Laughing Because It’s True

The Wifely Unit does the Christmas shopping, otherwise everyone would get a big bag of new shop rags and she knows it.

Hey, they come in handy all the time!

5 thoughts on “Laughing Because It’s True

    • I understand you have been naughty Dirty Dingus McGee, I have recommended to Phil is send you a box of used dirty shop rags… just be careful of the ones with naptha, acetone and grease, as these are likely to combust under the tree…


  1. Hey I’ll go for the shop rags. One of the few good things about Harbor Fright. That and the el cheapo leather gloves–they wear holes in minutes, but for less than two bucks a pair, I toss ’em and grab a new pair.


    • I used to wait until HF had the shop rags on sale and snag a couple packs.
      The last time I bought some I went to Amazon and bought 250 of the fuckers at one time.
      Cost me 40 bucks but it was totally worth it.
      I don’t even bother washing them anymore.
      Way too much hassle at that price.
      I tried the disposable wipes before I made that last purchase and in the long run buying shop rags in bulk is cheaper and you can reuse them if you want to fuck with washing them.
      Those wipes get spendy for what you actually get out of them for your money.


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