28 thoughts on “Umm, Jimmy? About That Sign In The Dining Area….

      • You dad was a bubble head. I know one and he is a little off. No wonder you were a hot head in those younger years Dad was on deployment. I still love you Phil and keep doin what yer doin


      • The Navy gets the gravy and the army gets the beans. This
        shit on a shingle thread caused me to look up some recipes
        for hamburger gravy. The Betty Crocker recipe will be my
        choice. It sounds more like the shit my mom used to make.
        The others I tried were too heavy on the sauces.

        PS You can add stock market manipulation to the voter fraud.
        I was logging the numbers three months before election
        day. The closer to the election, the more the DJIA and other
        markets dropped. All of the losses were driven by tech
        giants. You know, the people who are trying to silence us.
        The moment it looked like Alzheimer’s Joe was going to
        win, the markets soared. That might make Gates, Bezos,
        Suckerdick and others happy but the Small small investors
        and their 401k plans are going to get FUCKED!


    • The only thing I miss about moving from the South Bay area
      of Los Angeles to Burnt Scrotum in the High Desert is the
      local restaurant I left behind. They served a mean creamed
      chipped beef over home fries breakfast plate!


      • What I miss about leaving the South Alabama was true grits, and fried bologna inch and half thick a with chipped beef over sourdough biscuits… a breakfast for men!


  1. I think the term horse cock came from the dreadful mixed meat hotdogs.
    It is basically the same thing as bologna but shaped like a dick. It is
    like the Weenie Tots in Married: With Children. Contains, lips beaks
    assholes, meat by-products, etc. I ate so much of this shit when I
    was a kid if I were starving, I would never eat Spam, bologna, mixed
    meat hotdogs. No hotdog will touch my grill except Nathan’s pure
    beef weiners!


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