We do that shit on purpose honey, get a clue.

Remember that the next time you need me to go put gas in your car fifteen minutes after you just got back from shopping.

14 thoughts on “Yes?

    • Dawn Dishwashing liquid.

      You can:
      Wash dishes in the sink (don’t put it in the dishwasher.)

      Wash pets (non-toxic) Sud up the pet and let it sit for 10 minutes and fleas and other external parasites will die and be easy to wash out.

      Wash floors (use a little, not a lot, else you’ll slip on your ass.)

      Wash your car, if you don’t already do this, you’re darned lazy.

      Wash your body. A dollop on a washcloth and scrub away.

      Wash your head, works especially well on oily or greasy hair and skin.

      Wash your other hairy place… just don’t get it in the pee-hole as it will burn a bit.

      Wash your clothes (about a 1/4 to 1/2 cup replaces laundry soap and is non-allergenic (and yes, it removes some serious funk even in cold water. Trust me on this, works on my martial arts gear after wearing it for 8 hours in hot weather and grinding the stuff in the dirt and sweat and slime and blood and…)(and I don’t use any other fabric soap, it’s better on delicates than Woolite. Just don’t use it on actual wool as it will strip out the natural lanolins.)

      Wash your house (using a pressure sprayer)

      You can even wash your hair in the pool using it, as it won’t hurt the pool and will help settle floating solids.

      Put it on poison ivy to dry up the oils. Like straight on dollop and let it sit and dry up.

      Soak an infected finger, hand or foot in hot water and Dawn to draw out the poisons (as good or better than Epsom salts.)

      As to Tupperware, if your plastic storage food tubs are greasy and won’t come ungreasy easy after washing, just put some Dawn undiluted on your kitchen sponge and wipe the grease and wipe. Grease will come out. Works on most of a tomato stain, too.

      Greasy hands from working on machinery? Yeah, you could try GoJo, or get one of those 3m scrubby sponges and go after the grease with Dawn.

      So, yes, there is a pert-near universal soap out there…

      If it’s good enough for penguins and seals, it’s good enough for you.

      Get one of those big jugs from Sams or Costco and it is cheaper and lasts longer than buying body soap, laundry soap, floor soap, hair shampoo, pet shampoo, car shampoo…


      • I love the stuff, use it for just about 3/4 of the reasons you stated.
        The wife does the laundry so I don’t have a say in that.


  1. I rarely take any notice whatsoever of MSM, but heard a positive report on ABC (Aussie Leftie statists) Regional radio news this morning (Sun 08.00) about yesterdays Peoples’ March in Washington D.C. Truly rare for them to report anything vaguely like the truth, but they said that Trump had hundreds of thousands of people peacefully protesting the Democrat Party’s attempt to fraudulently steal your election.


    • Credible reports of over 1 million, maybe as high as 1.25 to 1.5 million pro-Trump marchers, who didn’t leave a mess behind them and only a few got violent defending themselves against violent leftists.


  2. Cool, Beans. It’s good to hear something going right for conservative people. Don’t know that I personally would have given the baddies such an easy target to strike, but I’m happy that things went well. That would have sent a powerful message to the dark side.


  3. “Remember that the next time you need me to go put gas in your car fifteen minutes after you just got back from shopping.”

    Tell me about it – ‘She-who-must-not-be-argued-with’ does that all the time. Works next to a gas station, and lament her car needs gas, or the ‘low tire pressure’ light comes on, or even call me coming home from work to stop at the store for stuff – she even works in a grocery store!


  4. Who the hell has that much space in the damn fridge that they can do that? I just bought another freezer for the half a steer I bought. Must be cidiots.


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