Sidney Powell Laying The Groundwork To Stop The Steal

This is another great interview you should watch.

She is laying it out for everyone, has very damaging sworn testimonials and will be filing even more suits.

It’s as plain as the nose on your face, this election was set up to be stolen from the get go.

Now to go after the bastards who planned that and the ones who did the leg work too.

H/T to my buddy Leonard for sending me the link.

9 thoughts on “Sidney Powell Laying The Groundwork To Stop The Steal

  1. I fervently pray that Sidney (and others!) are being well protected from those who would kill her – AND all those that are coming forward with testimony!!


    • They were threatened publicly and privately by an appalling left. When is Trump going to declare a damn insurrection?
      This is total bs, a puppet show, with weak rinos betraying us at every turn. I am staying professional for now, as there’s no way this doesn’t go to Supreme Court. Wayne officials refused to sign it still and demanded they’ll only do so when there’s been an full audit. But they need protection by our President. That said, the treasonous actions can’t go unpunished, if not by the military then it will/must come from the people.


  2. All witnesses, from what I know, signed affidavits, which are sworn statements admissible in court. If a witness is injured, or terrorized, the evidence becomes more compelling.

    I have a feeling the most in danger are those involved, known to be upset about their part, and now targeted by those unwilling to face charges.


  3. Trump’s chances live or die in the courts. So far he’s not doing well there. Multiple judges have either dismissed lawsuits outright or issued rulings favorable to the left. Not surprising considering the VAST majority of Federal judges are owned body and soul by the left.


    • There state courts, no big deal as we knew that’s how they’d go as they’re known to be corrupt. This is the process to get to Supreme Court, which is looking great on that front as they’re ignoring Alitos order, which is illegal, they are all simply trying, and failing, to stay out of prison themselves. The more corrupt they act, the bigger our WIN! WE GOT THIS, THEY’RE DEAD IN THE SWAMP WATER:)


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