No Vote Tampering My Ass

These fuckers are going down.

More than 20,000 absentee ballots in Pennsylvania have impossible return dates and another more than 80,000 have return dates that raise questions, according to a researcher’s analysis of the state’s voter database.

Over 51,000 ballots were marked as returned just a day after they were sent out—an extraordinary speed, given U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivery times, while nearly 35,000 were returned on the same day they were mailed out. Another more than 23,000 have a return date earlier than the sent date. More than 9,000 have no sent date.

The state’s voter records are being scrutinized as President Donald Trump is challenging the results of the presidential election in Pennsylvania and other states where his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, holds a tight lead. The Trump campaign is alleging that invalid ballots have been counted for Democrats and valid ballots for Republicans were thrown away.

The analysis of the publicly available data was conducted by a data researcher who submitted it first to the Chinese-language edition of The Epoch Times. The researcher, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he consulted about the matter with several USPS field engineers, who said the return dates shown in the database are “impossible.”

I haven’t even touched on the HAMMR computer system that was used to flip votes yet, was connected to the internet in some cases, which is against the law or several other hinky items.

Chipping away at the stone, American Patriots are not standing idly by and letting this bullshit fly.

This sham of an election will be overturned and the people behind it will be exposed.

31 thoughts on “No Vote Tampering My Ass

  1. Fucking outrageous. Given my history, I probably also voted in California, Florida, Hawaii & Virginia – but there’s no way for me to know!


  2. Here are a couple links to legal eagles previewing the upcoming circus:
    Mark Wauck links to this:
    Clarence Thomas is one of my heroes. Included in this second link is a short video from his confirmation hearings that will make your blood boil. The smirking prick running this shitshow is Joe Biden in 1991. Thomas calls it out as a “high-tech lynching for uppity blacks”.


  3. Damn egorr, while I believe that Club Fed is where Democrats should reside for their crimes, will it ever be remotely like fair punishment *if* they’re ever convicted? I’d sure like to see Hillary making numberplates, but how is your pal Cederq going to perform his buff and a shine on her lower regions, reach through the cell bars with his polishing wheel? Oh well, look on the bright side, with the hi-tech security body-imaging they can use to prevent weapons, drugs and comms devices smuggling to inmates, Cederq might get his missing 10mm sockets back!


  4. Call me old fashioned but, I don’t and never will trust electronic voting.
    And, this entire mail in is a terrible idea too.

    Friends have told me from Pennsylvania that they know married couples (2)
    guy is registered (R) gal is registered (D)
    guy gets mail in ballot with tracking #.
    gal gets 5 mail in ballots all with different track #.

    Is there any doubt that if the we let this election stand and Joe is the president
    that they intend to declare total war on the constitution and our freedom?


    • Well, John-o, it’s for sure us Conservatives (NOT Republicans!) will not start the fire, but we sure as shootin’ (see what I did there?) will finish it. It will not be pretty. Lot o’ people with lots o’ ammo, and we KNOW o to shoot. I’m just an Old Fart, my kids are grown with kids of their own, and I and others will simply sit back at least 300+ yards (300+ meters) and exercise our 2nd amendment rights. With a reasonable accuracy.


      • “With a reasonable accuracy.” If even 1 out of 10 hits their mark, which is whole hell of a lot better then the stats for Viet Nam and about average for WW2, then after the hour all of us will still have bullets left over for deer season…


    • Rest easy there Aussie.
      We got this no problem.
      Oh, and it’s going to be what is referred to as a target rich environment.

      My little local food store here doesn’t stock enough popcorn.


    • We have done it a couple of times, we got it down pat Johno of the gilded land of things that eat you and fuck you leftists that are wholly owned by China.


  5. That McCafferty person was the only Republican on this list not excluded.
    Wanna bet the fucker is a never-Trump RINO?

