15 thoughts on “Great News John-O, I Founds Ya A Girlfriend!

  1. And now you’re going to be forever known as Cupid.
    You truly are a match maker Phil.
    You done good.

    John-O you need to say thanks.
    Your buddy hooked you up.


  2. Just to add a thought.

    “You know damn well some there are guys paying money to “hit” that”.
    You’re welcome.

    *Irish slowly closes his laptop and backs out of the room*


  3. Oh gosh, I am almost giddy with anticipation of giving John-0 a plate full of razing and shit sandwiches… Oh where to begin? I fully endorse Phil’s pick for you Aussie the John, she is kinda cute in her demented, fevered, self delusion of hotness and desirability. What, with your back assed version of the Queens’ English word salad, had you been here in Good “Ol USA would have been spending time in my Psych ward and then both of you could have found love, companionship and true soul partner Nirvana. As old and feeble as you are, those lips would have provided sustenance to your psyche. You can spend hours comparing tattoos, or better yet if you didn’t have any spend countless hours at the local parlor picking out mutual, matching tats that proclaim, your everlasting devotion and commitment to mental illness… You are a right lucky man John, I wish I was a half a man as you. Take one for the team.


  4. Good Golly, Miss Mollie, “IT” lives!!
    The *only* way that poor shelia could ever get hot is to pour gas on her ass and light it.

    I bet brushing her tooth takes 5 seconds…


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