Let’s Get Ya Up To Speed Here

Take the ten minutes and listen to this attorney explain this National Emergency Executive Order Trump created back in September of 2018, six months after the Mid Terms, to address Vote Fraud and what it means in relation to this absolute clusterfuck of a stolen election we have going on right now.

It is informative and it will put you way ahead of most people in understanding what it means going from here.

28 thoughts on “Let’s Get Ya Up To Speed Here

  1. Hmmm, she needs to have my baby… I don’t know who is she is, or the veracity of what she said. Compelling, but she still is a lawyer, Like Reagan, trust but verify. I’ll have another whiskey barkeep.

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  2. If you have to go to war, fellas – you want Karen on your side. I’m in love with Trump’s press secretary. When She starts crapping on those shit head “journalists”… I hear heavenly music and angelic choirs.

    I’d like to see something meaningful like arrests and maybe a few necks getting stretched. Hey! All the best to you Yanks and your president in the days ahead. Take care of each other…👍


  3. I don’t know… I want to be optimistic but I keep hearing good things and seeing nothing positive.

    Meanwhile, I see a reported rumor that the Durham is shutting down his investigation because it affects too many Biden people.
    I see lawyers like this lady, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood talking about how they’re going to overthrow everything. And not one thing happening.

    After all, in Philly, they got a court order to allow observers in to watch the ballot counting, came to the election supervisor with the court order and she said, “fuck you all” and continued to lock out Republican observers. The police refused to enforce the court’s ruling.

    So what good do court orders do?

    There’s a line from Josef Stalin after WWII where someone told him to consider the position of the Pope in his post-war plans. Stalin said, “how many divisions does this “Pope” have?” It’s getting to be like that. The court makes rules, but they better have an army to enforce it.


    • if you dont care graybeard, allow me to give you a bit of advice in return for years of you giving me excellent advice and your insights on your excellent science blog.
      dont let the intentual malicious pernopticon of lies and misdirection those sources of doom and resistance is futile are intended to plant the seeds if doubt everything is lost, get the best of you. thats called taking council from your fears. you and i can not win we all cant win if we loose our nerve, the power of our courage and our convictions.

      it is time, if we are to survive, if we are to defeat this enemy and what it has arrayed against us, we all must stand up and say No.
      No I Won’t!
      Mind your own business!
      To refuse to comply, but even more valuable, to say it loud and clear so we all know we are in this as one, in solidarity, we are legion yes, but far better we become Legion.
      This is winning. it is the path to winning.
      The truth of this is right in our faces. if it where not the truth, why our enemy would not need to do things which destroy our moral, dash our hopes, fuck with our codes and faith.
      No. they must do this because we scare the shit out of the sonsofabitches, they know us well, they are predators, it is as predators they obtained the ability to do so against our protests against our will against our franchise, and this election coup is nothing if it ain’t first a mind job to defeat us by making us give up before we even fight back together against them. it is the exact timeless tactic of the strategy of divide and conquer no self respecting tyrant fails to employ.
      the truth of that is exposed in the revelation that the tyrant dicktator of the bannana republic of Venezuala Chavez is complicit in the scheme to alter our franchise with the intent to create a false narrative we are not goid folks who are in solidarity enough to not win against an utterly corrupt treasonous pedo insect piece of human feces in the puppet proxy form of joe biden. name something more demoralizing and depressing an example of resistance is futile mind job osy-op than this? that if you loose faith and let yourself get sucked into this con they have won.
      even if ones intentions are good and seeming reasonable to spread ones sense and believe in resistance is futile their psy-op has done what it is intended to do; pick us off piecemeal, ine at a time, and before we know it we look around and there is nobody resisting and fighting around you.

      its the analogy of the Goose, plucking it naked one feather at a time till the Goose looks back and sees its got no feathers.
      its totalitariainisms main strategy, use fear and hate and envy as a weapon, make all you can victims of all or any of these rotten human natures, stoke them till they are red hot, and throw gasoline on the coals of hate and fear, then all who survive the tribulation, who defy, resist, stand strong and fearless against the storm, stand out like sore thimbs and can be deafeated in detail because they essentially stand alone and unable to defend themselves.
      its the reason the purepise of the ideological farce called marxism.
      its a mind fuck.
      it was created by a bunch of particularly vile autodegenerates, an economic, political, and cultural weapon weapon designed for the sole purpise of genocide of America. Of you and I.

      BFYTW it will. Not if you and I and all of us stick together.
      Not if I have a breath left in me, a drop of blood left running thru my body. Nor you. Nor all of us.


