17 thoughts on “When You Really Need A Phillips Screw Driver

  1. I have several multi-tools, Leatherman and Gerber, and hardly ever use them. They’re a backup option when needed. Even the good ones pinch my hands in aggravating ways.
    On the other hand, I’ve carried a Swiss Army Knife since I was in high school a half century ago, and I make use of it nearly every day. The phillips screwdriver is there; I’ve always bragged that the corkscrew has never ripped out of a wine cork. The little scissors I thought was a joke until I tried it–it’s razor sharp and works great. Never cared for the monster versions, mine is medium-small and fits in my keys pocket without hassle. The only times I’ve not carried it are those extremely rare occasions of getting through TSA to fly. In my former job, working with state of the art medical instrumentation, I’ve always loved the irony of digging into troubleshooting a million dollar machine with a Swiss Army Knife.
    And BTW Phil, how about an update on your heater core project? We tool geeks are curious.

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  2. It is a mild late spring day in north Queensland, 30C/90F with a gentle breeze, pretty girls swanning about not wearing much of anything at all. I wouldn’t muck about with a heater core either Phil, only use them one or two chilly nights a year, have to look for them then!


  3. It hasn’t got a thing to extract boy scouts out of horses hooves that I can see … failed at the first hurdle.

    Joking aside, it looks like a masterpiece. If you wanted to join a Guild in olden times in Europe or Britain, you would have to serve an apprenticeship under a guild member and then make a “Master Piece” that would demonstrate ALL the skills you had learned and mastered. It would be examined by the guild to see if your workmanship was up to scratch and if so you would be admitted as a guild member.

    Most masterpieces were hideous and not meant to be practical but did incorporate every technique under the sun, just like that one.


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