Lists Work Both Ways

Here was their 4 A.M. Talking Point the other day.

Like the good little minions they are, they all fell right into line like a bunch of ants following a sugar trail.

I really don’t know who they think they are kidding, this is quite literally going to be a fight to the death and they can take their phony bullshit and stuff it right up their asses.

It was a complete waste of time, ink and paper.

Since they can’t even take a hint when we tell them right to their faces just how stupid they are I guess at this point we can just slide them right on over into the When Opportunity Knocks file and deal with them when there is a need for some entertainment.

What’s that?


Um, yeah, Professional Propagandists targeting all Americans on American soil, you are lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut you dirty sonsabitches. There is absolutely no journalism involved here at this point.

It’s all psyop 24/7.

That puts you squarely in enemy territory bitches.

Aiding and Abetting Insurrection and covering for the biggest vote fraud in the history of this country and doing it KNOWINGLY.

Your bad.

Thems very serious crimes against all Americans.

Don’t think for one second you are some kind of speshul.

That is very much a big part of the problem.

You do.

In actuality you are all dime a dozen talking bobble heads.

Completely interchangeable as we have already seen.

Trust me when I say none of you will be jetting off to some Super Secret Bunker when the flag drops.

That alone should tell you where you are at on the food chain.

23 thoughts on “Lists Work Both Ways

  1. It might be worthwhile wearing your old steel-capped work boots when dealing with presstitutes, you don’t want to have to clean off any shit from gear you need to use for your honest work. Don’t go having any guilt over what must be done for sake of your family and country. You just want to live your life, but they truly despise you and want you dead, too bad.

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  2. Been saying for years that the media people would be the first ones IF and when. Oh yea.

    Plus if they’re going to heal shouldn’t they be put in the hospital first?

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  3. F*&k Them. After the bull crap they put this President through for the last 5 years….they can completely and totally KISS MY A$$.

    Although, I will say this in all seriousness….I will take a bullet for Biden cause Kamala Harris scares the living s*&t out of me.

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  4. I literally don’t bother with the MSM anymore. I can’t boycott them anymore than I already am. If you want to kick these morons in the groin as well as the ass, close your accounts on Twitter, Facebook and possibly OyTube. Gab, Parler and Rumble are good places to set up shop for people that value your first and second amendment rights…

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  5. The use of propaganda on American citizens was legalized in 2012 by … wait for it … Obuttface. That overturned a long standing law that did just the opposite. But hey, the government is benign and wouldn’t set out to deliberately mislead anyone.

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  6. A big BFYTW to all Libtards/Marxists.Communists everywhere. We’re coming for ya. If not the first three boxes, the fourth is always available, However, the Fourth Box is one of those “use ONLY in case of emergency” kind of last resorts if Legal Recourse doesn’t work properly.

    We won’t fire any warning shots, either – not with the cost of ammo lately!


  7. They don’t want to heal shit, they want us dirt people to be punished! This
    a common campaign. We’re going to heal the nation is used in every
    election with Republican meanies like Ike, Nixon, Reagan, W, and Trump.
    Ubangi promised to heal America’s racial divide and how did that work
    out? A Klansman could not have done a better job stirring up racism
    than he did.


  8. 40 years ago I thought there was a similarity in news headlines, I thought it was because there were only 3 or 4 news organizations like AP or UPT for the papers to choose from. Now I see I was far too generous to those lying, treasonous scumbags.


  9. Well, “they” are safe; since any violence will target “hard” targets like military bases, police stations, FBI offices etc. After all, the accepted rules of war prohibit targeting “soft” targets such as TV stations, political party offices, the people down the street with the lawn full of political signs……oh, that’s right, those rules were changed under Clinton and her husband in Texas and the former Yugoslavia.


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