7 thoughts on “They Are Just Decorative

  1. Too, too true to even be sarcasm.
    I just replaced the headlight assemblies on my wife’s Honda Civic. The damn plastic lens was so fogged the low beams could barely light the road in front of it. There’s no replacing just the plastic, it’s an integral assembly and even the attachment bolts were so hidden I hired the pro’s at a shop to do it for me. Their half hour of shop time would have taken me all day, even with Utoob assistance.


  2. I got the sarcasm instantly. A friend of mine referee’s races for SCCA at some of the local tracks and he has many tales about BMW drivers. He does say that they don’t seem to be afraid to swap a little paint.


  3. I got it as well, But it is NOT just BMW drivers that don’t use the signal it is a lot people especially the idiots who do not turn it on at a stop sign until they look in the mirror and see yours is blinking.


  4. FWIW my personal experience is that Lexus drivers, on average, are bigger pricks than BMW drivers. Volvos on the other hand, tend to be driven by the aggressively incompetent. “Because Volvos are so SAFE, you know.”


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