    A group of mathematicians found an interesting anomaly with the election
    numbers. Trump’s numbers were coming in strong and hard before the
    Donks stopped issuing results. Represented in a linear chart, every time
    Trump numbers grew, a flurry of Biden numbers popped up after they
    restarted a computer-based counter. These ballot counters made up
    Chinesium I am told are the same ones used by Hugo Chavez when
    he ran for reelection the first time. Was there some algorithm that
    required a restart or hard reboot? And, why are Nasty Pelosi and her
    husband heavily invested in the Chinese company that built them?

    The math and computer geeks who analyzed this phenomenon all
    smelled a rat. They also that the numbers were wrong based on
    real-time corrections and that a computer was involved just by
    looking at the graphs in several states.


    • I hope what these nerds found can be used by Trump’s…(Praise be his name!) legal beagles to show wide spread corruption and manipulation by are wanna-be not so betters.


  6. Ya can’t beat the bar codes even if you did a picture-perfect forgery. On to
    my main point. I never liked this Steroid abusing, pot-smoking leftist but he
    had a come to Jesus moment lately. He got so sick of getting boned in the
    ass by The Peoples Republic of California and their high taxes, he announced
    he was moving to another state. I never bought into that bullshit that people
    who flee from high tax states for low tax states would necessarily take their
    voting patterns with them. I was a leftist radical in my teens. I grew up.
    I welcome neo-conservatives with open arms.

    Are these words by Joe Rogan the words of a leftist?

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    • Leonard, a neo-conservative and a newly minted conservative are two very different things. The first is a globalist RINO, the second is someone (like you, and like me), who was badly misguided in his youth but then grew up.


  7. Lot of these actors running this vote fraud operation are toast. Like most crims and liars they lack time sense,I believe thats why honest folks are honest, they consider the unintended and the unintended unintended consequences, and don’t do criminal and dishonest things. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. But then again there’s those who have not even that modicum of cognitive ability and are so ignorant doing time is like a holiday where you hang out with the hood and get 3 squares a day. Whatever I guess.

    My point is its a repeat of 2016 here, they thought he, (#pedo=joe), couldn’t lose, just like they thought she, ( vag psycho in a pantsuit neo-stalin style), couldn’t lose in 2016.
    So with this sense they would be protected once the cabal installed #pedo=joe on the throne of power, and 4 years of Trump Derangement/keeeltheorangemanbad to boost their ego’s, and drive their ulterior motives to unheard of heights, to where they have taken risks they probably would not have taken otherwise, thus they are exposed in ways that could not expose them, without their willing complicity, and I think desperation, as good little NPC’s and obot minions, to make what always fails, work this time because they know how to shove this crap up everyone else’s ass, aka, tyranny called socialism/communism.
    “Hubris before the fall” Biatchez.

    I mean they got their selves way out there exposed, so much so there’s the beginnings of an exodus, the mid level Amerikan-Nomenklatura class apparatchiks beginning yesterday have started resigning and walking away, or making comments the god emperor is about to shit-can their traitor ass’s from their Soros connection provided politikal positions like AG and Assistant AG slots, High level IT positions in the Department of Home Land Security computer/internet security, and high up positioned crony/corporate actors like the VP of computer security at Dominion, who the Anon’s have exposed as BLM operatives, with this particular piece if human shit being posing as an online antifart douchebag who sent Trump personally, a copy of the internal BLM memo of his planned assassination by black-bloc operatives.

    They really really really thought #pedo=joe and his #globo=pedo overlords could not lose.
    They told on themselves as they say here in WV when your acting like an idiot and bragging about it while everyone listening to you see you drop a serious indiscretion bomb on yourself…

    That puts so many of them in the most sanitizing light of the truth, exposure they did to themselves entirely. Nobody exposed them, they did it entirely willingly eyes wide shut. They panicked when they found out the hard way, again, exactly like in 2016, their 3% margin of vote fraud, the max % of rigged votes possible in a nation wide presidential election, and keep it hidden.
    They freaked when what I’m seeing so far, by extrapolating out from when they panicked and started vote dumping by the order of 100’s of thousands at a wack across the controlled precincts. They created a million plus fake vote dump that has zero traceability. They didn’t create a paper trail that could be rigged to be looked at in a hand count, they also deleted all of the scans, the actual digital picture record, the federally required by law record of the paper ballots that the machines create, which the same federal law stipulates must be archived and open source available for a minimum of 22 months from election day.

