2020 Just Gets Better And Better

I fucking swear.

The Kid tested positive for The Rona.

I was informed of this via text message by my oldest daughter.

Who lives in Portland.

While I was at work.

I had to call The Wifely Unit to have her confirm it.

So then I immediately had to go tell my boss, who told me I had to go home, per company policy, because now everybody in my house has been exposed to it.

Not to mention all the guys I work with now.

I just got off the phone with him, he had to call HR and find out what they wanted to do.

And now I am off work until at least the day before Thanksgiving.

Since the DMV is right on the way home, I swung into the Drive Through and got the title transferred and new plates for the truck. Since the tags on it had expired clear back in 2017 I thought that might be a smart thing to do.


The receipt I had the guy fill out was for $1500.

That is exactly 1/4 of the stated purchase price.

Theiving motherfuckers.

It’s little wonder why I hate those sonsabitches with a raging fury.

I am not a Happy Camper right at the moment in case anyone was unsure.

65 thoughts on “2020 Just Gets Better And Better

      • I dunno, maybe because it was the right thing to do?
        Why would I want to endanger the livelyhoods of my co workers?
        Some of these guys are my friends too.
        Not to mention what if I wound up spreading a full blown case of The Rona through a multi million dollar a year company that would cause it to stop operating completely?


        • I think you wanted two weeks off to rest up your tired skinny ass… and to replace the heater core and flush an fill and work on your darling Sprite.


        • You’re buying into the propaganda. The only threat to anyone’s livelihood is the shutdowns. Rona is nothing more than a bad chest cold. 1,000,000 cases in Texas (the first), only 4,000+/- actual deaths caused by the Rona. 996,000 successful recoveries.


          • And of the 4000 they were most likely mobidly obese, diabetic, cardiac and or pulmonary patients with comprised breathing and immune systems with an average age of 87. Nobody want to see anybody die, but killing everyones freedoms, livelihoods, and spirit over a bad flu bug is a ruse to usher in despair so the globalists can swoop in and solve the problem. Just watch how fast the vaccine is available to anyone who wants it turns into you must take the vaccine or you are cut off.


          • The CDC told us that out of all the people who got chinkypox, only 9,200 died of it. That’s a pretty mild flu. The response is far more damaging than the disease.


  1. Well, you may be on the other side of the Columbia border, but Obergrupenfuhrer Kate Brown just locked down Oregon for another two weeks. Her very words from the story at OPB:
    “In terms of individuals, I am not asking you,” Brown said. “I am ordering you.”
    Sundance, at CTH has a post today on the use of Covid as a power grab:
    To answer Claire Wolfe’s book from so long ago, it’s almost time to start shooting the bastards.

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  2. In California, DMV would go to the book that would tell them the ‘value’ of your $1500 pickup. If the book said it was worth $6000, not what you claimed you paid for it, they would charge you a ‘Use Tax’ on that amount which is based on what the sales tax is where you live. And to get it registered you’d have to pay the penalty rate on the three years since it was last registered. In other words, in California registering that pickup could well have cost upwards of $800.

    Sorry you and your family are having to deal with the Wuhantavirus B.S., Friend.


    • We deeded a Ford Expedition to our daughter in Arkansas. She needed a bill of sale to take to her DMV because she’d have to pay sales tax on it. I wrote the bill of sale for $5.00, and they took it for that. Glad it wasn’t Kalifrutopia.


    • Well, it’s the same crap here in Washington State – when I went to transfer the title to my 34′ Beaver Motor Coach from Idaho to Washington, they looked up the supposed book value, $11K, and tried to tax me on that value even though I paid $6K cash for it. I had to bring a notarized list of everything that was wrong with it, I *still* paid $800 to register it in this Godforsaken state!

      THAT’S why they zapped you, Phil. Grab, grab, tax, tax, spend and spend. Useless wastes of skin and oxygen in Olympia, for sure.


  3. A virus cell is 1,000 times smaller than the pores of a disposable face mask.
    A virus doesn’t give a fuck about your mask, it will do what it does. Two
    people in my geezer community (70+) just got it and within a few days
    they showed signs of recovery. I have so many health issues that if
    I get it I am toast and you will know it when I stop posting. 2020 had me
    so stressed out that I went back to drinking like a fish and smoking like
    a locomotive.

    Take heart amid the deepening gloom. 2021 will be worse with Biden
    in charge:


      • Alzheimer’s Joe embraced the AOC Green New Deal. If you
        ever read quotes by the leaders of the environmental left,
        it would curdle your milk. They do not want clean energy,
        they want no energy. They are neo-Malthisuans and neo-
        Luddites who want to “coercively” depopulate the planet
        nine-tenths. If anything the Mad Max scenario would be
        heaven, at least they had power and gasoline!


  4. Damn, I feel for you bud, not a good week, if you ever wanna leave the land of the insane, I got room here in Ky. Just so you know, Wirecutter ain’t very far away. Hope that ain’t a deal breaker.


