A Quick Tutorial On How Dominion Can Alter Your Vote Straight From The Horses Mouth

Watch this, copy it and spread it around if you can.

Here is your smoking gun.

If you haven’t heard of this scumbag Coomer, you will be in the future.

13 thoughts on “A Quick Tutorial On How Dominion Can Alter Your Vote Straight From The Horses Mouth

  1. Some teenage girl hacked into the Florida voting system remotely and showed
    how easy it was to fuck with the results. It took her about one minute!


  2. https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/06CARACAS2063_a.html

    Posted that just after noon (23rd) over on Diplomad’s site. Ordinarily I’d never post any link from there because of me getting ‘wikileaked’ myself some years ago (I’m a pre-Obama era recovering spook – originally got in trouble for not going along with the ’02 assessment of ‘WMD in Iraq’)

    But wtf. I’m pretty old (well; maybe not “pretty” but old enough to qualify for social security) and the kids’ve all got jobs and the few great grandkids I got I’m not worrying they’ll be starving to death so what the heck.


  3. No surprise here. The electronic ‘voting’ machines have been corrupt as long as there have been electronic voting machines.
    Someone took the saying ‘it’s not who votes, but who counts the votes that matter’ to heart…like there ever was any illusion your vote counted.


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  5. So, Dr. Coomer, why doesn’t your system flag the ballot before it ever gets this far? Where I vote, we put our ballots into a scanner before we leave. It tells you if your vote was counted unambiguously. It kicks out ballots that weren’t marked properly so they can tell the voter to go back and do it right. You could do that, Dr. Coomer. If your system did that, you would never need to have adjustments (what did he say, “adjudication”?). No need to automate cheating.


  6. Only way to have fair elections is:
    In person voting.
    ID and PROOF of citizenship REQUIRED.
    Absentee ballots only to verified out of Country and invalid voters only.
    Hand Count by all parties represented on ballot – all must agree.
    if it takes three fucking weeks and you can’t get an immediate outcome – tough shit – it takes three weeks..
    OH boo hoo, I can’t get an immediate result, I’m offended and my pussy hurts…… Deal with it you stupid snatch…
    More and more I’m seeing the liberal application of rule 308 in our future…. When us fucking deplorable dirt people have lost and had everything stolen out from under them. Well, WTF why not……. Whaddah ya gonna do – shave my head and send me to that college referred to as the USEA (V) – (University of South East Asia – Vietnam branch)


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