    So they double dipped on their vote fraud double dipping. Exponentially compounding the evidence of their fraud and other crimes/complicity. They made this a war of numbers with zero reserve resources to protect themselves in case they had to defend their flanks and rear areas if they where exposed.

    They got bupkis. Painted themselves right into a corner. There’s no way out, no options. Plausible Deniability has turned on them and bit down hard, so that SOP option is gone.
    There is no plausible deniability that can disguise this level of untraceable votes. The media operation involved in the coup have blown their cover in similar fashion, they have run out of redeeming plausible deniability in concert with the vote fraud component of the coup. The Yellow media 5th column got all front of the bus cocky too, thinking it was in the bag and all shit required was to arrest, try and hang till dead orangemanbad for illegally trespassing on the white house.

    Looking like the “smarter” of the operatives running the election coup are starting to jump ship exactly like the dirty stinkin’ corruption virus diseased rats they are.

    When The God Emperor shit-canned on the spot, your out this second get your treason ass out now, the head of the nations nuclear stockpile, the head deep state insect of the department of energy, and a raft of key associated muh resistance soros/chi-com-obot deep cover agent provocateurs, Trump cut the coup off at the knees. The vote fraud part of the coup was for providing a skin suit of the illusion of legitimacy of a false continuity of transfer of false “power” to #pedo=joe sundown muppet, whereby the use of tactical nukes could be released for the purpose of creating the mother of all false flag operations, which would provide all the crisis as a means they could need and use to finish off The Republic.
    It was to be 911 doubled down on, ultimate go full retard, on orders of magnitude, the ultimate form of one the worlders #globo=pedo, “Order Out Of Chaos” event.
    The use of weaponized fear with no equal, nukes, and the fear of nukes generations of us have lived with like the Sword of Damocles hanging over our lives since the Red Scare/menace and SAC began in the 50’s.
    We been bread to feel this primordial almygada rooted deep fear of the use of nuclear weapons. Fear is a potent weapon. Its what they do. Its what they are. They weaponize all the things.
    They have created a totalitarian level deep seated state wearing the skin suit of a Rule of Law Republic, where behind the shell of The Republic they hollowed out safe spaces for the unimpeded transformation of the good government of we the people’s republic could be transformed one false flag, one contrived crisis as a means, into plausible deniability government.

    Totalitarianism is very critical a form of corrupt power to understand, its all around us, like The Matrix, this form of corrupt power is essentially the use of fear, calculated highly organized weaponized fear, upon all the peoples, contrived and controlled by a privileged few of an oligarchy who have obtained levels of raw naked political and economic power, whereby you as the tyrant make all possible out of your subject dirt people so scared, so fearful, so afraid, they will happily willingly submit to your offers of illusionary protections and safety, many of whom who give up their liberty for this faux security will do anything to those who are not enslaved by their fears who represent to you the worst threat to your illusion of provided safety.
    It is then somewhere along this stage of imposing mass fear, at the most advantageous circumstances for the oligarchy, the peoples who are NOT taken council of their fears, and thus are defiant, indomitable, fearless, the most dangerous of which of such Patriots, because this is exactly what these folks are, Patriots, are armed to the teeth both with physical weapons, and the most dangerous powerful weapon of all, their free hearts and minds, are hopefully much easier to pick off in detail by the regime, because they stick out like sore thumbs refusing to comply, resisting tyranny, and giving the regime the fucking finger.

    And it is plausible deniability that has been the operative word in a straight unbroken line, just like the unbroken logarithm create vote counts the high jacked vote scanners produce, a line unbroken from 1859, tick…tock… to now. Its the swamp thats maintained the unbroken line of plausible deniability upon which they function hidden, free to plot and usurp our legitimate power, we the people, as The Sovereign… This is The God Emperors gift he was appointed to provide us. An awakening of The Sovereign. A re-birth of The Republic. Good Government for Good Folks.

