11 thoughts on “Reliving The 70’s Are We?

  1. Look, just because I miss the 72 Ranger XLT with oversize mud tires on the back and regular tires on the front I drove when I was in high school in the 70’s doesn’t mean I’m stuck in the 70’s. Just because I had an under dash 8 track with door mounted Pioneer speakers and a tape of Jerry Jeff Walker’s “Collectibles” permanently playing doesn’t mean I’m stuck in the past. Not at all. Any high school these days would freak out if someone pulled into the parking lot with a Remington Nylon 66 on a back window gun rack. Just sayin. Speaking of which – is anybody still on the air on CB radio?


  2. Grew up in farm country.
    We all had Buck 110’s on our belts.
    Flannel shirts, blue jeans and work boots.
    Some type of shotgun and or hunting rifle in the rear window rack were not uncommon.
    Some even kept a revolver under the seat.
    Nobody was freaked out about that at all.

    Had a friend that worked nights for a super market and just days before we graduated brought a watermelon spiked with voka to school in a cooler with ice in his car trunk
    We were having some in the parking lot doing lunch break when the vice principal came around the corner and said he just loves water melon. He was a black man and we had all spent some time in his office on more than a few occasions.
    Now he knows that his issues with us being fine upstanding young men are coming to a close and a fresh batch will take over. He’s trying to be cool with us.
    We’re standing there holding our slice and he asks for one.
    I’m thinking that we’re all screwed and how am I’m going to explain to my parents that their boy won’t be on that stage after all. Well he cuts himself a chunk and bit into it.
    Think of that expression that Buckwheat used to make with the big eyes and that would be pretty close. He laid the rest down and said that was a good melon and walked away.

    I’ve for the most part lived a charmed life.🤔


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