Deplorable into the “Whole of The Militia” and then calls out a muster. As CINC the prez has every legitimate presidence to do it. Overnight there’d be over a million armed to the fucking teeth white and black raycists standing on the mall waiting for orders from The Chief. Bet you the muster be so quiet you could hear a pin drop echo of the Whashinton Monument.
                  Be even better if he was in the National Cathredal praying for divine guidence before he walked over to address the largest light infantry army on earth.

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  1. “With the U.S. presidential election currently being contested, it is hard to say how the next few months will play out in detail. As I have been pointing out since July, a contested election is the best possible scenario for the globalists because it creates a Catch-22 situation:

    A) If Trump stays in office, the political left will accuse him of usurping the presidency and there will be mass riots in the streets. Conservatives will be tempted with the idea of bringing in martial law to suppress rioters, and such measures will undermine the flow of the U.S. economy, causing its fragile structure to implode.

    B) If Biden enters the White House, then he will attempt a Level 4 lock down similar to the lock downs we have seen in Australia, France, Germany and the UK; perhaps even worse. Our economy will crumble, conservatives will revolt, and Biden will attempt martial law measures.

    Either way, the globalists get their crisis, and therein their opportunity”

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    • Yeah, but either way we get to shoot leftists and rioters, ya gotta look for the silver in the clouds.. we are going to be at war, we know it, you know it, they know it. If it makes my great and greater grandkids, nieces and nephews free then I know it will be an effort well spent. I know I am not going to have some great memorial or even a modest one, my hallow ground will likely be a filled in ditch.

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    • Their opportunity may just blow up in their faces. The entire world is awakening.
      America is the big prize but other places they think they have had in the bag may be the very ones that kick in the back door and murder the fucking bastards while they are concentrating on us.
      This is why they are under the gun time wise.
      They thought they could rule the entire world but their plans are coming apart at the seams.

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      • The minute the first of those globo=pedo fuckers start recieving BFYTW lead they will fold like a cheap suit.
        But what will really fuck with them is they are not capable of operating at the level of power and priviledge and comfort and security, isolated as they are from the dirt people, they are accustomed to receiving at a snap of their fingers. It is a very rarified environment only possible because of never having faced really pissed off men of the west coming for them with a bone in their teeth armed with the finest infantry combat rifles ever devised.
        That absolute luxury and lucre exists on a razors edge, only possible because we have been nice, good folks who honor the rulecof law, essentially that canon of what makes civilized society possible, which they have rigged so they deny us its protections, but run and hide behind when they get the tiniest mildest whiff of our wrath.
        The word hypocrites doesnt come close. Their contempt for us is their undoing. But they are so innurred by the scope of their priviledge they can not grasp the scope of our cold anger, and they will never get what BFYTW is until they no longer got no use for understanding what it is.
        A dish served best cold and sudden.

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      • I tell everyone not to focus on how ‘the great reset, communism 3.0’ will never work. Instead, focus upon avoiding becoming a victim of circumstance via all the pain, suffering, misery and death (genocide) they intend to inflict along the way.

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  2. Cederq, do you mean the royal family of Battenberg and Saxe-Coburg und Gotha, both of whom changed their family names in 1917 to Mountbatten and Windsor, respectively, to sound less Germanic to the plebs, that royal inbred family? I have no opinion on their intentions for the US, but think you should consider what the very real powers that reside in the City of London and Tel Aviv have planned for you.


  3. Cederq, I’m not a British subject, nor is any other Aussie. Long-term legal resident Pommies that leave here for overseas trips, without first arranging a re-entry permit are routinely deported upon return, as being foreigners without a valid visa. They include parents of Australian-born kids. If they’re too careless about paperwork, their ‘anchor kids’ are no such thing, irrespective of the parents’ origin, Britain viewed as a foreign country. That said, Elizabeth II is Queen of Australia, a titular figurehead of a constitutional monarchy. After providing much cannon fodder for them, and goodly parts of our economy too in both world wars, only to be abandoned by them when the Japs first smacked the cigar from Churchill’s face, Australia learnt a salient lesson about the British nation: they may be familiar though foreign, but are fair weather friends only.


  4. At this point it appears the Libtard dam has been overtopped. The PA legislature has the power to choose electors and after the hearing the other day, it appears they will, particularly after what the PA judge had to say about the absentee ballot scheme. MI legislature is going to hold hearings on the matter, and given what is being presented in Powell’s “Kraken” they’ll be taking over as well. A NV judge has said they will hear the evidence for vote fraud there, and AZ is making serious noises about their election as well. I think WI will get hit before long as well.

    In my opinion, Trump will be inaugurated Jan 20th.


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