9 thoughts on “Absolute Brilliance

  1. Somewhere in the South, I can tell by the trees and shrubs and that is more common then you think, saw a lot of single-wide moved by a large truck with out a wide load sign on it. Why pay $3000 when ya can $20 and tear the guts out of a blm uhaul… If they will rent to peaceful protestors, they can sure as hell rent to peaceful movers.

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  2. Photoshop. The wheels underneath indicate a single side, the MH will be too wide to haul over public roads and won’t do corners very well (if at all)! Judging by the relatively small squatting of the U-Haul, there’s no way that’s the Real Deal. Too little tongue load for what is supposedly being hauled!


    • No egorr, your Southern is not showing… I owned a 16’X80′ single wide when I lived outside of Troy, Alabama on 9 acres. It had 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. They are prevalent in the South. You have to get a special permit to move them, but it is common. My master bath was bigger then some living room I have owned. I had two commodes and a bidet with a shower for two and a sunken tub, you could live in that bathroom. So this photo is not photo shopped.


  3. We rented a U-Haul that size recently to move my son to his new apartment. I was very surprised by how much power that truck had and how well it handled. It could easily pull a single wide.


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