  4. Uhh, maybe watch out for this chick. Other articles I’ve read recently list her as a Scientology lawyer, and while that doesn’t mean she couldn’t be a source of correct information, the only thing more controlling than the Deep State I’ve ever noticed is Scientology. I’d be wary of a possible agenda. Trust but verify indeed.


    • looks like we got a gaslight troll. are you?
      your comment reeks, its cunning in its disguised deafeatism.
      How did you come up with that comment that stains this Lady’s simple honest recitation of something that exists in truth and reality? I have read President Trump’s EO 3 times, she spoke honestly. it stands to reason if you did yourself, unless your motives are ulterior, you would not impeach her honesty. and conflating her with a cult, thats just nasty, an act of casting doubt and veracity on President Trump and by connection all of us who believe in Mr Trump and his llve for our Republic and us good folks who believe.
      is it because you let fear sway you?
      its a question im really asking you here. because theres something disingenious about your words. they stink.
      if you arent gaslighting us, my apologies for questioning your honor, and no harm done because honesty dont need apologies.
      But, if you are, wittle concern troll, run back to your master, and tell it, your days are almost up.


      • Nope, not trolling. Just don’t want to be suckered more than I have been already in this life by not being careful. I did say it might be all straight and above board, and I’ll be delighted if it is. Maybe the internet is getting to me…


    • look at it this way. in plain terms these people are slippery fucks, they have gamed our system of rule of law for probably from the time the ink was still wet on The USC. they operate a dark secret conspiracy within our systems of government thru the use of plausible deniability, they are pro’s at it. The swamp runs off plausible deniability, pedo=joe is where he is, his crime gamily has survived because they use plausible deniability as a shield to protect themselves, its a mask, a weapon. look up the definition of PD, its fascinating, very difficult to prove its use in corruption and treason, very difficult.
      Rudy Guliani is a genious, he created the RICO statutes to systematicaly prove beyond any doubt when criminals employ PD.
      Basically they way the cabal uses Plausible Deniability is they hide behind the protections they deny us. They use the tiny loopholes of the rule of law, more important they subvert the “color” of rule of law, to their advantage, specifically they know the technicalities that get them off from being cought and convicted of breaking the law.

      Whats so difficult about catching these assholes is you can not miss one tiniest detail, or they squeak thru the opening left by not holding them to everything.
      What the job is to get them and make them pay, justice, is you have to cross every T dot every i, and it takes lots and lots of people, tons of money, and it takes time, lots of time, to get it right and lock them down on every technicality, or they escape, and you have to start from scratch again to get them. but whats the hardest part is to first catch them, connect them to the crime, and plausible deniability hudes that direct connection.
      Add in a complicit yellow media and political hacks who cover for them by adding further levels of PD, its that much more difficult to even develop charges of crimes which can hold them so you can try them, to begin with.
      What Trump’s EO does is leave no loopholes, removes plausible deniability from them, it leaves them naked, like you or I if we get a speeding ticket going by a cop following us clocking our speed. There is no plausibly honest and lawful denying we went 150 thru a school zone in our Formula 1 race car. we got no loophole in the law about speeding.

      another great feature of Trump’s EO is like the RICO Statutes, it soells out in no uncertain terms that all any and every plausible deniability that can be used in commission of the crimes sedition and treason, and the complicity, conspiracy, enabling, abetting, joining and association in any and all connection to the crimes listed, can not use plausible deniability to shiekd themselves for what they have done.

      what Trump’s EO is is a trap created exactly to catch them all, no exceptions, there are no ways out, no way to say you are innocent or didnt know, its also “ignorance is not a defence” clause on crank.

      the best thing is it makes these bums incriminate themselves, because they walk right into the trap eyes wide shut, it prives beyond doubt purely by commission they did what they did.
      it is the Acme of employing the rule of law and the color of law without any flaws they can use to escape justice. but whats even mote beautiful about the symetry of Trump’s Executive Order is it can be used now, tommorrow, next week, any time he wants to apply it.
      its got a lot of simularities to military law, where you dont get charged with a crime, you face a trail, a tribunal where you are judged only fir if you didnt commit the crime, your already guilty by default, you only have to prove you arent guilty. The EO is the indictment and journal of everything you did. it predeposes if you are innocent of any crime or treason you are innocent because the EO can inly work on a crime or treason you commited.
      it sounds counter inutitive, but its actually fits every idea and concept of rule of law. and Executive Orders are a higher level of rule of law, whats called Black Letter Law, law that is impeccable, it is 100% proven to be unimpeachable, it can not be questioned like at the Supreme Court because justices and others certified it and see it as law they cant question.
      i’m no lawyer, but I am an American, and this stuff is oart of our Republic’s fabric, its frame, and I have made it a piint to understand these obscure things so I can better be an American and fight for whats right.
      so i may get some things wrong, but the central idea, the premis of intent and workings are close enough. As Ive come to understand things, i think you never stop learning this stuff, its really cool and the incredible genious and foresight of the founders is profound, incredible.
      Trump’s EO proves something else, that the more pressure, the greater the assault and threat our Republic faces, the stronger and more effective its built in protections seem to work.
      so, if you consider that as possible, we, our Republic, because after all Our Republic is us, we the people, our will is the only legitimate power within it, we have never faced a more dire straights, and it sure looks to me the fat lady is not only not singing, she ain’t even in the building warming up.


