I saw this over at Wirecutter’s place earlier today and watched it there. Then I switched it over to Youtube and watched it again. Then I watched an hour of Rudy, followed by Sydney Powell.

Then I fell asleep for a bit.

When I woke up, I went back and watched this again.

I did so because I think that this total smackdown of the Clown Car Media, right directly to their faces, should go down in history as one of the most important speeches of our lifetimes.

This should be right up there with Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and Paul Revere.

Watch it, listen to it carefully and think about what I just wrote.

She tears these cretins a new asshole.

Share it far and wide.

Her name is Jenna Ellis and you will be seeing her again, I guarantee it.

13 thoughts on “This

  1. She’s very, very sharp. And the barely contained rage in her voice is superb. Sydney Powell, as well, is livid (her very word). Rudy rambles and takes far too long to say what he has to say, but he too smacks down the rabid jackals of the presstitutes, especially in the Q&A at the end. The Kraken is being unleashed.


  2. rudy is laying out a rico case against them. he showing how planned this bullshit was.
    i think he on the right track to get the leaders behind this. i just hope so. otherwise
    they think they can do it again. thing is,with rico charges the time is a lot longer spent
    behind bars for the clowns. they all federal charges now.


  3. RE: Pursuit of a RICO case; all good and well, but:

    “Article III, Section 3. [1] Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

    “Adhering to” means “joining with.” If what we’re seeing extends to support of direct foreign involvement intended to subvert the Constitution of the United States then treason is involved. Should that be proved in this case, incarceration is inadequate punishment.


  4. Watching from England here.
    Brilliant young woman, she has a bright future ahead of her.
    Going to be a long haul but i have every confidence the faith you rightly put in Donald Trump in 2016 will be proved to have been wise when he prevails and locks out the corrupt, looking forward to President Trump for another 4 years, his work is not yet done.

    Confess we in the rest of the west have vested interests in Trump prevailing, he stands in the way of the globalists everywhere, he was right when he said they were coming for you/us and he was just in the way.

    Genuine people of Britain, you know the ones, those who get out of bed and go and work hard for a living, have great admiration for the President, and wish himself and all you genuine patriots nothing but the best.

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  5. BFFTW because f fox thats why. I watched 10minutes up to sidney powell taking the mic. Had to go outside. That was more fux than I have watched in years. Left those koksukers right before oreilly was punted. I just hope those staxxed courts do whats right.


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