    Trump is not unlike Ferodo as the Ring Bearer, a burden appointed to him alone, a task appointed to him, a task so great entrusted to him that, if he can not do it nobody can. It’s not being President that is so important, but being the embodiment of the greatest threat to the cabal that matters. If that ain’t a burden I don’t know what is.
    Last but in no way least by any standard imaginable, the only friends and allies Mr. Trump has, is us little people, and that is as it should be, as the job description says, as POTUS your only job is to protect defend and look out for the interests of the people, second is to maintain with a navy and Marines open seaways to secure safe passage and commerce on the open waters and territorial sea borders. By inference, making sure the rule of law is protected and assured. Something about the Post, the mail’s. Along with the position as The Commander in Chief of The Militia’s. Because a standing army was an abhorred concept, for solid reasons which have not diminished as iota in 245 years. Those are the main job requirements, and why the cabal is desperate to install a pedo puppet they control absolutely. Its an imperative, the only imperative.
    Their desperation is apparent and exposes their motives as never before.

    BFYTW is the only warning they deserve now before we kick the skumbags asses.


    • You make some important points here.
      The most important one is pointing out that they freaked out, shit a ring around themselves and then went wide open throttle on the phony votes.
      Phony votes with zero traceability back to a living, breathing, human being.
      Over 500 counties across the country wound up with OVER a 100% voter registration tally.
      More voters than people.
      This is where they fucked up.


      • Heard that!
        They had lots of fake votes but only one brain cell they passed back and forth as to how to create a plausibly deniable trail of missing traceability.

        Having worked in the aerospace industry as a welder traceability is the most vital important legally and criminally important feature of making aircraft and rocket parts.
        Believe me when I say criminally/legally.
        I was interviewed back in 1998 by men in black from the military criminal investigation unit of the federal government. The cause for becoming involved in a criminal investigation was from a fellow employee welder who screwed the pooch on a series of air bleed air rigid tube assemblies which draw cold high pressure compressor air from the engines on an Pratt & Whitney F-15 engines. He made the parts the wrong way because he knew better than I did, as I was the manufacturing engineer/welder who worked with a full on engineer to develop the process and procedures, P&P’s, which are instructions of how the part is fabricated and joined with fusion welding. Instructions which you can not deviate from, because those P&P’s are part of the traceability of the part, because a welder, and other skilled makers can create whats called hidden defects, defects yoiu create, you only know exist if you somehow fail to reveal they exist, because there are no tests developed in the P&P’s to detect hidden defects created by a human if they fail to follow P&P’s. Thats why they weld test you, certify you in every tube size, alloy of metal, and type of weld joint, not to prove your a qualified welder, but so they certify you follow the directions exactly, the skill part is secondary, as you simply get to weld qual if you can not perform adequate weldments, long before you take a test to get your weld stamp and are registered with the feds and various companies weld specs.

