6 thoughts on “I Live For That Shit And Thanks For Understanding

  1. The usual weather pattern in the SoCal area is 5-7 years of dry and 1-2 of
    wet. I can see people forgetting how to drive in the rain with the La Ninia
    El Nino cycles. Driving back from a job in the Inland Empire, I must
    have counted 30 wrecks in as many miles after the first rain hit. If you
    go to Wyoming or Minnesocold, the people there know how to drive
    in the snow and ice. Unless your house is buried in 10 feet of snow,
    you go to work and your kids go to school. We are becoming a pussified

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    • Most of the people driving in the winter here are totally retarded. The further you get from the Twin Shitties, the less retarded, but it still takes a special kind of stupid to buy a $60K rig with 4WD and go 70 MPH on 3 inches of slush in low visibility.

      You want some winter drivers, go to the UP. The only ones that come close here are the Iron Rangers.


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