Thank God Someone Finally Came To Their Senses

Now it just needs to be legal to slap the taste out of the mouths of the frikkin’ parents who let ’em do it in the first place.

3 thoughts on “Thank God Someone Finally Came To Their Senses

  1. I don’t get asked to return to ‘family’ restaurants, dunno why. Some proud parents love to let their brats express themselves inside stores, and there is little louder than a 2-year old’s lungs, save for an air-raid siren. As a bonafide Cranky Old Fart, I object almost as loud. Sometimes this causes the 20-something father to stalk around the corner of the aisle and fix me with a glare, shop assistants ping-ponging their own anxious glances between us. The young studs usually try to save face with a deprecating headshake, rather than face a crazy old cripple. The shop girls just laugh at them, probably at me too.


  2. These kids were around 30 years ago and we knew it wouldn’t be good when they ‘grew up’. Well, they’re grown up now and filling media, education, and government with their shitty attitudes and lack of discipline.


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