        What happened was the numbskull was lazy, he didn’t want to use a critical weld jig I built, he was the best welder who has ever walked the earth, no need for directions, besides it was a complex tricky jig and lot of guys get lazy and cut corners, they got a hangover, didn’t get laid, the ex got all of last weeks paycheck whatever, everyone has excuses, that jig lined up a special hand fabricated straight tube section, where the jig caused you to line up the longitudinal weld joint in the rolled and seam welded fabricated straight tube section.
        What was the reason for the criminal investigation was that weld seam was located out of time with a notch in the engine case, a very complex gimbaled coupling that held the bleed air tube assembly safely to the wing structure as the engine jerked and jived like a roped steer in a rodeo as the pilot is flying the wings of the F15. The weld seam wore out a place in the gimbal, cause a stress fracture, the gimbal gave up the ghost, lost pressure seal, and the aircraft lost high pressure bleed air for its control surfaces and the F15 crashed into an apartment building and people died.
        People Died.
        Key concept.
        Thats why you need to be qualified to ASM specs and manufacturers quals and FAA specifications. When an aircraft crashes…people die, almost everyone always dies, and they need traceability history to track back until they find the cause so another plane don’t crash and more folks die. And every part has to be manufactured to spec the same so the traceability can be trusted.
        What this asshole did was lie to the MCIU agents to save his ass from prison, lied that I told him to ignore the instructions, I told him I only created the work instructions because it was a requirement, put the joint where ever dude.
        I learned a very handy trick long ago when I first became a welder, to keep a little pocket log book and pencil in my pocket and keep a journal of everything I welded together, part #s, work order #s etc. Because as a young pup another asshole, a foreman and drunk fucked up tens of thousands of dollars of parts and blamed me to keep his job.
        My journal I go out to the shop and grab and offer the agents a sammich and enjoy my tale while I read my notes from my journal. Asked them for part#’s and work history numbers, and cross reference mu notes with their lot numbers and dates, and Bingo! I wasn’t even working there when this asshole claims I told him to ignore the weld joint timing and it was the first time he ever welded this part, so double fuck you shithead, because this dickhead and his pal who was the production manager fired me a day after I completed the P&P’s and weld work instructions because I caught him sanding creases of dents in a set of parts I had red tagged because they could not be saved by being fixture checked, ie, fucking with a part till you get it to fit a qualifying check fixture to pass inspection and ship. The parts where just too fucked up, and this other asshole ordered me to pencil whip the fit-up qual, threatened me, so I red tagged the parts right in front of him and said I’m not going to jail. Red tag is slang for taking a tube assembly over to a 20 ton cast iron fixture table and smashing the tube against the corner till its a pretzel, painting it with red dykem, and filling out s destruction certificate that goes in an archive forever, the part into the scap bin.
        This manager dug the parts out at about midnight that evening and went to tghe polishing department to take out the dents and grind the creases out with a belt sander, on a .020 thick wall 718 inconel rocket engine fuel tube. I had come back in to weld up a final set of tubes for an engine “Tube Kit” Pratt Florida used on Geo-Syncronys orbit com sat engines. I caught the fucker trying to fix those red tagged tubes, because his ass was in deep shit, the engine they went to was EOG, Engine On Ground, and the company was being fined thousands a day till they shipped those tube assemblies. He scrammed out of the polishing department, and I heard he went to a buddies body shop, had him fake the parts, he destroyed the red tag documents and shipped them. Talk about hidden defects. He set me up to get me out of the factory so I could not expose him.
        I told those two agents that nice story too, over a some cold homebrew and sammiches in my kitchen, and showed them my journal records of the event, that asshat ended up in the fed crowbar hotel, and got bagged for 3 other fraudulent parts he scammed.
        A few weeks later I was offered my job back and given complete free range to do any work I wanted, come and go work any hours or days I liked. They even gave me a no fuck with classification.

        My journal saved me because it is uncontroversial truth within that is impossible to fabricate or falsify. Its inherently time stamped, its contents are prescient because they are real time accounts of the truth as it happened and nothing can dispute it. I even made a point of jotting down verbal instructions from superiors, which really saved my bacon on a couple occasions when I was set up when they fucked up and looked for a scapegoat.
        Once you catch a lying motherfucker with your traceability, they never fuck with you again. In fact, you get asked if your journal has records of such and such we are trying to figure out.
        The really unique thing is traceability never lies it never spoils it never wears out and it can’t be screwed with, because if its a timeline trace, you can’t change the order of time as it passes.

        How these fucking retards expected to get away with this immense unprecedented scale and scope of vote fraud, no matter how it was done, with thousands of clowns running it with the left hand having no clue what the right hand was doing escapes my vocabulary of proper language to express the level of stupid you can’t fix involved in running this fraud operation.
        Now I not formerly edumacated. I have no degrees, not even a high-school diploma, I dropped out when I was 15 to live my own life. What I learned I got by doing and by reading everything, tech manuals to parts catalogues, specification manuals to physics theory. I taught myself to read and draft blue prints, surveying, materials science, metallurgy and heat treatment, metallography to science of metal crystallography, radiographic inspection and most non destructive testing, and destructive weld coupon testing. I can give you almost any kind of weld qual test there is, and provide a document cert, I’ve trained and certed hundreds of aerospace welders, and I’m educationally from a formal standpoint, illiterate, I’ve never held a white collar position in management because I never had a sheepskin from a credited academic facility, I’m just a dumb welder. I learned all this and more on my own by study and reading, by intuition and inference, by becoming an astute observer of phenomena of materials and their behaviors in metal fabrication and extrapolating and or willing to think outside accepted convention, and by old fashioned doing it and learning from my mistakes, with a passion to better my mind and skill level.

