5 thoughts on “I’d Name It Kamala

    • Yeah Man!
      It’s always best to hide the evidence when you fuck your way to the top of the cabal’s list of most favored treason whore.
      Wondering how much envy does She Who They Thought Could Ever Lose for kameltoe, for not taking the blow job for play express lane herself to the offal office? She certainly had no lack of example of Kameltoes technique for 8 years.


  1. That bitch knows how to blow. If Trump’s election challenges fail we will
    have a socialist slut in the White House six months into Biden’s first term.
    If Ubangi and Felonia von Pantsuit along with the corrupt Democrat
    party establishment were going to be pulling Biden’s puppet strings,
    you can bet Chlymedia “Knee Pads” Harris will be their puppet too!


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