Acting defense secretary orders top special ops civilian to report directly to him

Acting SECDEF Announces OSD Changes at Fort Bragg, NC

NOV. 18, 2020

Ezra Cohen-Watnick

Acting Secretary Of Defense Christopher C. Miller; Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Acting Under Secretary Of Defense For Intelligence And Security

ANNOUNCER: Good morning, acting Secretary Miller and distinguished guests. We are gathered today for a signing ceremony to implement the reforms outlined in Section 922 of the fiscal year 2017 National Defense Authorization Act.

For nearly four years, the Department of Defense has planned and prepared to implement this important legislation. It not only strengthens the role of the assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict as a senior civilian for special operations within the department, but it also reinforces the partnership with the commander of the United States Special Operations Command.

Ladies and gentlemen, we will have opening remarks from the acting undersecretary of defense for intelligence and security, Mr. Ezra Cohen.


Mr. Secretary, on behalf of the men and women of U.S. Special Operations, especially Army Special Operations, welcome home. We are honored that you have returned to your roots on this historic day on hallowed ground.

Today, the Department of Defense has started the process of formalizing what we have long known – the fundamental role of U.S. Special Operations in defense and foreign policy by elevating Special Operations forces to a level on par with military departments as authorized and directed by Congress.

As we enact these reforms, we follow the vision of President John F. Kennedy, who predicted the rise of Special Operations nearly 60 years ago. He foresaw, quote, “another type of war, new in its intensity, ancient in its origin, that would require a whole new kind of strategy, a wholly different kind of force, forces which are too unconventional to be called conventional forces, which are growing in number and importance and significance.”

President Kennedy gave these remarks at the opening of the nuclear age, when the Pentagon was primarily organized to plan and direct large conventional operations against superpowers, not special operations short of overt declared conflict. The global demand for Special Operations forces then and now has confirmed President Kennedy’s foresight. And now, under the leadership of President Trump, we are fully realizing President Kennedy’s prescient view of Special Operations forces.

It is fitting that we are again entering an era of great power competition as we gather to affir affirm the importance of special the Special Operations community. Then, as now, I know Special Operations forces will play a vital role, and by the historic reforms we have enacted today, we will ensure Special Operations forces has a civilian advocate commensurate to the secretaries of the other military departments. I am honored to serve as your service secretary. Thank you very much.

20 thoughts on “Acting defense secretary orders top special ops civilian to report directly to him

    • I don’t know. Not sure how to interpret that entirely.
      Let’s say that the fraud election gets reversed and the Revcom start on a larger scale than what we’ve seen. Could you see them being used, and what are your thoughts?

      Let’s say Kamel toe is running the show and through Zar Beto we have turn in your toys. Some do , some don’t. Now they’re used for the deplorables.

      Remembering that oath you took, who’s in the wrong?

      I’m sticking with my oath either way.
      I don’t see this problem being solved peacefully no matter how I run it through my mind.


      • Agree, the Oath I took several times in my life doesn’t have an expiration or sunset clause in it, something these left members of congress, bureaucrats, leos, and military should remember. If not, we will remind them is my fervent wish and goal.


  1. Is it me, or are the Armed Forces thrashing around??

    This does not bode well. I just came back from dinner with a Spec Ops guy and he wasn’t exactly impressed…


  2. I’m not sure how to take this either, I’m hoping, in my gut, and praying in my heart this is a strategic move WITH President Trump. I would like to think this wraps back to his EO, I mean our military hates the left, don’t they? And they’d never make a move against one of the greatest presidents this country has known. I back Trump with my life, and I’m never letting some pedo brained china white or mattress stained Kamel near my/our WHITE HOUSE! Someone tell me this is going to get real, and we’re taking down the cabal, finally. As I’m never going back to the way it was before, not above earth anyway.


      • Its a huge fuck you to the spooks. For years they’ve treated SOCOM as their own personal, private branch. Here’s an interesting tidbit: spec ops isn’t answerable to their component, only SOCOM. Translated: MarSoc doesn’t answer to the Marines, SEALs don’t answer to the Navy and so on. By having SOCOM answer to the SecDef, that could minimize the external influence of the cloak and dagger set.


  3. The chess pieces are moving, but we can’t tell who’s hand is moving them.

    By the way, who currently has possession of the election-related file servers that were supposedly seized by US military at some location in Europe?

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  4. This puts SOCOM under the direct control of the (any) President, bypassing the military chain of command. We now have our own Praetorian Guard.


  5. Phil- these people can play musical chairs all they want. At the end of the day, these “deep state” subhumans are gonna’ resort to nukes. Literally. What the hell else they got to loose?


    • “resort to nukes”
      You may be right. After all, the deepest of the Deep State types are narcissists.

      But careful with the “subhuman” remark. That’s Hate Speech (TM), you know. If you or I say it, that is. It’s fine for Deep State types to call US subhuman (we exist only to serve them) but not the other way around, seeing as they are real human beings. We are just Deplorable animals in the shape of human beings.

      “Why are Deplorables needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. The Deep State will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why Deplorables exist.”

      As to nuking your own, or even random innocents, this is not a new idea. Because there is no such thing as an “innocent”. If you do not serve Deep State then you oppose Deep State. “You are an enemy for failing to love us enough.”

      Q.v. “Samson Option”


  6. Chris Miller was one of the guys who held off the hordes of ragheads in Benghazi. He’s the real deal. And unless he’s got some major skeletons the left can blackmail him with he is NOT going to be one of their favorites.


  7. Congress actually ordered this to happen a few years ago (I think it was 2017) in a defense appropriation bill. The usual suspects just decided to drag their feet on actually doing it.


  8. Interesting… it’ll also cut off the Army of Northern Virginia or whatever they’re calling the CIA’s ‘private army’ these days… the ANV as we called ’em back in the day were ‘sheep dipped’ Army/Navy/Marine SOCOM guys who got ‘recruited’ and then went deep deep DEEP undercover and/or ‘died’ on training missions. Guys like Johnny Spann and the like…CIA’s Special Activities Division. Special Operations Group, the CIA’s Private Army of “contractors” This’s gonna cut CIA out of the loop on that is my bet, as well as any ‘other’ shit they like to pull or have been pulling Think ‘Opium/Heroin Smuggling out of Affy’… thats the -real- reason we went after the Taliban… they had cut the CIA’s main moneymaker

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