        I see this corruption. this vast fraud and this almost unbelievable numbers of people who willingly, with sadistic satisfaction, break the law, violate long learned hard won codes and traditions, with destructive sadistic glee, feeding it with their unbridled hate.
        So much energy for hate and envy, so much waste, and they believe they are justified, their moral stance gives them special powers and privileges, its destruction of good and right.
        And no matter what, traceability is what gets them, the total absence of traceability. They violated by totally ignoring every requirement of traceability.

        The fable of the yarn is; all of it, every bit, if your doing it right, to spec, traceability is the Acme the gold standard. It can not be assailed or refuted. It speaks for itself, totally stands on its own merits, the truth.
        Its so basic and straight forward its hard to grok for some people. Most of all its an old fashion concept: The only way, is the right way. The manufacturing world, the America I grew up in was like this: It ain’t gonna fail because of me. Thats how 40 nyears ago we had guys on the moon, and the inverse is why we have not been back. The human extinction movement has been fucking shit up deliberately so nobody can have nice things have a nice life, be left alone.
        ENOUGH of This Shit!
        Thats the America I grew up in, I love and want to defend and fight for.
        I see these fucking skum-bags trying to steal and destroy everything I love and I want to get my licks in, oh brither do I ever. to do what needs doing, in no uncertain terms, in absolute terms.
        I think of you Phil and others, and I know I am in good company, that its drops in the pot time and we aim to set things aright because we come from a country where you do whats right. Period. No fucking doubts. BFYTW is why.

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          • Thats what is so admirable about you Phil, you know how to state shit, get to the crux of things with the fewest words. There’s a certain symmetry in that.
            Maybe you was a great Stoic in a past life or something.

            You watch Sidney Powell tell the world, “I’m Releasing The Kraken” on Lou Dobbs show?
            Epic Shit.
            To win you need epic people who do epic shit.



              • You got a point there too, Stoicism is a for us men of the west who choose to be citizen warriors, if I’ve read what those original Stoics meant by the warrior ethos mindset and preparations of the body and spirit. They sure wrote about it is such ways. A couple of them seemed to really walk the talk and embraced being a Stoic in their way of life. Gives credence to the 3 great warrior virtues.
                There’s a lot to garner from them for us men of the west, so much has been long missed by us. Its some really good shit. Donovan’s The Ways of Men is starting out pretty good, just begun the first chapter. Lot of that inner Barbarian and Valhalla stuff. Like the implications implied as its said about how We Must Re-Learn To Drink From The Skulls of Our Enemies, hear the lamentations of their women…

                Anyways, speaking of Warriors and Soldiers, did you see Trump sent a large contingent of US Military in Germany, raided the cabal’s front organization which is the central node server for all of Dominions voting machines all over the globe. They staged a surprise raid like 24 hours ago and confiscated all of their IT equipment, everything. Rumor, no US Gov intelligence community assets, in particular the cee eye ay, where permitted to involved. Guess all the usual actors have financial at least interests in the server company, Soros, Allen, Gates, Pelosi Clinton etc. Looks like its a money laundering operation also, which is even sweeter, they get a time stamped timeline map and a follow the money paint by number logbook.
                You understand the implications?

