14 thoughts on “Rookie

  1. Yeah, and are they accurate and calibrated to each other? You can have 100 of them and if they ain’t at least calibrated to each other, you might as well have 10 Howler monkeys building your house or projects.


  2. I am at the age when my kids are slowly depleting my cache of useful things such as tape measures, and other sundries…..very annoying and I am getting a bit defensive when they are around…..Go buy your own!!!!


  3. Duplicate tools are NOT excess. I have tool boxes in several places, my main tool shop, the garage, each rig, the garden shed. And anyone who has a BOB (bugout bag) needs a bugout toolbox too. When I’m mowing the lawn and want a pliers or wrench, there’s one close at hand instead of running to the shop every time.
    As for calibration of a measuring tape, here’s an old carpenters word: DO NOT let the retracting tape snap on the case!!! Catch it with your finger under the tape. Snapping it will stretch the holes of the rivets at the end of the tape, and every next measurement is off.

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  4. 5 years ago I bought 2 cases of tape measures for the shop. Seemed like there was never one where you needed it and with 2 dozen of them floating around it solved that problem for a long time. One by the band saw, one by the welder, one by the hose machine, one by the shipping table, one in every tool box….

    Just used the last one in October actually. Probably need to order another case to keep the good thing going.

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    • I’m like Egorr below.
      I snag the Free Harbor Freight tape measures every chance I get. Even with six of them floating around, sometimes I still have to go dig one up.
      I’m hoping to cure that issue when I finally get this massive drawer set project done.
      There is enough room in one drawer for fifty of ’em.
      The drawer set its self is big enough if that I just walk by and set one down on it passing by the I will be able to spot it from across the garage.


      • I have enough OCD I buy the best tapes I can find and I do not loan ’em because I am a selfish bastard that has had to many tools mishandled and or lost or never came back.


  5. Amateurs is right. Go get some disk magnets and epoxy or screw them about eyeball height on all the walls near stuff that would need a measuring device. When you are done using the friggin’ tape measure put it back on the magnet. This works for pliers and screwdrivers too.


    Be careful around metal cutting implements that leave little shards as the tape will become magnetized. For those areas use a small pocket screwed to the wall.


  6. I have a 25′ tape measure and a 6″ pocket scale calibrated in cunt hairs
    on one side. They are great conversation starters with women!


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