24 thoughts on “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  1. Really cool! Has anyone out there used a Hydra-Torque? It is basically a
    torque multiplier actuated by an electro-hydraulic pump. It has a reaction
    bar like a torque multiplier that usually locks on an adjacent nut. Break a
    stud? Have an ESD dude ready to disintegrate it without harming the
    threads on cylinders, etc. I have known ESD guys who are booked up
    for six months. An emergency callout is usually a money is no object
    situation. I missed my calling, a 75k investment could have made me
    a millionaire!

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    • Yeah, outfit I worked for had to rent one once so we could replace the U Bolts on the rear leaf springs on a Mack Truck. 1 1/4 thick U bolts, torque spec was 1800 Ft Lbs. You could hear the bastards stretching.
      Out fit I work for now has a pneumatic pistol type torque multiplier like this one,
      We have to torque some compressor head bolts down to 1800 Ft Lbs.
      This thing works pretty slick except it has an electronic display that is a cheezy POS that won’t hold a setting.


      • “Electro Static Discharge”, a way of burning out out stuff without damaging the surrounding metal. Sometimes called EDM for “Electrical Discharge Machining”.
        When I worked in aerospace it was used to remove things like broken taps and screws from very expensive machined aluminum parts.


          • It removes the metal by doing a High Voltage arc against the part, That takes away a little bit of the metal each time it arcs. It’s relatively slow, and the EDM machines I am familiar with were used by plastic mold makers to make the complex-curve cavities for injection molding keytops. Very slow, done in a liquid bath (which flushes away the metal particles), and pretty doggone precise. It’s neat to watch, what little I could see…

            So, yeah, kind of a torching/”dissolving” technology!


  2. Great idea and very useful – IFN you got the room to get it around the frozen nut. Butt- what if the problem needing addressing is in a very limited space, which more then likely will be and quite often in a blind spot. – Guess you’ll hafta break out the gas ax and mirror and prey your working blindfolded backwards skills are up to par…


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