                Snatching the central digital storage node of the cabal’s vote rigging operations bypasses all their screens and flank security, in one operation, no need to slug it out wading thru the complexities of fraud in every precinct, they get to pass go, straight to arresting key actors and agents. The ramifications should be shattering, like dropping a cluster bomb on the fuckers.
                Trump has bypassed everything, all the ongoing fraud, all the disappeared machine voting breadcrumbs, phony paper ballots everything, because everything they do has to be scanned, and then there’s the artifact copy image feature that federal voting law requires mandatorily, which in some precincts they deleted, but maybe not before the digital archive was sent to the German node servers, if so they got digital pictures of every ballot, warts and all, blank voter name/sig or physically altered, every ballot run thru more than once. Trump’s organization now possess a road map in sequential time stamped direct evidence the German servers retain, everything, all the rigged vote machines sent there to be tabulated and fine tuned then sent back to the precincts. All the US based evidence can be “left to wither on the vine” so to speak, its back up evidence now. Its low hanging fruit.

                Look Phil, they deleted my email accounts 7 days ago, surprised they haven’t hacked me and corrupted my computer already which they have twice previously, or made it impossible to gain access, so only way I can give you my insights is by your blog comment system till I get re-situated.

                What I think I’ve inferred going back to obots regime around 2010, is looks like Trump has pulled the trigger.
                In effect barring some really FUBAR’d cabal psycho retard stunt, its over except for clean up, roll the fuckers up need to be put under detainment, and squeeze them for clean up.
                Everything from the masters of the universe to the yellow media, the swamp, the foreign enemies, their assets and organizations, are cardboard obama messiah cut-outs.

                This is what I think I’ve inferred from what I’ve retained as clues:

                The 1-20-2020 armed rally in Richmond created a trigger point.
                They spooked, probably inferred if their was 50,000 on a bitter cold tuesday in January, there was millions who didn’t show up, seeing 50,000 armed to the fucking teeth happy Stoics after they believed Charlottesville was representative of the armed dirt people, and begun to believed aspects of their own propaganda about white supremacists and domestic terrorist white racist militias, and jumped sooner than planned the start the false flag panic/fear-demic. Like a month early, maybe.
                Besides their arrogance and hubris manifests itself in sloppy coup operations and other false flag wet work like Nevada and lesser number dead American’s body count operations.
                The cabals operatives are like a hammer, to them everything is become a racist or domestic regime enemy nail. Thank SPLC for helping to indoctrinate those cabal assets, they are highly vulnerable to that shit, the musloid brotherhood has had a hand in that also. Thank you clinton regime, seems the chi-coms too, all paradoxically so. But makes sense from a farther perspective.

                Tank Abrahm’s Ga. governor run is a carbon copy beta case for #pedo-joe’s impostor in chief puppet regime. All the yellow media talking points, plausible deniability, and false narrative tactics, the Potemkin office of the POTUS Elect also, along with vote fraud/rigging, where first run thru that false flag operation. It was a preparatory dry run for 2020. Remember how hilarious it was when she declared herself the Governor, set up a office, declared the real governor an illegitimate illegal occupant of the governors office?
                Past is prologue.
                Never ignore your lessons of history or you gets the dirt nap first.

                The messiah’s regime made a serious mistake, way I think it went, barry thru his power of his phone and his pen created a disguised executive order state of emergency declaration, around 2010, I suspect at the time they where getting nervous over the possibility there could be a armed resistance movement because of the regime chicanary and other scalawag crap they where pulling with the tea party and the efforts to crush the 2010 vote whipping they saw coming from the grass roots tea party movement. Lot of energy. It backfired later with the Deplorable’s and Trump, they created Trump and the monster from flyover nation. What really was a FUBAR move is they left that executive order state of emergency active behind them in the turmoil of She who they thought could never lose, losing. I remeber one of the first things Trump did was keep the obots state of emergency active, it seemed non-sensical at the time. Why, in hind sight did he keep it? It was an executive order that is like tracers, works both ways. What it was created for was to lend plausible deniability to crushing an armed uprising, long as they or the clinton regime sat on the thrown of power alls good. In Trump’s hands, it became a very handy ace up his sleeve for future use against the same deep state cabal traitors left behind enemy lines to fuck with Trump and run the palace coup. Remember, first month I think, Trump declared a different state of emergency using his black letter law executive powers, under the guise of the emergency of the panic-demic, then I think 2 months before election day he made a new SofE order, or altered one of the existing ones, not sure, but there was a sedition clause or similar component inserted. Creating a just short of Martial Law like declaration. And, all along, the “Patriot Act”, what was it also called NDAA or something, which created a low level Martial Law situation. The pre Trump administration crap was intended to carry over to a clinton regime so she could go right for things like our guns using draconian means already pre=-positioned for her guaranteed coronation as the first Amerikan Banana Republic dickless-tatorship.

