Inslee Frog Stomps Our Freedoms Again

It’s really getting to be a bad joke around here anymore.

Get a load of this bullshit.

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee announces new restrictions amid ‘third wave’ of COVID-19 cases

Starting Monday at 11:59 p.m. local time, indoor social gatherings with people from outside the household are prohibited unless the guests have quarantined for 14 days or they have quarantined for seven days and received a negative test result 48 hours before the event.

Outdoor gatherings should have fewer than five people from outside the household, Washington state officials said.

Indoor dining at restaurants and bars will stop but outdoor dining and takeout remains unchanged. Gyms, movie theaters, bowling alleys and museums are closed, and weddings and funeral receptions are prohibited. Ceremonies are limited to 30 people.

Indoor retail is limited to 25% capacity and religious services are limited to 25% capacity or 200 people, whichever number is less. Choir performances are prohibited.

The measures will be in effect until Dec. 14.

So according to this fucking clown, if I wanted to go see my Mom or brother, I would need to quarantine myself for 14 days first or 7 days and go pay to get tested, praying the whole time that it didn’t turn out to be a false positive.


Lemme tell you something here Jay Jay,

Go Fuck Yourself.

Here’s also a little something you might want to get used to hearing a lot more here in the near future.

I Will Not Comply.

Fucking jackass.

53 thoughts on “Inslee Frog Stomps Our Freedoms Again

      • War is bad for business. When WWII started FDR turned a blind
        eye to the Mafia. They were policing the East Coast ports. After
        9-11 W did the same. He had the coyotes ratting out rag-heads
        at our Southern border and had moderate Middle Eastern countries
        and giving us access to Seatrain containers. If you take a poll of
        outlaw biker gangs, they will fight and die to protect their freedoms.

        Even the inner city Homeys are beginning to understand this:


        • War IS business. At least for some people. Word has it that Dick “Halliburton” Cheney is firmly in the Biden camp. Those fuckers smell profit in a Biden regime.

          US deaths in the shithole of The Levant is a feature, not a bug. Eternal war in the Middle East means profits for the Halliburtons of the world, and also causes the average American to take sides in the eternal conflict between (admittedly fairly shitheaded) Arabs and Our Greatest Ally. After all, not every ally spies on you and proudly admits it. And damned few allies launch a coordinated multiphase attack, including bombing, strafing AND napalming one of your warships. Truly Our Greatest Ally.


  1. I wonder how many will comply with this bullshit. I know the ones who drive with a mask will.

    Honestly, what is really depressing is why there aren’t thousands of people marching past these governors offices and homes flying the finger while giving an audio aid through powered megaphones.

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    • Do not worry, the last time the left threw a temper tantrum in
      America it ended quickly. KGB front groups were pouring
      money into the anti-Vietnam War groups in the sixties and
      early seventies. Blow Job Billy got a wad of cash after he
      “vacationed” in the Soviet Union in early 1970. He was
      suddenly elevated to the head of the Vietnam war Moritoriam.
      It was never about peace. It was about spoiled white college
      brats who were trying to avoid the draft. Richard Nixon threw
      them a curveball. The year before Nixon abolished the draft
      and instituted the all-volunteer military there were 300
      major anti-war protests. The following year there were zero!

      The way I see this playing out is like the October Revolution
      in Russia. The Tsar was seen as a tyrant and when his
      army was ordered to shoot civilians, they turned their
      guns around. The left is a tiny minority in our armed
      forces today and they have an aversion to fighting their
      own battles. They revolutionized black street gangs
      like the Black Panthers to serve as their vanguard
      AKA cannon fodder.

      If the shit does hit the fan, we do not need the 90 to
      100 million gun owners or private militia groups. 90
      percent of the military forces in America who swore
      an oath to uphold and defend the constitution will
      come into play. Just before I typed this post, I copied
      this video:

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      • That was good Leonard, when I was in we knew who in the officer, NCO, Enlisted ranks that we were gonna have to frag if things went sideways…


        • I cannot agree with you more. I never served not because I was
          I was afraid, I just did not like the idea of a regimented lifestyle.
          No force in this universe can stop me from loving the boys in
          blue and our armed forces. If I end up a KIA in this war, I will
          consider my life well spent!

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      • Agree. As well, those on the left actually capable of participating in some ‘civil war’ are few, especially when you consider the number of punks who are on the street because they’re being paid.


        • Agreed as well! The moment bullets start flying in their direction
          these unemployable liberal arts majors will run back to their
          parents basement and pull the blankets over their heads.


  2. Are any of the mandates in any of the state’s legal
    I don’t understand how a governor has the legal authority to create mandates that care the weight of law


    • Generally they have been granted by previous legislation that gives them extraordinary powers to deal with emergencies. They are using the Plandemic as an emergency and pushing the limits of their powers well past the red line. Some have been slapped down by their respective Supreme Courts, others like where I live do not have that luxury as the Supreme Court in this state has been stacked with their kind.


  3. Rebels, Cederq? You can be egorr’s number two, gun bearer and loader, an honorable role. I’m sure he’ll appreciate you helping finish off any he may have just nicked, in between spotting the shots for the old bloke.


  4. I hadn’t noticed the significance of the expiration date of Goobermeister Inslee’s decree until someone else pointed it out. Dec. 14th.
    The same day the Electoral College meets.
    Now it’s Double Fuck You Jay Jay.


    • Yup. Fuck Inssolini. That asshole had better pray that someone doesn’t take a little look at the election numbers in Washington state considering they used Dominion and Inssolini never bothered to campaign. I don’t know one guy who voted for him or Grampa Rapey Fingers.


  5. Gee! What happens on Dec 14th that makes it safe to get together again. Could it be that the 14th is when the president elect is officially decided???


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