Already Earning It’s Keep

Damn I am wiped out.

First thing this morning The Wifely Unit springs on me that we need to clean up the yard.

I have been putting it off for a few reasons.

One, it’s been raining cats and dogs all week.

Two, the amount of leaves that have dropped and blown around is no small matter.

Three, it is way more than my sorry old ass can do by myself anymore.

Raking leaves kills my lower back.

So it’s on either way though cause Momma said.

First order of business is to inform The Kid that he is going to help.

Next up is a couple more phone calls. Got ahold of my boy and got him activated. Tried several times to get ahold of my nephew but apparently he was out getting hammered and chasing tail until the wee hours. He is related after all.

Never did hear from him but between me and the two boys we tore into it and went to town.

Wound up taking 3 full truck loads of leaves and yard debris up to the recycling place and this is load #4.

We basically ran out of daylight and the recycling place closed before I could get it up there.

This place is an absolute disaster area.

I could still get two more truckloads raked up easily. The shit is out in the street and in the neighbors yard too, on top of what is still in the back yard in one area.

The leaves are still wet and stick to the ground which makes them hard to rake up and they are EVERYWHERE.

I had the electric leaf blower going until I got to this evergreen shrub that had a half a truckload of leaves and shit trapped under it at ground level. It had grown and expanded so big that it was starting to hang into the driveway and had completely covered the paving stone walk way next to it.

After I got done going full on whack job on that sonofabitch there was enough of that laying around on the ground to completely fill the back of the truck all by its self.

The Wifely Unit says I cut too much of it off.

Ask me if I care.

The fucking thing was a huge trash and leaf collection point on top of choking off access from the sidewalk to the house. Any plastic wrapper within a quarter of a mile would get blown in underneath that thing and get stuck in it.

It took two batteries in the old Ryobi Sawzall but I whacked that bitch but good.

While I was busy with that the boys also got the gutters cleaned out which needed doing badly.

All three of us got pretty tuckered out and they started dropping out so I called it a day. I was damn grateful for the help though.

I’m already paying for my exertions.

I am going to sit here in this recliner and my lower back is going to lock up like concrete setting.

But it needed doing.

I am very grateful also to have that truck now.

I needed a work horse and it is already filling that need.


I guess I neglected to mention I got a free canopy from a guy at Cederq says he didn’t know about it.

I’ll have to get some pictures when it ain’t dark and foggy.

It needs work but the price was right.

24 thoughts on “Already Earning It’s Keep

  1. Sorry you had to work your skinny lil’ ass off, what, with having the beer flu and everythung… Gotta ask, where did ya get the camper shell? I don’t remember it being on there when ya bought the Truck?


    • It looks like a Gem Top, cuz’ the liner material is peeling off and they have those weird seams up at the top. I know I have a Gem Top on my Chevy.


      • Snagged it for free from a guy at work. It came off his old Dodge before he traded it in. I had to cut a lip off the inner edge on both sides to make it fit the side rails, the back glass is gone and he tore the shit out of the headliner moving it with his tractor bucket. But it don’t look too bad from the sides and as soon as I can get something to cover the back it will keep shit dry.


        • Chevies of our era have that tapered bed, is that why you had to cut the inner edge? My top is from a ’98 long bed and I have had it on since 2002 and except for a couple times have never had it off. One time was during Hurricane Katrina and a limb blew out and dinged the upper bed rail on the right side. Mine takes four men and two boys to pick up, damn heavy assed topper I tell ya.


          • It’s a “Raider”
            Gem Top clone if not an actual Gem Top.
            Yeah, it was about an inch too narrow where the lip bent down to sit inside the bed rails. The liner is shot and that back glass is going to be very expensive. I may get some Plexiglass for it. Just something to close the hole.
            The wife was pissed off that I put it on there. Asked me how I was going to haul anything with it on there.
            I asked WTF she thought needed hauling as it’s my damn truck.


  2. We spent several days doing the backyard. Didn’t have to dump it ourselves, as the guy we hired to trim our trees took all his trash, and the stuff we’d raked up.

    And he cut and stacked the apple and maple for me, too. I’ll drag that into a parts rack in the garage and let it dry out all summer. Makes killer firewood!


  3. At least you blokes don’t have women planting bougainvillea everywhere. Nice to look at, it’s modified leaves like colourful flowers, but those bastard thorns with their painful toxin await a poor sacrificial male trying to trim them back.


  4. I call my trimmer Frank, he is a yard clearer that lets me have a pensioner’s rate. You have to be careful not to miss any bougainvillea prunings, you’ll find those thorns barefoot years later, the poison still working. Women love planting the pretty crap everywhere, because they don’t have to worry about pruning it. At least it stops kids running around a yard, they generally learn quickly from a ripped face or thorn deep in a foot. Planted strategically, in a part of a yard where you can let it run riot, it is a good deterent to intruders, without being ugly.


    • Different climate here. We use pyrecantha (firethorn in English) for the same purpose. As a border shrub it’s easy to prune as long as stout leather gloves are used, and yes, it keeps kids, dogs, and hoodlums away.


  5. Best thing about snow, it hides a multitude of yard trash, sure it’ll be there next spring, but we could all be dead by then….


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