                Then Harry Rued and Nancy Palsi, being the vile swamp things they be, destroyed the super majority rule to pass highly important acts and bills with a simple or midnight rump congress majority, to help the treason Nazgul Chief justice Roberts cram obamacare up our arses, among other things since, but also to set up easy peasy reign of terror for the barren vag homicidal psychopath in a pants suit. Never mind who knows what muh resistance within the State Dept cesspit she left behind her.
                Whats happening in effect is everything these red diaper baby Soros proxies and sycophants, chi-com compromised tools, smart-asses all did collectively to screw the pooch comes around bites them on their ass’s, reap what you sow unintended consequences, and The God Emperor has pulled the trigger. Its payback time Bitchez. BFYTW as a dish best served cold.
                Snatching those servers in Germany is Bold, its beautiful, its Trump the Master of The #pedo=elite Troll, kind of has aspects of the gaslight in reverse.

                Now I could have much wrong, but I’m getting better at inference and seeing patterns in the #globo=pedos SOP’s, how they think, their habitual operational style, and as usurpers they are interestingly limited in how they do shit, the ideological farce of cultural marxism’s dogmatic limitations determines their options and methods. Never mind their moral and political illegitimacy limitations. You start to get insights into shit they do.
                I’ve noticed you do that, others also, I pick up yours and others insights and it helps me grok more.

                Great thing here is this sure looks like it might be Sidney Powell’s Kraken she said she was releasing, she stated they have, they know everything, she also made a strange comment, it was like she slipped it in the most fitting opening in her dialog with Lou Dobbs last Thursday on Fox-news about the US military taking care of something important. I was like WTF is that stuck in that conversation for? Q dropped a hints too on the 13th when he was back up on the thread. A bunch of other linky things happening the past 5 days.

                I hope they run out of room down at Guatonamo, they need more rope good hemp too I’l make a bet on. Be something else to see the cabal’s leadership enjoying a picturesque room with a view of Castro’s cows grazing on the other side of the razor tape.
                If they hang the sonsofabitches be a great moment to bring back some Time Honored Traditions, like making a good hanging a festive public event, everyone welcome, totally open access, where we bring our children to watch real bad men and tyrants hang to death in justice and rule of law, where our kids are lead to understand why, so they don’t forget about consequences and learn about the great virtue of Prudence, self responsibility, and the hard love realities of vigilance for Liberty, right from wrong, so their kids and their kids don’t ignore history.
                A great God Emperor is just the man, the leader, to bring back Time Honored Traditions… Be a fitting salute to Trump, a proper tribute in appreciation for what he has done for us. I think he would understand.

                Liked by 1 person

  8. The US Department of Homeland Security (headed by a Trump appointee) Stated that the 2020 Election was ‘the most Secure In History.’ Thanks to tracking, votes cast that are fraudulent will be caught, but historically recounts have only confirmed the win.

    As for Trump’s legal fight against the result…

    Yesterday November 13th, nine Trump lawsuits about voter fraud were tossed out and, one of Trump’s legal firms has dumped Trump as a client.

    As law professor, Joshua Douglas of the University of Kentucky said: “When you don’t know the facts and you don’t have the law and you don’t have a remedy, you’ve really got nothing to go on in court.” What this means is barring a miracal, for better or worse Biden is the new President.

    Phil, take a deep breath, all is not lost…

    Considering the amount of Republicans elected to the House and Senate, this past election was not a Democrat wave, it was a rejection of Trump. On the plus side, while there are going to be some things that Biden does which you will hate, there are still checks (Republican Senators) that will keep him in place.


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