      • In a word, busy.
        Home right now till after Thanksgiving.
        I’ve been on the road pulling the 12/7 gig inspecting and performing QC on gas power plants. Most are less than 5 hrs away from home, so that’s good. Looks to me that I’ve found a new permanent work home. I’ve gotta tell ya, there’s some mighty small places that I’m required to slither through. I’ve kept my nose to the grind stone, done my yessirs, and nosirs, asked how high on the way up when asked to jump. Seems that sort of behavior is in short supply these days, and the new boss really appreciates it. The pay is more than decent, but there’s no perks or insurance. Fingers crossed there’s no pressing medical concerns with the family in the immediate future.
        Shot a doe on opening day, according to my game cams there’s a ton around so I picked one without a fawn. The big 8pt and decent 6pt seem to be running nocturnal. I’ve got a couple of weeks before heading back out to work so I’m hoping one of them decides to run about earlier or later than normal. Just have to be there when they’re not. None the less, I’ve been on a bit of a killing spree with that doe, 3 wild hogs, and a couple of rabbits finding their way into the stores.
        The winter garden is growing fine, but could use some rain. Planted collards, kale, turnips, and mustard greens before I originally shipped out for work. Not only do they serve well as winter cover, but they grow quite well in winter here.
        Keeping a low profile and nose to the ground while waiting out the election results. I’m in a very rural area so I don’t foresee any mass riots or invasions of the FSA, but as witnessed in Bleeding Kansas and guerilla war in Missouri during the war between the States, things could get sporty. No matter who prevails. Of course I’ve got my mental personal accountability list prepared. What concerns me most is major disruptions of commodities. Good thing I haven’t sold any of the kids to the gypsies yet so I still have relatively new farm implements to put to work.

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  5. As my wife’s grandkid says Phil, I sowee!

    Nothing’s so foul and infuriating for a Man when he has the wisdom only obtained thru a life of busted knuckles, that it ain’t good for something.

    Would it be good ultimately, for myself, to know when I am an unwilling recipient of that privilege of being a handy serf for the government theft/wealth transfer racketeering scheme? I experience with each occurrence I become ever more focused and determined to effect positive change for what is supposed to be what actors infesting our governments have utterly failed to protect The Republic from. Talking effecting positive change by any means, as the recourses become ever more legitimate with each passing of my wealth being transferred regardless of my will and consent to a system that hates my fucking guts for the Man I am, the Men we are.

    Rhetorically, what is wrong with this fucking picture.

    I’ve learned and have absolute Faith, it’s one of the essential elements of Liberty, a Man’s natural and primal Sovereignty; that unfettered Economic Activity, ie wealth creation, the Unalienable sanctity of ones property, which our wealth is, our guns are for that matter, a most interesting feature, the first thing about both, for they are our property before anything. And it matters not if its a thief who robs folks with a gun or the government who uses Writs of Attainder to extort our property, being our wealth we create by hard work to begin with, aside from it being an act of coercion against our will, without representation. It’s Taxation Without Representation in no uncertain terms. Theft, plain and simple.
    Because its taken from us without our consent, in fact regardless of our withdrawal of our consent, against our will, against common sense and every reason for our civilized culture, the nature of this trespass on our Liberty, essentially the only recourse to effect positive change if this theft is similar to how you deal with the thief with a gun, you must use force to protect your property and defend yourself if you choose not to be robbed by the robbers.
    The truth of that?
    It’s intertwined within a paradoxical tyrants dilemma, in this, and ultimately, those actors infesting our governments have guns, its the only power they actually have under the fig leaf of legitimate government, THE POWER TO HURT, they ultimately will, absolutely employ, if you refuse obey them, choose not to be robbed by them.
    They ultimately send armed badged leg-breakers to force you to comply, and if you fail, you are resisting their shakedown system of organized tyranny, You, refuse to render unto Caesar, they must kill your arse or the power inherent to hurt people who defy them all, its a circular system, these insects instinctually react to protect the colony from all enemies who refuse to comply loses it’s coercive power.
    It’s why the tiniest amount of Danegeld once given is such a bad idea. Why free shit and the free shit army exists, the insect colony requires numbers to sustain it’s colony, it’s source of sustenance, other peoples money.
    What really are the differences between the street robber and the government robbing us?
    I believe totally it is the numero uno motive for disarming us. It is very difficult and not conducive to a long insect life and its colony if it’s food supply is armed and dangerous and as a plurality no longer can be coerced or threatened into rending unto the hive collective.

    Its become irrefutable and truth recognized, there is no denying this, its time to call on the pest eliminator and destroy this invasive colony of insects.


  6. Sorry to hear the news. It might be a good idea to test him again to confirm if they haven’t done so already. A quick recent anecdote. A company my good friend works for in Seattle area decided to test employees at various regional branch locations, voluntary of course. A finger pin-prick blood test was done with results in 15 minutes. HR department notified 10 employees and also state of Washington that they tested positive (my friend was one of the 10). All ten were asymptomatic and went next day for nasal swab test to confirm. All 10 came back negative!
    Wishing everyone the best. Keep us posted.


  7. So Elon Musk has cold symptoms, gets tested for the Kung Flu FOUR times in one day. Two positive, two negative; same machine, same test, same nurse. Does he have it or not?
    And you want to believe ONE test, ONE time?


    I was a medical technologist for 38 years, and my most fundamental principle is: EVERY test is suspect, ALWAYS! We lab jerks do not diagnose. We turn out test results to the best of our ability and technology. It is up to a DOCTOR (and that is why he’s paid the big bucks) to decide if he wants to believe a test or not. The doctor has to look at the total clinical picture for the patient and decide if the test is credible or not. It’s not my call and never was.
    Always, ALWAYS ask for repeat testing if you’re not convinced a given test is correct.


  8. The PCR tests used for the “rapid” Rona tests are junk and result in YUGE amount of false positives, which feeds the narrative. A positive PCR test when the subject has absence of symptoms is pretty sure to mean that the PCR test, which amplifies a signal of a Corona-like nucleotide by 35 to 40 times, means the individual had some type of China virus at some point in the past – or that the test sample was contaminated.

    Get tested again. But still unfortunately you have to follow the wishes of your employer because REASONS. And fear. Lots of dear. Orange man bad and all that.


  9. another thought . . . . . .with the shutdowns making the economy crap, and YUGE defaults looming – can anyone say “Nationalize the >fill in industry name here<" ? You know, like certain countries like Venezuela or Russia did to their "means of production" ? Is it all part of a grand plan perhaps?


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