Why You Can’t Believe Your Own Lying Eyes Anymore

Technology has rocketed forward past old dinosaurs like me and this GIF is a perfect example of what I am talking about. Notice just how quickly whoever is cropping this picture can put anything he wants, anywhere he wants.

Do you think for one second that the main propaganda pushers aren’t doing this to us and calling it news?

Crowd size manipulation cross your mind at all?

Putting people in places they weren’t really at to push a narrative?

The sky is the limit, they can create a false reality with a few keystrokes.

10 thoughts on “Why You Can’t Believe Your Own Lying Eyes Anymore

  1. Really, ever since Photoshop came out, this was possible. Photoshop leaves tracks, though, and through forensic analysis you can see where the changes are made.
    Dunno what the latest software is capable of, though.


    • egorr, I believe you point out the main reason why its carefully used in brain washing digital agitprop. As you say, they haven’t found a way to hide the digital evidence. Yet. Lets hope they never can.

      Nothing like the genuine article though. The old ways are the best ways. Like The Truth, it has no agenda.
      Here’s a piece of genuine digital media. They really can’t stop the message.
      Sidney Powell to Lou Dobb’s with a bone in her teeth:

      “I’m Releasing The Kraken!”



    • When the god-king Obama was caught with his clodhoppers
      on the Resolute Desk, his digital ass kissers began altering
      images of Ford, Nixon, W, and a few others with their feet
      on the desk. I figured out an easy way to detect Photoshop
      jobs. Any unaltered digital photo will have a common pixel
      count where it is sampled. What they all do is resize the
      cut and paste insertions. Use a flatscreen monitor and
      a pocket scale. Then, blow up an image in the background
      until you can count the pixels per inch. After that sample the
      area you think was inserted.

      If they are off by even one pixel, it was photoshopped. I
      did the same for that forged high school yearbook that
      cost a Republican a Senate seat. There were 4 insertions
      of text and not one matched each other or the background
      sample. Sometimes old school techniques will do the
      job. Also, look for artifacts at the transitions. They
      never think that fuzziness at the edges of the paste
      will be caught something most people can see with the
      naked eye.


  2. Does anyone remember those pictures of Stalin and some officers near a river, and then one officer disappears? That was done with plain old light, film and what was called burning and dodging in the darkroom.

    This shit goes way, way back. It’s just easier now, so more people can do it, and on an industrial scale.

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    • I’m old enough to remember the OJ Simpson trial. When he was asked about some picture as evidence, he replied: “I saw a picture of me and Mark Fuhrman playing golf together!”
      What is much, much harder (though not impossible) to fake is live video. The amusing part is that once posted on the internet, it’s near impossible to delete–somebody will archive it somewhere to work around any attempts at censorship.


  3. I imagine everyone knows but they can do all of this with video now too. In fact they could make a video of DJT raping a 3 yr old and use his own voice and it would look completely real.

    Put “Deep Fake Video” into your favorite search engine.

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