7 thoughts on “‘At’s A Knoife

    • My first professional tool was a Forshner 10″ French knife. At
      17, I was a full-time restaurant cook. Forschner was assimilated
      by Victorinox (the maker of Swiss Army knives). I liked the brand
      because it was thinner and lighter than a Dexter. From day one,
      I kept my own tools and would break the hand of anyone who
      tried to borrow it. As a mechanic and Millwright, I rarely used
      shop tools.


  1. Ha! Seen this before. When Spain controlled most of S. America, the gauchos (cowboys) in Argentina (and what then became Uruguay in 1830) were forbidden to own swords. Swords were only for the Armed forces of the crown. Knives no problem.
    Ergo!: The “facon” was created, a knife with scabbard, about 12 to 20 inches long, and EVERY self respecting gaucho had one in his belt, diagonal across his ass or to the side if riding. With a good scabbard, those things were wicked sharp.
    Every so often, even in the 1950’s and 60’s one would read about a “knife fight” taking place among drunks. Nasty results if you were not quick,

    They are still in use, have a smaller one (12 inch or so) in silver scabbard from my time in the area.

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  2. He’s having an ostrich for Thanksgiving to feed his extended family so needs a decent sized carving knife. That, and serving Granny a slice of meat on the tip at the far end of the table.


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