5 thoughts on “Just Fix It, OK?

  1. If someone from the front handed this to me, I would say, “it is clear you do not wish to do the job you were hired for, leave now and we will call you if we have a task more suited to your skill set. Close the door on your way out.”
    I’m too fucking old to tolerate that shit any more.


  2. Damn, you can’t get more specific than this! I hear a noise when I do X.
    is usually an easy diagnosis. When an HP cylinder relief valve on an IR
    compressor gets hot, that is an easy diagnosis. Whan a Form x pressure
    switch continues to piss air after the unit shuts down on a start/stop machine,
    your discharge check valve is FUBAR! My favorite DUMB FUCK customer
    prize goes to an auto body shop owner who decided to change belts on
    his compressor. He did not open the breaker or do a proper LOTO. He
    lost 2 fingers!


    • Some people gotta learn the hard way, without totally killing themselves.

      I had a Tech Sergeant (E5) try to hook up the lower umbilical to the missile WITHOUT


      • …DOING A STATIC CHECK ON THE CABLE FIRST!! The lower umbilical ignites the first stage. I proceeded to kick his ass all over the launch tube, he tried to tell me he was going to Court Marshal me, so I called his bluff. Imagine the Board of Inquiry’s shock when they found out he was not only violating Tech Data, but in a manner that would’ve caused a Bent Spear incident. No, we wouldn’t have survived, because just imagine a solid-fueled rocket with a nuclear tip hitting a tightly-closed 110-ton concrete door.
        Gosh, Them Were The Days!!


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