  5. Phil, really appreciate you! Appreciate you for posting this information. Appreciate you for the courage you possess to publish this information. Appreciate you for the inherent risks to you and your loved ones in doing so.
    I hope you appreciate me and all of us here on your fine and hilariously intertaining blog for being in solidarity in our beliefs and faith in who we are our way of life and our culture, most of all for our faith and belief in our great Republic.
    I have faith we prevail in the end because I have faith that we will prevail, and it takes each of us before it is all of us, and that it is a new day as this lady points out, as we become cognizant that we are rediscovering that we are not going to any longer let the other guy fight and die for our liberty.
    If there is one thing I have learned from you Phil, from your tribe here, within myself also, we are people who are legion. And thats appreciation of a very special kind as we become a plurality of people who together will not be denied and appreciate this truth and its profound meanings. This is possible because we stand for our country, for our leader and President Mr. Trump, for what we believe in and how this is greater than only ourselves individually, this is actualization, it is the cascade of perseption “where one goes we all go”.

    So thanks Man! Appreciate you. I got a lot out of watching the video.
    Lets Win!

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    • You damn right I appreciate you!
      I appreciate everyone else who comes by here and contributes too.
      If there is nothing else you get from coming here, know that it shows that we are not alone, we are wide awake and we are all Patriots.


  6. Well, boys & girls, that was enlightening. Which brings to mind the famous words of Mr. Winston Churchill, “Never, Ever Give Up”.
    And Thanks Phil, I appreciate you and your site.
    Long Live Our Republic.


  7. With corruption this serious that runs so deep, it is just not going to get aired out quickly. I have no doubt that the President and his closest advisors were watching in real time, when the machines were flipping votes. And that there were a lot of smiles in the room at the time. Because knowing Trump, he didn’t just want to win the election,he wanted to destroy the liberal machine. He would settle for nothing less than to prove, after 4 years of back stabbing and main stream media collusion, that the left were engaged the entire time in a scheme to cheat and rob him of a second term.
    And you just have to know that Trump is not a dummy. The way that he made a fortune, while many on the left call it ruthless, is basically the way that all successful major businessmen do it. Do you think that George Soros is a ” nice guy?” Donald Trump has used the law, such as the bankruptcy courts, to his own gain. That is why the laws are written, for people to use them. And if after the bankruptcy is final, there is no money for the lowest contractor, that is the fault of the court and the way the law is written. Trump has given more people jobs than probably anyone else in government, at one time or another.
    Trump doesn’t seem to do anything without a reason, be it midnight tweets, made to make leftists angry, and get reported on the next days news, or appoint Betsy DeVos as education secretary, knowing that it will drive the liberal Teacher’s Unions batshit crazy. The Democrats complained when he nominated Amy Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the bench,saying that it should be left for the next president. In fact,had the wonderful RBG retired during the last couple of years of the Obama presidency, Obama could have easily have replaced her. But the old bat wanted to remain in the spotlight, and so ended up having her granddaughter coming up with some BS story that it was the wonderful justices last wish that no one replace her until after the inauguration of the new president. Sorry,sleepy head, but you do not get the option to dictate how your former job gets filled.
    With everything that I have been able to find that has to do with the election, and the evidence that the Trump White House has, if they do things in the right way, Biden will be a laughingstock, and the left will be both embarrassed and running for cover. Oh, plus the civilians on the left will seek war with the people on the right, who will be waiting patiently. I have no plan on going to them, but if they come to me, as the movie says, There Will Be Blood.


  8. Phil, thanks for this. I pray that this is a honest information post, if President Trump actually signed this it gives me hope which has been in short supply.
    Phil, how you can live in that fucking Portland is beyond me, i wanna kill every one of those antifa fucks, dig them up and then kill them again.


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