The Duck Joke

I used to love Buddy Hackett.

He could be hysterically funny..

I found this clip of him on the Johnny Carson show telling a couple of jokes and thought I’d share it. Because it was television they had to be cleaned up. In real life, Buddy could make a guy roll on the floor with his more colorful renditions..

It’s still funny stuff though.

6 thoughts on “The Duck Joke

  1. Him, Jonathon Winters, Red Skelton, Laugh In. My two favorite Carson shows, Winters and Robin Williams on together and the one with pro golfers wife being asked what she does to give her husband good luck. She said, “I kiss his balls”. Johnnie, “I bet that makes his putter rise”. Look on her face was mic drop awesome.


    • Best Carson line ever,
      He had Raquel Welch as a guest and she brought her cat with her. She playfully asked Johnny if he would like to pet her pussy. He said sure, move your cat.


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