Well Looky Here, Someone Wants Joe Biden After All

That would be the Ukrainians, who just issued a Felony Arrest Warrant on his ass.


18 thoughts on “Well Looky Here, Someone Wants Joe Biden After All

  1. Phil, given that corrupt/Democrat prosecutors may refuse to charge organised criminals with election fraud, and corrupt/Democrat judges can throw such cases out anyway, how confident are you that the real baddies will face justice, in this life? I’ve heard of recent arrests under Texas state law, but that is all.


  2. I mirror egorr, hiding biding has a slim chance. I hope they also nail the sumbitch kerry in their probe, I bet Trump would love to put them on a plane and have them do a low altitude, low open chute drop… and if there is enough to scrape up for Ukrainian Authorities to prosecute. I like how teh Reporter referred to the bidet biden as “Candidate biden.”


  3. O/T Phil, Alaska just imposed a $25,000 fine for coming into the state without a 14 day quarantine or a negative test within 48 hrs before arriving and Oregon and New Mexico juts about total lock down of their states. I bet we are shooting before Christmas… a new song will be Santa bring me a new second AR 15 for Christmas.


  4. Welcome to another exciting episode of As The Stomach Turns. I would feel
    better if Ukraine had actually filed an arrest warrant but I’ll take whatever
    I can get. Close to sixty percent of the American people believe that election
    fraud occurred. The best the GOP can do is limit the damage that Chlymadia
    Harris can do in two years, by winning those two runoff elections in Georgia.
    These people are driven by pent up anger because Felonia von Pantsuit
    lost in 2016. The moment they have the White House look forward to
    seeing a flurry of executive orders that will put the COVID Nazi governors
    to shame. Every wet dream item on their wish will be implemented by
    royal decree.

    The left will (as they always do) overplay their hand and that will piss off
    the vast majority of the American electorate in 2022. If they steal the
    2022 election, it is time to grab the third box!

    Enough politics. Its time for some humor:


  5. I’m surprised at you Phil. Considering how you consistently call what you see in MSM as fake news, then you believe this crap without doing any fact-checking? You are better than this Phil. One America News Network is about as credible a news source as the old Rusain Pravda was.

    As for this piece of trash, the reality is that the investigation was brought about by a disgruntled prosecutor and has been tossed out.*

    * https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/ukraine-police-closes-biden-probe-initiated-ousted-prosecutor-n1247320

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        • TROLL ALERT! The Mueller investigation was a flop. If anything
          it exonerated President Trump. Disgruntled prosecutor my ass!
          Joe Biden was caught bragging about blackmailing the president
          of Ukraine on video. Fire the prosecutor before I leave the country
          or you will lose a one billion dollar loan in order to save his cokehead
          son from prosecution. Hunter had an $83,000 dollar a month for
          a do-nothing job with Bursima, an energy company in Ukraine!

          Liberal minds are a terrible thing to waste.


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